Monday, May 1, 2017

Tour 2017: The James Willet Murder Area

Today Stoner & I ventured into the area in Guerneville where James Willett was murdered and his headless remains were found in 1972. Willet and his young wife Lauren became acquainted with Manson Girls Nancy Pitman, Maria Alonzo & Priscilla Cooper and lived in Guerneville with Michael Monfort, James "Spider" Craig and Billy Goucher. That trio of ex-cons made their living by travelling to LA and committing armed robberies.

To make things worse, Lauren was having an affair with Spider Craig.

James Willett decided that enough was enough and wanted to leave the group with Lauren and their baby Heidi.

Monfort, Craig and Goucher decided that the risk of Willett snitching about the armed robberies was too great, so they lured him into this wooded area and tricked him into digging what would shortly become his own shallow grave. To make sure all hands were dirty, all three pumped ammo into him.

It is unclear if Lauren approved. She did though follow the group to Stockton where she herself was in turn murdered.

You might remember this map from THIS POST. It's worth the re-read to gain perspective:


Robert C said...

A good Tour so far going from Clem to the scary burial woods. My guess is they wouldn't have traveled too far (to have the grave dug), it would be a respectable distance away from any main back road that was more heavily traveled, and it would be far enough away from any residence or residential area so the gun shots wouldn't be heard. If they were smart that is ...

Unknown said...

Handsome devils lol

Scary place. Scary story. Those were some scary people. Why Lynn and Nancy got involved with people like that is beyond me. I

ColScott said...

A tour is the right word. I cannot fathom the time and expense to do all of this and then go "Lookee Lookee I got Hookee".

But that's great, the Clem Fanboy post has re inspired the TLB movement behind the scenes. The Blog with Balls is a comin' down fast....

Coyote said...

You are the grumpiest guy I've encountered in a long time. Sorry you are so unhappy. I'd recommend getting out and enjoying some sunshine.. though it seems to ruffle your feathers quite a bit when you see others doing just that.

ColScott said...


Sorry that the truth makes me grumpy. Maybe you still believe Donald Trump is going to help you,too, make a billion dollars someday. He is not.

I began the Official TLB Blog over a decade ago. At that point there was only Heaven's Yahoo group doing any research that was respectable. I encouraged ALL rivals. Cats Cradle, the retards at Skynrd, even guy. The more the merrier.

When eviliz started her tabloid blog I was all for it.

When Matt and the others took over from Liz I paid for an organize a big tour with Max Frost and other hard core researchers. I helped Alisa with her fight to publish her book and against the homophobic cunts like Robin Olson and Debra Tate.

I believed that this blog wanted to continue the mission. I was fighting bad cancer with my supermodel wife. I was tired. There had been no meaningful developments in TLB for years. I thought with an amazing researcher like Deb (who was smart enough not to pose for the Clem fanboy picture) and nice people like Matt and Julie they could lead the crusade.

Instead they treated a convicted child offender, murderer and shithead like he was fucking Mick Jagger.

If that does NOT make you grumpy then I hope you choke on your fucking sunshine.

J-Dog said...

Does anybody know what happened to Maria Alonzo in the long run? There is good but scant info here on the site and not much elsewhere.(Makes me appreciate the investigative skills of Deb S nd others here.)
She seems to have been a wild "bad girl" with a serious bad boy habit, just wonder (after arrest) what happened to her. Thanks for an intriguing read every week plus.

Mr. Humphrat said...

There is a marriage record of Maria Theresa Alonzo to William Goucher in 1973 in San Juaquin County.

Mr. Humphrat said...

Divorce record of a Maria Goucher in 1978 from spouse William in Marin County.

David said...

She received 6 months in jail and 5 years probation for the kidnapping plot. Pled 'guilty' to aiding an abetting an 'escape'.

DebS said...

I was able to find a record that was connected to Alonzo's marriage to Goucher. The record says that Alonzo died in 1985 in Riverside County CA. I'm not completely certain that this is the correct Maria Theresa Alonzo because I can't find a corroborating second record like an obit or newspaper article. I also cannot find that there are any current records for her so it is possible that she truly did die in 1985.

Maria Teresa Alonzo

Social Security #:


Birth Date:
24 Aug 1952

Birth Place:

Death Date:
18 Dec 1985

Death Place:

Mother's Maiden Name:

David said...

At jer arraignment on March 12, 1974 Ms. Alonzo told the court her 'real' name was Karen Marie Forbes, age 22.

At her sentencing appearance on May 29th she is referred to by the press as only Maria Theresa Alonzo, age 22.

The age, at least, fits the information from Deb.

Matt said...

If it's the correct person then she was 32 at her time of death. Perhaps the demons were never slain.

David said...


You might be right. There are references in the articles about the failed kidnapping suggesting some heroin use. The best story is in the Long Beach 'Independent' March 12, 1974.

"Authorities said she is married to another defendant in the case. Robert B. Hedberg Jr., 37. also known as Bobby Forbes."

Santa Cruz, Sentinel, 3/12/74.

Ok, I'm done now.

starviego said...

St Circumstance said...
"Why Lynn and Nancy got involved with people like that is beyond me."

Some of the Family kept getting into serious trouble. There seems to have been a certain self-destructive trait in them, which perhaps explains why they were attracted to Charlie in the first place.

ColScott said...


Self destructive? They were criminals who had spent their late teenage years doing criminal shit. Of course they kept it up.

grimtraveller said...

ColScott said...

Self destructive? They were criminals who had spent their late teenage years doing criminal shit. Of course they kept it up

It really is as simple as that. Few criminals suddenly stop crime because the latest gig went pear shaped.
Criminals tend to think criminally !

J-Dog said...

Thanks so much, all, for the "Crystal' Alonzo updates.
6 months seems a short sentence for kidnapping, 32-33 y/o seems too short a life, however wild. Rest in peace, Maria.

grimtraveller said...

St Circumstance said...

Scary story. Those were some scary people. Why Lynn and Nancy got involved with people like that is beyond me

You ask that question as though Squeaky and Brenda were the holy innocents on the threshold of a dream......
Lynn and Nancy had been involved for the previous 4 to 5 years with people that went on to execute 9 murders {10 if you include the baby, 11 if you throw in the murder they thought had been committed}.
It's like being surprised to discover the last President Bush used to smack his kids when they were young.

Patty is Dead said...

Someone commented on stoners video that the actual murder site is on Neeley Road directly across from Parker's Resort. No wonder they didn't want to talk about it.

Markocain said...

I've just watched a video on you tube by mexican mafia hitman rudulph mundo mendoza who says that in 1975 Maria was living with mexican mafia godfather Joe pegleg Morgan in an apartment in glendale. He states that she had been gifted to him from aryan brotherhood member Robert hedberg (incarcerated at the time)upon Joe's release. Joe and Robert were close and the relationship between la eme and the ab is well documented. It appears Maria did indeed have a bad boy habit, why? Joe was instrumental in the wholesale purchase distribution of heroin from Mexico into california so as the saying goes she probally followed the dope

Unknown said...

Maria knew who the Zodiac Killer was.