Sunday, May 27, 2012

What happens next?

If these tapes give up the long awaited info about all the other murders the Family has boasted about, who do you think might have been involved in them?  And what are those people thinking about now?

Eviliz thinks................
Tex is thinking- I knew I should not of said those things but I was high off my mother's home made canned veggies.  I know, I will blame it on Charlie and the girls.  Yeah, that's it!  Then he gets to praying while lying in the fetal position.

Bruce- Dammit, one more month and I would of been out of here.
Goodbye home, wife and daughter in Pismo Beach.

Charlie- These children that come at you with knives, it was Tex and the girls, I didn't order those killings.
Shit, where's my cell phone?

Clem- I better play my ass off on at the next few gigs.  They may be my last.

Cappy- Still loyal to Charlie as usual knows nothing.

Nancy- Hope they let me share a cell with on of my sons.

Mary- So, I was wearing straight lady clothes trying to blend in for nothing?

Lynn- I am quaking in my quonset hut.

RuthAnn- I do not know anything.  I am still waiting to get my first pig.

Sandy- None of those people were suppose to be home.

Kitty- I hope they don't threaten me with the gas chamber again.

Gypsy- I told you before- I was to fat to fit through any windows!

Dianne Lake- I am NOT going to Patton State again!

Barbara Hoyt- I heard each and every victim scream.

OR Since Sadie is long dead they might blame everything on her.

I can't wait to see how this plays out.


Crazy Beens said...

" I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man." Manson to a prison psychologists.
Wouldn't it be something if those recordings contain Tex talking about witnessing Charlie kill 5 people?!?

Cuntry Trash said...

Even if the recordings have Tex admitting more murders, the only way they can even indict is if they have named of the victims, the killers, where and then physical evidence. otherwise it will be a waste of time. Besides that, Tex is a lying sack that only tells the truth when it benefits him. Conversely, if he admitted more murders were committed, he of course he didn't incriminate himself when he may as well been the killer. Tex once said that he was adamant that all of the killings that were mentioned at the trials were the only ones he knew about. Again, I don't trust a word he says either way.

Farflung said...

Tex will say God already forgave him and didn’t see the use in bothering any lower authorities.

Bruce will activate ‘Plan Bruce’ where his wife kidnaps Beach Boy, Bruce Johnston and has him pose as Davis during a prison visit where a switch is made. No one can tell them apart now.

Charlie will brilliantly implicate others while hinting there remains many, many more undiscovered.

Clem is feverously crafting several maps at this very moment.

Cappy goes from simmer to roiling boil over being excluded yet again.

Nancy is calling 1-800-GOT JUNK about removing some 55 gallon drums from several California basements.

Mary is returning an overdue library book, sewing an errant tag back on a mattress and giving sponge baths to anyone willing to vouch for her whereabouts.

Lynn is at Jo-Ann Fabrics and dithering over bolts of crimson, sateen apparently oblivious to her new color being…. slate.

Ruth Ann is going to blame her father this time.

Sandy has grabbed a fist full of Greyhound and is riding to Sacramento’s bus station as Charlie’s prophecies are coming true. Squeaky is loose, Jerry Brown is governor and VW Beetles are back in production. All she has to do is wait, just wait.

Kitty is learning that ‘Double Jeopardy’ only applies to the first murder charges she avoided not all the others.

Gypsy is poking Kasabian on Facebook but can’t get a response because Linda is on meth.

Dianne Lake is talking this over with herself.

Barbara Hoyt just changed her order to a Filet-O-Fish.

Sadie will try unsuccessfully to use the ‘Hey I’m Dead’ defense. California will then sentence her to life in a move so ironic that she actually re-animates and digs herself out of her grave to start the long anticipated Zombie Apocalypse.

That’s all I got.

Matt said...

Barbara Hoyt just changed her order to a Filet-O-Fish.


maudes harold said...


You are hilarious, but the take on Sadie made me laugh so hard my sides hurt! Using the "Hey I'm Dead" defense-- too funny!

orwhut said...

You should write for Jay Leno.

Patty is Dead said...

Hey farf! Awesome.

eviliz said...

Farf- you truly made me laugh out loud. Especially the Linda on meth.

Anonymous said...

Tex- Ive got to masturbate again it is the only way I can keep my stabbing muscles in shape.
Bruce- Wow I killed alot of people and got away with it, so how am I stuck here on someone eleses killings
Charlie- the trees gooble gook, the water yada yada yada, political prisoner blah blah, not responsible huh duh what, I sure miss giving Squeaky my little dick
Clem- What do you mean kiddie touching is against my parole rules
Cappy- Did I really not get picked because I had the dumbest family nickname?
Nancy - pscho killers, aryans, hmm, maybe I will try a terroist next
Mary - Why oh Why didnt I have sex with Jesse
Diane- Who am I again, what do I do?
Squeky- I sure miss Charlie's little dick
Barbara- No stupid, that was 6 cheesburgers and a Diet Coke, of course I want it upsized
Ruthann- First my dad, then Charlie, what result did you expect
Sandy- What, you have good morals and you really expect me to date you
Sadie- Ill have the last laugh, Im going to give myself brain cancer, then they will HAVE to let me out

sbuch113 said...

Juan Flynn heads for Panama.

sbuch113 said...

Alone in his cell Charlie reacts to the news.
He hikes a leg......blows a dusty fart....sniffs.... and immediately says, "it wasn't me".

eviliz said...

eviliz said...
eviliz said...
Jesse2112 said......
Mary - Why oh Why didnt I have sex with Jesse?

Jesse say you did have sex with Mary and she got pregnant had your baby which was a girl, what would you and Mary name your daughter?

Don't let Sadie out do you on naming children now.

eviliz said...

Now wasn't this tons of fun?

We encourage member participation here. There are so many of you who should be writing posts instead of comments.

If anyone wants to do a post about something, maybe reasons why certain Family members should be released or not. The smell of Charlie's farts. A book or movie review or just a simple rant-
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And don't forget to keep sending those questions for Q&A days.

candy and nuts said...

this is actually a comment a bout the picture with this story-besides this one and very few others-most videos/photos of the girls on the corner -Squeaky (RED) was not with them ( usually was always Blue Brenda Cappy Kitty) where was she all these times ( in jail? ) also Gypsy wasnt really ever shown except at the beginning and after head shaving few times-just curious-:X

Anonymous said...

Well Jessica of course

AustinAnn74 said...

I seriously DOUBT Tex would of been stupid enough to admit ANYTHING on tape about any other murders. He was already in enough trouble, and facing the gas chamber. Why would he have admitted to more murders? No way. Although, in my opinion, I think some of the women were WITNESSES to more murder, and they are out & free living their lives, knowing that they took part in death. They should ALL be locked up! Ruth Ann included!

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Farflung, OH that was funny!!!