Saturday, January 2, 2016

MansonBlog Tour 2016

The dates of the 2016 Tour will be April 27 - May 2. If anyone is interested in tagging along please email either myself or Deb.

The itinerary is still fluid at this point but we've got some interesting and fun ideas!

Past tour links:

Manson Tour 2016: MansonBlog Tour 2016 - Jane Doe 59
Manson Tour 2016: MansonBlog Tour 2016: The Gun Toss And Steven Weiss' House
Manson Tour 2016: MansonBlog Tour 2016: Independence, CA
Manson Tour 2016: Death Valley, The Racetrack Playa and The Michigan Loader Site
Manson Tour 2016: Nude Hippies And The Origin Of An Icon
The End Of Summit Trail

Manson Tour 2015: Earth Day at Spahn Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part I
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part II
Manson Tour 2015: Olancha - Karl Stubbs' Neighbor and Hannum Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: Goler Wash
Manson Tour 2015: Gary Hinman's Bus -- Not
Manson Tour 2015: Benedict Canyon and the Surrounding Areas: Report on Strange Sounds, Gunshots, Indications of Violence, Related by Persons who were in Hearing Distance of the Polanski Residence on the Night of 8-8-69 and the Morning of 8-9-69

Manson Tour 2014: Stoner's Spahn Ranch Hike
Manson Tour 2014: The Museum of Death and The Sounds of Laurel Canyon
Manson Tour 2014: A Day With Aes-Nihil
Holy Cross

2013 Tour - Robert Hendrickson at The Silent Theatre
2013 Tour - Cielo Drive
2013 Tour - Easton Drive / Rudy Weber
2013 Tour - LaBianca
2013 Tour - El Coyote
2013 Tour - Lotsapoppa
2013 Tour - Westchester/Venice
2013 Tour - Hanging out with Michael on his Back Porch!
2013 Tour - Spahn/Chatsworth

2012 Tour Day 1 - Vegas & Pahrump
2012 Tour Day 2 - Devil's Hole, Father Crowley Point & Olancha
2012 Tour Day 3 - Trona, Ballarat & Barker Ranch
2012 Tour Day 4 - El Coyote
2012 Tour Day 5 - Lower Topanga, Spahn, Box Canyon


Unknown said...

Happeners are likely to include...

lol :)

Matt said...

See you in LA, Saintster!

Unknown said...

I can smell the Jasmine, and taste the coors- lights already


MamaPoohBear said...

Whoa! I was just thinking about this today, and wondering what the dates would be. I think I will be there this year.

Sun King said...

Well I hope you set your priorities straight and include a trip to El Coyote again for margaritas... I think you already learned your lesson with eating the food there though ;)

Patty is Dead said...

Sun king lol the street tacos aren't bad

MamaPoohBear said...

i just looked at the El Coyote menu...looks good, but I"m sensing you are not recommending

Hippiedoll said...

This sounds pretty cool! I am playing with the thought of "tagging along" with you guys this time...
I don't know where to email Matt or DebS to though?
I think I've gotten an email from someone before, regarding a multipart post. I don't know if it was Matt or DebS?

Fiddy 8 said...

The Holy Cross Cemetery link got me curious, so I made a list of the *Top 25 Most Recognizable* interred there. (not including the Tates):

Richard Arlen
Mary Astor
Ray Bolger
Charles Boyer
John Candy
Jackie Coogan
Bing Crosby
Jimmy Durante
Vince Edwards
Joe Flynn
John Ford
Jack Haley
Rita Hayworth
Spike Jones
Jack La Rue
Bela Lugosi
Fred MacMurray
Ann Miller
Ricardo Montalbán
Robert Paige
Louella Parsons
Rosalind Russell
Ann Rutherford
Lawrence Welk
Loretta Young

The Tinman and the Scarecrow both!

Patty is Dead said...

Matt at mansonblog dot com

Hippiedoll said...

Thanks Patty

Fiddy 8 said...

*Top 10 Honorable Mentions*:

Darby Crash
Dick Curtis
Chick Hearn
Conrad Hilton, Jr.
Al Martino
Audrey Meadows
Jim Murray
Walter O'Malley
Chris Penn
Mack Sennett

Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...

The *Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary* is a Jewish cemetery located adjacent to *Holy Cross Cemetery*.

Here is my list of their *Top 25*:

Gene Barry
Jack Benny
Milton Berle
Cyd Charisse
Max Factor, Sr.
Max Factor, Jr.
Percy Faith
Mark Goodson
Lorne Greene
Moe Howard
David Janssen
George Jessel
Al Jolson
Leonard Nimoy
Shelly Novack
Louis Nye
Suzanne Pleshette
Tom Poston
Jerry Rubin
Sherwood Schwartz
Dick Shawn
Dinah Shore
Aaron Spelling
Irving Wallace
Shelley Winters
Michael Landon
Vic Morrow
Jan Murray

Out of all these 60 "celebrities" I posted, I'd say only Jerry Rubin is a member of *The Manson Family Blog* universe of relevance.

Fiddy 8 said...

I knew there must be some relevance to the MFB recent thread by the listing of Sharon's neighbors for eternity (with a copy and paste from Wikipedia's Jerry Rubin page):


Yet another successful act in Yippies "guerrilla theater" was when during the Presidential elections of 1968 the Youth International Party nominated their own candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

The nominee was Pigasus the Immortal, a 145-pound (66-kg) pig that they felt was a realistic alternative to Richard Nixon or his presidential opponent, Hubert Humphrey. At the official introductions at Pigasus’ first press conference, Rubin, while holding the candidate in his arms, demanded he be given Secret Service protection and be brought to the White House for a foreign policy briefing. He also promised, on behalf of Pigasus, a fair election campaign and if Pigasus won the election he would be eaten. This would, maintained Rubin, reverse the usual democratic process in which the pig is elected "and proceeds to eat the people."

TomG said...
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TomG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiddy 8 said...

My favorite candidate in '68 was Pat Paulsen:

"All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian"

orwhut said...

I miss Pat Paulson.

Matt said...

TomG was a little slow deleting his own comments today. He's usually faster.

Matt said...

From Wikipedia:

"After the 1968 Democratic convention

Sources vary on the fate of Pigasus. There is some speculation that a police officer ate him."

ColScott said...

Gold Star Studios
Dennis Wilson House
Street corner in Malibu
Waverly House (inside)
Spahn Waterfall

Must Haves-
Bo Bushnell
Whatever is left of Robert
Frank Struthers
Tom O'Neill

Unknown said...

Where will the tour be taking you ladies and gentlemen this year?

Matt said...

Mostly LA, but day and overnight excursions are possible. We really never know until it gets close. All ideas welcome.

Cuntry Trash said...

AGAIN I will miss. I am working Stagecoach Festival in the desert April 29- May 1, plus build and removal dates. :((((