Monday, January 9, 2012

Grump wants to show you his, too!

Grump From Pahrump's Video Collection


Tex Watson Forgiven
Larry King - Paul Watkins Interview
Larry King - Linda Kasabian Interview
Charles Manson - The Mind of Manson
Charles Manson - Will You Kill For Me?
Charles Manson - Manson’s Missing Victims
Charles Manson - Journey into Evil
Charles Manson - The Man Who Killed the 60’s


Ramrodder - Bobby B. and Gypsy
Dearly Departed - tour of death scenes

Manson - History Channel
Manson Murders - History Channel
Biography Manson Women - History Channel
Manson - Robert Hendrickson
Inside the Manson Gang - Robert Hendrickson
Helter Skelter - 1976 Version
Helter Skelter - 2000 Version
Helter Skelter Murders (Previously The Other Side of Madness)
Charles Manson Superstar
The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter
The Manson Family (Jim VanBebber 2003)

Charles in Charge - Vol 1
Charles in Charge - Vol 2
Charles in Charge - Vol 3
Charlie’s Angels
All in the Family
Charles Manson - No Sense Makes Sense
Charles Manson Interview with Bill Stout
Charles Manson Interview with Charlie Rose
Charles Manson Interview with Bill Murphy
Charles Manson Interview with Geraldo Rivera
Charles Manson Interview with Tom Snyder
Charles Manson Interview with Ed Sanders
Charles Manson Interview with Ron Regan Jr
Charles Manson Interview with Penny Daniels
Charles Manson Interview with Nikolas Schhreck (from C.M. Superstar)
White Rabbit Interview
Leslie Van Houten 1977 Interview
Susan Atkins 1976 Interview
Patricia Krenwinkel 1993 Interview
Charles “Tex “ Watson 1990 Parole Hearing
Patricia Krenwinkel 1990 Parole Hearing
Patricia Krenwinkel 1997 Parole Hearing
Leslie Van Houten 1991 Parole Hearing
Leslie Van Houten 1998/1999 Parole Hearing
(98-Denied for 1 year, 99-asked for postponement due to Bill Nelson selling tapes)
Leslie Van Houten 2000 Parole Hearing
Susan Atkins 1993 Parole Hearing
Susan Atkins 2000 Parole Hearing
Charles Manson 1992 Parole Hearing
Charles Manson 1997 Parole Hearing
Charles Manson 2007 Parole Hearing


snooproose said...

WOW! That's nice...

maxfrost said...

If I recall correctly Ramrodder received an Academy Award for best ending.

Patty is Dead said...

See that cool coffee mug on the top? Grumpy sent Patty one with Bobby Beausoleil on it and she loves it. Mr. Patty fills it for her most every morning before she even wakes up. He is priceless. He is Patty's best friend, confidante, and partner in crime. Patty hopes all of you will find your own Mr. Patty one day, if you have not already. Because, she loves you. Even you, Shawn. Though you soooo deserve a wet willy right about now. Serious! OK back to business...

Charlie Higgins said...

Does anybody have any information on a 1970 book called "The Hippy Cult Murders (manson) by Stanley Ray ?
Also , "Crucified the railroading of Charles Manson" is currently available from elmobooks at for $25 (brand new) ... Saw it advertised on another site for $129 redcuced from $159

toocrowdedinthishouse said...

Many of you have excellent collections! I am envious! Unfortunately, my interest in the case is a secret, only known by one close friend and my spouse. Oh, and my older kids have figured it out. So I don't have a pile of books to display... I have been known to check the major books out of my public library network---my branch has to put in a request for me, then they ship it to my library for a pickup, notifying me by email when it arrives. I usually bring the kids with me to check out a pile of books, and that's the point when the librarians all glare at me, exchange meaningful glances with each other, and occasionally make snyde comments about my interest in Manson! I used to get embarrassed by them; now I just feel sorry for them.
I should buy them all Charlie mugs.

Patty is Dead said...

Here, here!

rfoster1 said...

Grump, did you get those vids from Aes-Nihil?

Where can I get one of those coffee cups?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Coffee Cups:

You can also get shirts, mouse pads, pillows and stuff too!


They might seem pricey, but they are much better quality than the ones on EBay, and they come with some cool cover art too!