Friday, November 27, 2015

Claire Vaye Watkins Publishes a Novel

Paul Watkins daughter Claire Vaye Watkins has been a favorite of ours here at the blog.  We have watched her grow as a writer.  Her book of short stories Battleborn was a huge success, earning her quite a few awards and much acclaim.

Gold Flame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins

The West may be running low on water, but there's no shortage of smart literary authors considering the end of the world. In recent years, a host of writers have released books imagining what the planet will look like in the aftermath of widespread disease or governmental collapse. Dystopian novels are the product of real global fears, and now water scarcity has moved to the fore.

In Claire Vaye Watkins' beautiful debut novel, "Gold Fame Citrus," the California-born author depicts an American West brought to its knees by a crippling drought. The book couldn't be more timely — with water rationing and wildfires dominating the headlines recently, some readers might find the subject matter a little too close to home.

The entire LA Times review of Claire's debut novel can be read here.

The book is available at her publisher's website or at Amazon.


John Seger said...

Very interesring

TomG said...
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Mr. Humphrat said...

thanks Deb, it seems like a book well worth reading and I hope she hope she has good success with it. Paul would be so proud of her.