Monday, June 13, 2011

Kasabians/Christians Continued~ Crack A Lackin

How do you enjoy your cocaine??


or soft?

 On October 24, 1996, members of the Tacoma, Washington Police Department served a search warrant on the apartment owned by Kasabian's daughter Tanya [sic], known to authorities as "Lady Dangerous." Kasabian, as well as Tonya's two young children, were present when the police arrived. Their report stated: "In the master bedroom (defendant's bedroom) officers located a small baggie containing suspected rock cocaine and a large bundle of cash in a dresser drawer. On top of the dresser was a bunch of baggies. Also in the room officers located a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, ammunition, electronic scales, a plate with cocaine residue, and another bundle of cash . . . Tanya [sic], found guilty of possession of controlled substances, was sentenced to a year in state prison.
Christian charges that this statement mistakenly confuses her with her sister, Quanu and is defamatory because she has never been convicted of possession of a controlled substance.

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MrPoirot said...

I never felt it was necessary or morally right to give immunity to Linda Kasabian. She has been a druggie all her life. I don't see how society benefitted from not incarcerating Linda for life. We'd be better off if she had been treated like Leslie, Pat and Susan.

Mrstormsurge said...

I wonder about a drug deal gone bad as being the reason for the Tate murders. Sweet little hippy chick indeed!!