Friday, May 6, 2011


 Wow, this one could have a million captions.  
We have included three. Feel free to add  your own in the comment section.   And finally ~her true last name.
nineteen fifty eight freshman year
Point Loma High School
San Diego, CA

"Future Crazy Ass Bitch"

"Most likely to bleed Daddy's checking account dry"

"Most likely to go (environ)mentally insane"

Point Loma H.S. 2011


GrumpFromPahrump said...

"You are next, all of you!"

kickboxer said...

She even looks insane in 1961. She got issues.

Ken619 said...

"Least likely to blink"

Panamint Patty said...

I like Ken's best! LOL

MrPoirot said...

That foto is very odd. If Sandra had turned any more to her left it would have been a foto of the back of her head.

Sandra, Sadie and Squeaky were definantly nuts prior to meeting Charlie.

hippichick40 said...

She definitely does looks more than a little batshit crazy.