Sunday, August 7, 2011


There's a couple of sites that have been around for years. One calls itself the "Official" and the other the "Truth". Both of these sites state they want to find the truth behind the Tate/Labianca murders. I'm sure they do. It seems both started out on the long road of reexamining what's available and filtering out the bullshit to find the truth. Both, as with most of the other sites, have thrown the Helter Skelter motive out the window. I can't say I'm in disagreement with this. I applaud them for their efforts, they have provided and contributed lots.

Now I know there's gonna be some fool that is going to accuse me of not being able to ask this question on my own, but... what about Saladin Nader? It seems that the Nader part of the second night of murders is completely over looked by both the "Official" and the "Truth" sites. I would think that in the search of the truth, all of the facts would need to be included. The "Official" site's archive goes back six years. If you type the word Nader in the search bar, Nader appears only once in six years of archived material. In fact, Nader is only mentioned while commenting on Mark Turner's interactive map. The "Truth" site does go a little more in depth on the Nader subject, but not much. In fact it starts out on topic, but Shitty Kitty quickly gets distracted because someone mentions "Donkey" Dan and it appears she starts typing with one hand while rubbing one out with the other as she discusses DeCarlos' anatomy. So much for Nader.

I'll be the first to say that I am not the most educated on all things Manson. Common sense says that the Saladin Nader part of the second night must be included in searching for the motive for the murders. Even though he didn't get killed, he was intended to. Just because there's not a lot of information on Nader other than Linda's testimony, doesn't mean that it's not important. Linda's description of the building and what they did was very accurate. I've been in the apartment building and have provided pictures according to her discription. The botched attempted murder of Saladin Nader did happen. It happened on the same night as the Labianca murders. Why has this been over looked?


Matt said...

Thanks, Ken. I also believe that not enough attention is payed to the Nader aspect. You made an excellent point in your post on June 22:

Charlie asked Linda about Nader and if he was a PIGGY. She said "Yes, he’s an actor". Charlie and the trio then drove to Nader's apartment in Venice Beach and had Linda physically show him what room was Nader’s apartment. When they returned to the car, Charlie instructed the trio to kill Nader. How is Charlie not involved in this? If the trio had murdered Nader, how could the responsibility be placed on Tex's shoulders?

Here's a link to two of Ken's previous posts on the subject:

leary7 said...

yeah, I agree Ken. It is sorta like all the JFK conspiracy buffs who ignore Oswalds attempt on Gen Walker. It shows a pattern.
And Charlie's use of the word "piggy" here is very significant in my mind. As I said in another thread, you have "pig" in some form written in blood three times at Hinmans, Cielo and LaBiancas...and you have the Ruth Ann quote to Danny at Barker on how she "can't wait to get her first pig".
The collective rage against "pigs" and the belief in justification of killing pigs is something that seems to get lost in the whole Helter Skelter nonsense. Pure and simple rage isn't as sexy as a biblical armageddon of a race war or a mafia hit. But the simple is often the most correct.