Monday, January 16, 2023

The John Phillip Haught Police Report

Copies of this report have been online but they seem to come and go. They always have a watermark even though the report does not belong to any one person or website. The report is a public record so it is presented here without a watermark.



Torque said...

I have not seen this before. Thanks Deb.

starviego said...

Thanks again, Deb. What was Zero's real name? It's on the last page but I can't make it out. Christopher Jesus McCaul??

DebS said...

Zero's true was John Phillip Haught. He went by Phil or Phillip while in school. The M-CAUC you see in the report stands for Male/Caucasian. The information for that page of the report came from his arrest at Barker but at the time authorities did not know that Christopher Jesus was also an alias.

His official death record has his true name.

Name: John P Haught
Social Security #: 275448726
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 20 Apr 1947
Death Date: 5 Nov 1969
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Boyles

starviego said...

Long Beach Independent, 10-28-70
"I knew Christopher Zero really well," (Vern)Plumlee says. "He wouldn't kill himself--he wouldn't do that. We've been on acid trips together--he'd never kill himself or do anything stupid."

Milly James said...

Breaking news folks - Very sadly, David Crosby has passed away. For what it's worth...

St. Circumstance said...

The last post I should have written- "Less than Zero" That is what most of them were left with after they got involved with Charlie. Nothing of value. Not even their individuality, or in some cases, their freedom or lives.

- Your Favorite lol you know the rest ;)

Matt said...

SAINT!!! said...

How’s it goin St

St. Circumstance said...

:) Cielo and Matt

Doug said...

Hey Saint

Great to see your comments when I logged in today. Hopefully, we will see you around here more often now that you've dipped your toes in the Manson shitshow once again.

It has been awhile...I'm not such a newbie anymore. Geez, I might have even graduated to seasoned junior scribe now.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


St. Circumstance said...

Thanks Doug. To you as well Bud :)

Bella Donna said...

This one...has always bothered me. I just don't see how anyone with basic common sense couldn't see this for what it was: murder. No prints? Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun? Pshaw!

grimtraveller said...

Unknown said:

I just don't see how anyone with basic common sense couldn't see this for what it was: murder

Basic common sense tells one that it could have gone either way.....Assumptions dictate that it must be murder. If the group were not connected with Charles Manson, if they'd just been a group of young people that liked to get high, many would see this in a completely different light.
It seems to me that preexisting bias is brought to this case. Now, this doesn't mean that it wasn't murder. It may well have been. But there's no way we can know for certain, whereas with the other murders, we pretty much can, unless one wants to deny reality.

No prints?

That is not as unusual as it seems. There were no prints found on Steven Parent's car. None of Susan Atkins' prints were found anywhere at Cielo. Bruce Davis' prints were found on Shorty's car, but that doesn't prove he committed murder {even though we know he was part of the murder troupe}.
Sometimes, the things we take for granted as being staples of TV detective tropes {eye witnesses, fingerprints, confessions etc} don't always play out in real life.

grimtraveller said...

Unknown said:

Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun?

Seems crazy, doesn't it ?
On the other hand, how many times have we heard of people under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic drugs confounding what seems like common sense and engaging in actions that defy logic ? Acid trippers thinking they could fly, for example ? A few interesting comments to think on ¬> “Part of the trap is that they open the doors to unreleased channels or rooms you hadn’t explored before or been allowed to open. It shook all your foundations. After the first couple of times you realised that everything you’d been using as guidelines up to that point was actually pretty flexible if you happened to question it, which acid obviously did” {Eric Clapton}

"The most amazing thing that I can remember on acid is watching birds fly – birds that kept flying in front of my face that weren’t actually there. I could almost see every wing movement. It was slowed down to the point where I could even say ‘I could do that !’ That’s why I understand the odd person jumping out of a window, because the whole notion of how it’s done is suddenly clear.” {Keith Richards}.

"LSD was the perfect tool to be used for extracting years of ‘establishment’ programming from the minds of the Family. It was their method for obtaining an ‘ego death’ state of mind.” {Robert Hendrickson}.

“All your life you had been taught a certain way to think, a certain set of moral values, a certain perspective on the world, how it worked, what was real. Most of these things you never questioned; it never occurred to you that they were a framework in your head which you used to understand and organize the constant sensory perceptions and information and experience that were being poured into your brain. You didn't think about this framework because it wasn't what you thought about, it was the way you thought. But acid changed all this by letting you see your familiar little mental world as separate from the sensory data it arranged in such neat, conventional packages. Acid shattered the connection between raw experience and your handy pre~programmed responses and judgments and categories. Space and time melted in your vision to take new forms; common objects could become monsters or revelations of God.” {Charles Watson}.

“If acid does anything, it dissolves filters and buffers through which perceptions are ordinarily channelled. Three-dimensional physical reality is suddenly expanded. It puts you in direct contact with the energies all around you; nothing is dead or inanimate. It magnifies and expands your awareness in all directions at once ~ a grain of sand becomes a planet, a single voice becomes a symphony. If you resist it, the slightest fear can become a nightmare.....With these filters removed, you are no longer divorced from what you perceive. Knowing this makes it easier to understand how Charlie was able to get inside people's heads; there were no barriers to obstruct him; his energies moved in and out like the tide; he was everywhere at once. When he said, ‘No sense makes sense,’ and ‘I am you and you are me,’ he was, in terms of acid consciousness, absolutely correct.” {Paul Watkins}.

"Going from one plane of reality to another and another and another.....flying off the edge of a cliff or trying to embrace a moving vehicle is not an uncommon desire for psychedelic drug participants ~ not that people become suicidal, it’s just that in such a state anything seems possible.” {Grace Slick}.

“When psychedelics happened, everything became irrelevant....people were deluded into thinking they were something that they weren’t, birds, fire hydrants, whatever.” {Bob Dylan}.

The basic point being that what might seem to the average punter as normal or dangerous could well go out the window when dealing with someone whose mind had expanded and challenged "normal" perceptions. That had a good side and a bad side.