Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Manson's Lost Girls

A new TV movie, Manson's Lost Girls, is set to debut February 6th on the Lifetime channel about the Family as seen though the eyes of Linda Kasabian.  MacKensie Mauzy, portraying Kasabian, is the lead actor.

I don't have high hopes for this production though I'm sure I will set the recorder and watch it at some point.  Lifetime is known more tugging at heartstrings than getting things right.  The very fact that they have made the movie from Kasabian's perspective is telling.

Read about it HERE and HERE

MacKensie Mauzy


Patty is Dead said...

Susanna Lo is not involved Patty hopes lol

DebS said...

LOL, no I did not see her name on the cast and crew list! I tried to find if Kasabian was a consultant but I could see no trace of her at the IMDb site. If she was she should pay any money she earned to the Frykowski law suit. She was named on that suit, too.

Sun King said...

I guess it's impressive that the show is actually spending money on original 60's soundtrack music from big names of the time.

Manson Mythos said...

This is movie # what made in the last two years? I wonder what Debra Tate has to say. If I remember correctly, Doris and Paul Tate were never happy with Kasabian getting immunity and wanted to see her convicted along with the others.

She was only a hero because she was given the opportunity to be one and Bugliosi needed her.

Anonymous said...

Good job of casting this one. The beautiful people vs. the beautiful people.

I'm looking forward to the part where where Linda steals $5,000 to give to Charlie, but instead spends it on botox and lip injections.

When Charlie gets back from his mud bath and facial at Esalen day spa and finds out that Linda blew the funds for his 'tip refinement' rhinoplasty, he'll be livid.

Unknown said...

Lol. That was funny Ziggy. I spit up my drink when I read that. I was thinking same thing

Robert Hendrickson said...

"She (Linda Kasabian)ultimately breaks away and turns herself in as a witness for the prosecution and helps to convict Manson."

AND that is exactly WHY we have BOOKS, MOVIES and story tellers.

There ALWAYS has to be a "Good Guy," "Hero" (Dragonslayer) or you have NO God, Devil, "Bad Guy."

The famous "Prosecutor" is finally DEAD, so is it NOT time for a female super "hero."

I'm waiting for the scene with Lotsapoppa / Opera Winfree doing the trans-reformer thing!

CarolMR said...

I just received my copy of Ed Sanders' book, SHARON TATE A LIFE. I'll probably start reading it next week. