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Where is Cats?

Truth on Tate La Bianca is showing the above message this week. Anyone?

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Description of Manson's home at Corcoran

Have y'all ever wondered what Manson's home looks like? Home meaning cell block, that is. I found an interesting radio report from KALW in San Francisco (91.7 FM) on the PHU (Protective Housing Unit) area of Corcoran State Prison. The press having access to this area is usually off limits, until they let this reporter have (limited) access. Nancy Mullane, the author of Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption (see Austin Ann's Recommended Reading posting) takes the listener/reader deep inside this area of the prison. Her access, of course, was extremely controlled, and planned well in advance. The prison authorities even reviewed the photos she took to see which ones were acceptable to show. Charlie wasn't around for this particular story, but it still was interesting to hear the description of where he lives. When I heard this radio story, I was reminded of the recent Rolling Stone article that was written a while back which had a description of Manson's daily routine, which consists of waking up in the morning, leaving his cell to go to breakfast, grabbing a bag lunch, going back to his cell, napping, eating his bag lunch, napping again, then pacing back & forth a while, maybe playing a game of chess, going to dinner, then having to be back in his cell by 8:45 PM. Now, imagine doing that exact same thing every day for the rest of your miserable life. Ugh! By the way, the men in this unit have a bit more so-called privileges, and actually grow their own watermelons along the chain-link fence! Ha! You learn something new everyday, huh? Please click on the link:


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Charles Manson's ATWA - member kills man / ATWA now a Terrorist Organization

I did a little bit of follow-up on this and was able to find an article written when Broderick was killed.  It says more about Nowlin's co-defendant than it does about Nowlin but there is a bit of info on him.  ...Deb

George Spahn & Ruby Pearl in True Crime book

From True Crime: An American Anthology 350 Years of Brilliant Writing About Dark Deeds which is a 770-page collection of crime stories going all the way back to the 1600's. Excellent read, by the way. Of course, thumbing through it, I found a Manson story entitled "Charlie Manson's Home on the Range" by Gay Talese, which was printed in Esquire Magazine in March, 1970. It also has Truman Capote's Bobby Beausoleil interview "Then It All Came Down." By the way, there isn't anything really new about Manson & friends in this book, but it does include a rather interesting description of how George Spahn came to own Spahn Movie Ranch, and how his friendship evolved with Ruby Pearl. Here is the "official" description of the book:

Americans have had an uneasy fascination with crime since the earliest European settlements in the New World, and right from the start true crime writing became a dominant genre in American writing. True Crime: An American Anthology offers the first comprehensive look at the many ways in which American writers have explored crime in a multitude of aspects: the dark motives that spur it, the shock of its impact on society, the effort to make sense of the violent extremes of human behavior. Here is the full spectrum of the true crime genre, including accounts of some of the most notorious criminal cases in American history: the Helen Jewett murder and the once-notorious Kentucky tragedy of the 1830's, the assassination of President Garfield, the Snyder-Gray murder that inspired "Double Indemnity," the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Black Dahlia, Leopold and Loeb, and the Manson Family. True Crime draws upon the writing of literary figures as diverse as Nathaniel Hawthorne (reporting on a visit to a waxworks exhibit of notorious crimes), Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, Theodore Dreiser (offering his views of a 1934 murder that some saw as a copycat version of An American Tragedy), James Thurber, Joseph Mitchell, and Truman Capote and sources as varied as execution sermons, murder ballads, early broadsides and trial reports, and tabloid journalism of many different eras. It also features the influential true crime writing of best-selling contemporary practitioners like James Elroy, Gay Talese, Dominick Dunne, and Ann Rule. 

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Casting Call

A new Manson movie is in the works, House of Manson, by Micro Bay Features. Much of the cast has been chosen with Suzi Lorraine playing Sharon Tate and Ryan Kiser as Charles Manson.

The scoop

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Lou Adler, Then and Now

Lou Adler, then: Adler was raised in East Los Angeles, California. In 1959, he worked with Herb Alpert to produce Alpert's high school friends, Jan and Dean (left).

In 1964, Adler founded and co-owned Dunhill Records which counted his wife Shelley Fabares among its signed artists. In 1967, he sold Dunhill for three million dollars to ABC Records. Later in 1967, he founded Ode Records. In June 1967, Adler helped to produce the Monterey International Pop Festival, as did Terry Melcher.

In 1967, he was featured in the article below in "The Beat" magazine of March 25, 1967 alongside Brian Wilson and Bobby Jameson, a producee of Adler's who was an early suspect in the Tate murders. Adler is quoted therein as saying
"the real (generation) gap is in the rules, regulations, morals and codes. The kids aren't sitting back and taking it anymore; they're questioning the old codes. This is a brighter more intelligent generation. A 16 year old talking to a policeman usually knows more than he does." 
Coincidentally, Sharon's Playboy pictoral came out this same week in 1967. While she went on to become the victim of one of the most heinous crimes of all time, Bobby went on to become a Laurel Canyon acid dealer, but is since many years clean and sober. You can see his blog here

In 1975, Adler produced the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 1978, Adler directed the movie Up In Smoke, starring Cheech & Chong. His 1981 film, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains with Diane Lane was barely released, but is a great favorite of Panamint Patty's.

Lou Adler, now: Adler lives and works in Malibu. He is married to Page Hannah, younger sister of actress Daryl Hannah. Adler can often be seen sitting courtside next to Jack Nicholson at Los Angeles Lakers home games. Adler owns The Roxy Theatre with his son Nic, who operates the historic music venue on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

Seems like Lou knows all the right people! What else does he know? Patty is damned curious. Sandoz LSD, anyone? (Patty hears BELs). Whatever. It's safe to assume that dude is "experienced," and Patty would love to be a fly on his wall...

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Then and forever - by Susan French/Tony James Features

On my soapbox:

This article on Polanski's love for Sharon makes me wanna puke. He's as bad a liar as DT. Every year he becomes more of the grieving husband than he was in 1969.

Now he claims that he's made sure that there are flowers on Sharon's grave every year on the anniversary of the murders with a note "Love R."

A: He's never made sure there are flowers on the grave.

B: The "Love R" notes are from bat-shit-crazy Rosie.

He also now claims that he used hi-tech listening devices planted in his friend's homes, hired high priced private detectives, and once Manson was found, was not sure justice would be done so he hired a hit man to kill Manson. 

What a load of horseshit. If he was so worried about justice, how about showing up for even a single day of the trial? How about writing one single letter to the parole board to keep Sharon's killers in prison?

Why didn't Polanski make these revelations in his biography??

Thank you for indulging me. I feel better now.

The article...


Then and forever

by Susan French/Tony James Features

It is 45 years this year since 26-year-old Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of maverick movie-maker Roman Polanski was murdered by Charles Manson and three women, but Polanski, now a frail 80, has never allowed himself to forget.

It is 45 years this year since 26-year-old Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of maverick movie-maker Roman Polanski was murdered by Charles Manson and three women, but Polanski, now a frail 80, has never allowed himself to forget.

On August 9 every year a Los Angeles florist arrives at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City and piles a simple white grave under a cedar tree with bunch after bunch after bunch of red roses.

The flowers are always the same and so is the card that goes with them: "I love you. R" It is 45 years this year since 26-year-old Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of maverick movie-maker Roman Polanski was murdered by Charles Manson and three women, but Polanski, now a frail 80, has never allowed himself to forget.

Now married to French actress Emmanuelle Seigner with whom he has two children, Polanski makes no secret of the fact that Sharon Tate was the love of his life.

Barred from the US after a series of sex scandals, he has to entrust others to put flowers on the grave in which Sharon Tate lies, their unborn son Paul, who also died in the attack, in her womb.

The fact that he was away from their house in the Bel Air hills on the night Sharon was murdered remains the greatest regret of his life, Polanski said recently. "The times spent with Sharon were the best years of my life."

In none of the movies which had made him the new master of Hollywood spine-chillers had he invented such stark horror.  But when 35-year-old Polanski flew in from London in August 1969 and hurried home, what he found would haunt him for ever.

The bodies of his wife and of four friends, staying in the farmhouse-style mansion while Polanski was away, lay around the house. The scene appalled hardened detectives who described it as looking like a battlefield.

After Sharon's murder, Polanski was obsessed by vengeance. He bought high-tech listening devices to leave in the homes of people he suspected to be implicated in the killings, and employed expensive private detectives.

When Charles Manson and three young women were found guilty of Sharon's murder two years later, Polanski, apparently not certain that justice would be done, was claimed to have tried to hire a hit-man to kill Manson in jail.

"Marrying Sharon was the supreme moment of my life," he said. I just hoped it would last. I should have known better."

Sharon and Polanski had come from very different backgrounds. A former Dallas beauty queen she had grown up on a ranch indulged by wealthy parents. Polanski's mother had died in Auschwitz and his father managed to have the boy smuggled out of the camp. With the help of relations, the boy escaped the Germans for the rest of the war. He slept in woods and ditches, always expecting the next day to be his last. Miraculously he survived and after the war decided to be an actor. He moved to America and in 1963 won an Oscar for his first film, Knife in the Water.

Hollywood welcomed him as a dynamic hero of the New Wave and over the next six years he became one of the world's wealthiest and most successful directors.  He made such classic spine-chillers as Rosemary's Baby, The Vampire Killer and Repulsion.

In 1967 he made The Fearless Vampire Hunters with Sharon Tate. They fell in love and married. In the house on the hill she introduced him to a tranquil home life he had never known. They were blissfully happy and when Sharon became pregnant, friends said that Polanski announced the news "as if they had just invented having babies." He had flown back to London in time for the birth.

Instead, he flew back to horror. In the living room he found Sharon's body covered with numerous brutal wounds. He rang the police, went into the garden and sat under a tree and wept. Later he would say: "Before the murders I was the toast of Hollywood. Then people started saying that the victims must have been evil.

"In fact ours was just an ordinary married life with ordinary friends. Just because you make horror films for a living doesn't mean that you are some sort of a monster."

Eight years later that was just what the press named him. He was arrested on sex and drug charges, given bail and immediately fled to Europe. He never returned to America and today spends most of his time in France where he has made several hit movies. He lives quietly with Emmanuelle and their children.

Just 40 years since the nightmare experiences in Bel Air, Roman Polanski admits that he still thinks constantly about Sharon's murder.  My life is with my wife and family and I am grateful for their love and the happiness they bring," he said recently. "But Sharon is still someone who will always be very special."

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First Look at the 'House of Manson' Trailer

Produced by Britt Griffith (co-star of Syfy's Ghosthunters), the crime thriller/biopic stars Devanny Pinn (Dead Sea) as Susan Atkins, Ryan Kiser (Truth or Dare) as Charles Manson, Reid Warner (Oren Peli's Area 51) as Tex Watson, Chriss Anglin (Call of Duty: Black Ops) as Ronald Hughes, Serena Lorien as Patricia Krenwinkel, Erin Marie Hogan (Paranormal Entity) as Linda Kasabian, and Suzi Lorraine (Music and Lyrics) as Sharon Tate.

House of Manson chronicles Charles Manson's life from his childhood, up until his arrest following the raid on Barker Ranch months after the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders that sent a shockwave not just through Los Angeles, but through the entire world.

Currently in post-production, release is slated for later this year (details forthcoming).

For more on House of Manson, check out the official Facebook page.

This was found HERE

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No Hypocrisy Here...

