Monday, January 26, 2015

The Marriage That Didn't Happen

The window for the much publicized wedding of Charles Manson and Star that was supposed to take place has closed.  If you recall the prison conducts weddings on the first Saturdays of each month.  There are no more first Saturdays remaining before the wedding license expires.  The license was good for 90 days from the time it was applied for on November 7, 2014, by my calculations it will expire February 4, 2015.

Is anyone really surprised?  We never heard from Manson about the impeding nuptials, not one peep.  Generally, if he is given an opportunity, he will make some sort of statement.  He did say in the 2013 Rolling Stone article that any talk of a marriage was just hype for publicity and that he did not intend to marry Star.  So, did Star take it upon herself to apply for the license without consulting Charlie?  Will she again apply for another license and will we get to go through the barrage of publicity again?  I hope not!


Patty is Dead said...

Deb, if it did happen it would be in the public record, right?

Anonymous said...

Dont delete Star's home address. I want to write to her about the big mistake she is making in her life with Charlie. Thanks - Chet

DebS said...

Patty, I'm pretty sure that if the marriage had happened the news outlets would be on it. There was so much hype that someone, other than me, had to have been keeping track of the 90 days.

DebS said...

I didn't redact Star's home address, it was like that at the website where I found the license.

I can tell you where her address is online, though. It's a public record because she and Craig applied for non-profit status for ATWA.

The only thing you need to fill out on the form is to put ATWA in the "Organization Name" field and hit search. Two ATWA's will come up, one is Sandy and George's ATWA which is now defunct. The other is Afton and Craig's ATWA which is current. Click on that and at the bottom is "Related Documents" whereby clicking on "Founding Documents" you will see all of Afton and Craig's info including their address.

HellzBellz said...

MMMm.... love those documents.... just copy and paste some....

Afton Burton is an
experienced computer
research assistant. She
brings valuable skills to
ATWA with her expertise in
web-based documentation,
text editing and publication.
She is comfortable working
with a variety of software
programs. Ms. Burton
specializes in website design
and maintenance, as well as
audio and video project
Afton is a professional artist
with concentrations in
acrylic painting and charcoal
portraits. She is an
accomplished nature
photographer as well, and
apart from her personal and
professional creative
projects, she is involved with
local ecological groups
working toward land
restoration and preservation
of native species.

Clever Girl Star is ,isnt she ??

starship said...

Well, Hellz, there's no accounting for taste...

Patty is Dead said...

Daily Mirror is now reporting that Manson is trying to smuggle sperm out to impregnate Star with...LPAO

Dr Dave said...

NY Press has another angle on this affair, Manson as Lenin embalmed in glass