Thursday, October 17, 2013

1960's Letter to the Editor of Chatsworth newspaper

1960's Letter to the Editor of Chatsworth newspaper.
Possibly The Valley News and Green Sheet (now called the Daily News).


orwhut said...

Purpoted quote by General MacArthur on space invasion. ooooEEEEoooo

Max Frost said...

Arthur Lee?

eviliz said...

Nice find

Matt said...

Kinda doubt it, Max but an interesting thought nonetheless. What are the odds he read the Chatsworth newspaper?

Farflung said...

It’s pretty obvious there’s a coded message in the article.

The question appears to come in the form of a warning. The Hippies in the mountains and invaders from outer space are involved, but we don’t know who will prevail. Or do we?

The letter is signed with an odd use of uppercase letters: (A LEE Northridge). That’s right, go ahead and take a moment so the utter shock and awe can be absorbed. The letter was in fact signed by:


Flying saucers are time machines

Sometimes it is all just a… POS.

Suze said...

Holy crap, Farflung! I'm moving to Chatsworth and never driving again!

Patty is Dead said...

they will be putting flowers on your graves? The letter starts off all peaceful like and then the author says that? Truly creepy.

Matt said...

Hippies BAD! Republicans BAD! Jews BAD! Homosexuals BAD! Illegal Aliens BAD!

Can YOU match up the following names with the above mentioned sterotypes? Obama, Hitler, Johnson/Nixon, God, Republicans?

NOTE: There are several books coming out that dispell some of the myths we have been subjected to over the decades - by GOVERNMENT folks. IE: "Killing Jesus" "Death to Pigs"

The new "enlightment" period should be very interesting - for some. Over half of America is illiterate.

Robert Hendrickson

Patty is Dead said...

Too bad for them because the revolution will NOT be televised.

Asphalt said...

Hahahaha Patty!