An interesting fact is that one of the people running Manson's ATWA group works for one of the largest known polluters of our landfills, trash on the roadside etc. Not to mentioning the world's largest purveyor of processed, fatty, sodium-laden unhealthy food!

Going... Going... Gone!


Nellis Auction house in Las Vegas has large lot of Bobby Beausoleil's items coming up for bid in a couple of days.  This lot has a bounty of great stuff.  Described as:

 "Massive Collection of original paintings/drawings erotica, original drawings and paintings for book by Beausoleil, entire book assembled, court transcripts, Truman Capote radio interview file, photograph collection: Beausoleil, Manson and others signed and dated"


NBC Gives 13-Episode Order to David Duchovny Charles Manson Drama

David Duchovny won’t be out of the series game long after “Californication” finishes its seven-season run on Showtime this year. The actor will star in a period NBC drama as a police detective on the trail of the Los Angeles-area hippie cult leader who turns out to be Charles Manson.

NBC has given a 13-episode straight-to-series order to “Aquarius,” penned by drama vet John McNamara (“In Plain Sight,” “Profit”) who exec produces with Duchovny, Marty Adelstein (“Prison Break”) and Duchovny’s longtime manager Melanie Greene. “Aquarius” hails from ITV Studios and Marty Adelstein Prods.

The pact also marks Duchovny’s reunion with NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt, who greenlight “Californication” during his tenure as Showtime entertainment prexy. Greenblatt and Duchovny also go back to the origins of “The X-Files” when Greenblatt headed drama at Fox.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Bob Greenblatt again and coming back to broadcast television. I think ‘Aquarius’ has a chance to be a special show and I can’t wait to get going,” Duchovny said. Greenblatt returned the compliment, adding: ”I’m especially pleased that he wanted to come to NBC where I know there is a big audience waiting to see him.”

In “Aquarius,” Duchovny will play a Los Angeles police sergeant with a complicated personal life. In the late 1960s, he and his younger partner begin tracking a small-time criminal who specializes in luring vulnerable young women to his “cause.”

The plan is that the series will follow “the twists and turns” of Manson’s early efforts, but the horrific murder spree in August 1969 that made his name synonymous with evil will not enter the story until subsequent seasons.

“Event series are a big priority for us, and the combination of a show that charts the lead-up to the Manson murders, along with a television star of the magnitude of David Duchovny, is the very definition of an event,” said NBC Entertainment prexy Jennifer Salke.

“Aquarius” is not the only TV project to delve into the Manson murder milieu. Fox is developing an event series from Bret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie that would focus more specifically on the brutal murders of seven people in two separate incidents that became known as the Tate-LaBianca murders. Among the victims were actress Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski who was eight months pregnant, and prominent Hollywood hairdresser Jay Sebring.

The straight-to-series order also marks NBC’s most recent big bet on high-profile talent. The Peacock last month gave a straight-to-series order to a drama to star Jennifer Lopez as an FBI agent.

The auspices and 13-episode order make “Aquarius” one of ITV Studios’ most high-profile network projects to date.

“We’re delighted to be working with Marty on this incredible series that he, John and David have put together. This is an exciting and major project for ITV Studios America as we continue to expand our scripted drama presence here in the U.S. and internationally,” said Paul Buccieri, president and CEO of ITV Studios US Group.

Original article here

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Barbara Beausoleil Art Website

 From Bobby Beausoleil's Facebook Page:
It is my honor to announce the debut of a new website devoted to showcasing the dynamic legacy of my late wife Barbara Beausoleil, whose birthday we celebrate today. 

Barbara, who is also called Mimi by members of her family, was our beloved family matriarch, and is held in high esteem by her many friends and acquaintances. This website has been established as an expression of love in an effort to preserve the memory of this remarkable woman and her many accomplishments, on behalf of all those whose lives she touched. 
 The Website is HERE

Thanks to Ken O. for the tip