Saturday, May 19, 2012


One of our members asks~ Curious, Manson has two female heads on his forearms, yet I never read anything on who they represent and how long he has had them.  I assume one is his wife Rosalie?  The swastika is evident but how many other tattoos does he have? I read eviliz daily and hope someone can answer the questions. Good question and thanks for your daily support!


orwhut said...

I've seen the clip from which the photo of Charlie was taken and couldn't figure out whether he was doing some kind of martial arts moves or was just acting silly. Does anyone know?

sunset77 said...

I remember what he said in another interview:

"If I wanted a bucket of shit, they'd pass a rule, NO buckets of shit"--The Soul

sunset77 said...

I don't know if these are "jailhouse" tattoo's or not. When I was in jail I seen several tattoo guns made from the motor of a cassette player, a straw, a sharpened paper clip, bit of scotch tape, etc. I think the ink came from a broken ink pen. The cops hated them because the spread disease.

However, I don't know when Manson got these tattoo's and I don't know if cassette tape motors were available in the 50's and 60's in jail. Those are large tattoos and it would be hard to make them by hand without a gun.

Bikers also have tattoos so I guess it's possible a Straight Satan, Satan's Slave, or other bike gang member gave them to him. I can't picture Manson going to a tattoo parlor when he was out of jail, but he may have.

orwhut said...

sunset77 said... I remember what he said in another interview:

"If I wanted a bucket of shit, they'd pass a rule, NO buckets of shit"--The Soul

See what we have to talk about when we don't mention women or engines. :)

Bing said...

In Susan Atkins book "Child of Satan Child of God" it says he has the tats when she first met in him in 1967 in San Francisco.

Sunset it seems like you're always talking about when u were in jail. not trying to bash you or disrespect you, because I've done my share of time as well but I like to forget about that part of my past.

Matt said...

My Friend Benny did 9 years in one of the toughest penitentiaries in the USA (Angola, LA). He was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I never grew weary of his prison stories. They either left me shaking my head saying "damn..." or they put me in stitches from laughter.

I miss the dude. He passed away last year.

Anonymous said...

In the revised "Manson File" book I just got, Charlie already had those tattoos when he was released in 1967.

Mrstormsurge said...

Doesn't he have tattoos of red and blue on his chest?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

The tattoos are cover-ups for bad art he had done when he was young, one was an eagle, forget what the other was.

They haven't names but people have been calling 'em Red and Blue.

They were both done in prison in the early sixties, the old fashioned way, with needle and thread (OWCH!) and India ink.

He also has the traditional red heart with "mom" in black on his chest. No Red and Blue on his chest.

Ace and Hook got in trouble for nearly taking our clothes off to show everyone in the visiting room our tattoos... so Charles just described his heart with "mom". Didn't actually get to see her.

eviliz said...

Thanks so much A.C! Hope all is well.

Zarathustra said...

From the 1959 arrest paperwork:

"bird (eagle?) 3 stars, right forearm
heart, left forearm"