Saturday, February 26, 2011

what Lynn recently had to say

Letter from Lynn written August 2009


Stacey L. said...

How recent was this? Sounds like she's still loyal to Charlie.

eviliz said...

the date is aug eighteen 2009

Anonymous said...

the evils of engineering!

TomG said...

She's one of a kind, I will say that about Lynnette Squeaky. Not as batshit crazy as Sandra Good, but there is certainly a short-circuit in the part of her brain which is responsible for logical thinking.

MrPoirot said...

Typical bs from Lyn except she reveals her substance abuse problems predated Charlie and caused her alienation from her father and family. The entire story about saving the earth is bogus.

leary7 said...

Amen TomG, couldn't agree more. Speaking of short circut thinking, have you checked out the Star video over on the other site? There's a bunch of squirrels with knives running around in that girls head.

TomG said...

I did see the Star video, but because of my own life experiences, it is very difficult for me to condemn women. She seems like a nice young girl and I hope she has a happy life. But no, I'm not too impressed with her worldview.

Matt said...

Defiant to the bitter end. lol. Can't wait for her book. She's articulate and has a published author in the family to help her with the project.

Anonymous said...

look, this cornflake couldn't hurt a flee...she was a lost little girl trying to act tough, and no one bought it...i feel for her that the father was so remote, distant and uncommunicative..i believe that damage from him was more than anything Manson could do....

1900 Yesterday said...

RE: Star

I had seen/heard her earlier with Grey Wolf but not for 10 unedited minutes stream of consciousness a presentation all her own.

While there is some truth in what she says (or at least differences in perspectives compared others), I was more struck by an paradox:

She condemns television in total -"don't believe anything you hear" (my understanding is she/GW have no tv where they reside.)

While I only condemn tv some 99% it would still follow to dismiss her comments via the same medium -internet too on principal; won't.

I can recall when I was that young ('Star' appears to be in her early 20's) so must consider the context.
Which leaves me wonder - wherefore Miss 'Star' 10/20 years hence when (presumably) Manson is no more?

Will the air, trees & water seem as sweet, and the animals as the cause all the way alive as afore?

Will she as other once young women bygone era colors 'Red' and 'Blue' continue champion cause?

Will 'Star' affirm self? Perhaps, or might instead come to embrace the of late EM Cioran who stated afore affirming his own destiny -

"My mission is to kill time and time's to kill me." Yet, on the other he added: "What I know at sixty I knew as well at twenty - 40 years of a long, superfluous labor of verification." And so, regardless of how you interpret, proven correct in both cases?

I wish 'Star' well.


RE: Lynette

Her case am struck by the 180° of going from the relative anonymity out of sight & mind incarceration to the relative crush a seemingly (she likely wished) mundane visit to Wal-Mart etc. entails, back in the saddle nee spotlight again as it were.

It's too bad the two do not trust one another - media & champions - to present and to accept at face value (wishful thinking, I know.)

Lynette references in her letter of 2009 they 'were going to make me look like a loony'. Alas, the public at large via media 'slant' is preordained/afraid to see her (as the 'Star's the world et al) as anything more than said.

Anonymity or notoriety? A cause celebre: curse or calling?

Am reminded of Mr. Spock (pointy green-eared variety, rather baby doctor of renown), who once said -

"You may find that 'wanting' is more than 'having'."

The crush of Manson Family related websites and 'internet followers' suggests otherwise...

leary7 said...

yeah, my bad. Star does seem like a gentle and pleasant kid. My first reaction was to empathize with her too, and I do respect the strength of her convictions.
But her message, that the media is responsible for all of Manson's woes, is just one that irritates me no end. Charlie used and manipulated the media no end to create his persona and myth. Nobody forced him onto Geraldo or Snyder or Charlie Rose or a half doxen others. Was he on Sesame Street, I forget? Just kidding.
But I ranted enough about her message in another blog.
She certainly seems like a sympathetic character.
Squeeky a cornflake...good one.

leary7 said...

For me personally, the scariest Manson video over on youtube is the one where Lynnette is talking all reasonable and nice and then is asked about TLB and goes off on how it ' was a right thing to do because the people that did it believed it was the right thing to do'>
This is called "justified retribution". there is allot of it in the Bible. And of course we have modern examples like My Lai - people killing innocents because they feel they are justified in doing do.
That Squeeky, after all these years, quite possibly still believes that butchering a 9-month pregnant woman and others was "justified" is about as scary ass a concept as can be. I have to wonder if Cappy and Sandy and others who still seem loyal to Manson, still believe the killings were justified as well. That is some serious disconnect if that is the case.

1900 Yesterday said...

I don't think you're wrong; as the case 'Star' (or whomever's take) a matter different perceptions.

What was it Charlie & the Family would espouse: "in love there is no wrong." And should you have a need love em to 'death', well... (mis-)perception?

"Star does seem like a gentle and pleasant kid."

- 'Red' did too, for the most part (except when she and the rest were demonstrating weaponry & stating a resolve in Hendrickson's celluloid 1973 'Manson'...was it for show or go?)

Only now some four decades aft am I 'more' certain than not that LA will 'not' burn to the ground via a promise 'Blue'.

As to Ford did 'Red' mean it? when she said her letter of 2009 'I had not wanted to kill him or he would have been dead.'

If she accomplished anything via her actions 35+ years ago, doubt she would have effected more had #38 whom 'looked like cardboard' come to look more so like swiss cheese.

More notoriety sure, affect not so much, likely (said might have made release a certain Family member 10 years later less likely due 'guilt by association' speculation mine.)

Still, be it a buck knife, a claw hammer, a pistola or an expressed intent based on that track record of an Family that slays together, as with former EF Hutton...listen.

Or not...

MrPoirot said...

leary7 said...
yeah, my bad. Star does seem like a gentle and pleasant kid. My first reaction was to empathize with her too, and I do respect the strength of her convictions[end quote]

Red was an obsessive personality.

eviliz said...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...
Hi Matt,

This very topic (regarding Lynne 2009)is the most recent thread over at T&L's.
In fact, the link is the same.

HI L/S- it's eviliz. the funny thing is, the exact time i found the link i emailed it to dianne. she too found it right at the same time as me and emailed it to me.
it was so weird, i wrote her hit send then not even a second later she sent it to me. it blew both of us away! glad to see you back!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Wow... I guess great minds really do think alike! : )

eviliz said...

L/S- ask her about it. totally freaky weird coincidence, blew our minds.

eviliz said...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

PS... It's not really necessary to post this comment here.
I just wanted to contact you, and thought this would be easiest.

L/S- i e-mailed it to him for you.
he rarely is on at night time.
(i think he moonlights as a vampire, but don't tell anyone)
so expect him over there in the morning.
i also deleted your comment because you said it wasn't necessary to post. before i forget- his email is

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Liz.

I've got another really freaky (and funny) story to tell ya, related to this thread! LOL
I'll shoot you an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

And I had deluded myself into thinking this woman was rehabilitated.

Anonymous said...

"i feel for her that the father was so remote, distant and uncommunicative..i believe that damage from him was more than anything Manson could do...."

You can't possibly be serious.