Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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MrPoirot said...

I strongly think this visit occurred no later than July 69 nor earlier than May 69. I think the guy is mixed up about Shea having been already murdered. Dennis Wilson knew Manson had shot Crowe in July. So the visit was before that shooting.

adam said...

Agreed. By the time Shea was killed Dennis was avoiding Manson like the plague. I also doubt it was Tex on the guitar - he wasn't musical. I don't wish to sound nitpicky as it was a good article.

MrPoirot said...

More likely it was Clem on guitar. They both had long hair so it's easy to see how he confused the two. I doubt this guy knows that Shea was killed after TLB. The article reveals yet another of Charlie's failed auditions. It seems that music producers didn't think Charlie had quite enough talent. IMO, Gypsy and Clem were much more skilled. Gypsy was an excellent violinist. Clem became a professional session guitar player. I heard a couple of songs Gypsy sang prior to meeting Charlie. She sounded more 60ish and more R&R than Charlie. I thought Charlie's style was 50ish. I get the feeling from this guy and Melcher that Charlie put off vibes they didn't like. If Charlie was the 3rd best music artist at Spahn Ranch how could he think he was so damn good that he should be on the radio being worshipped by millions?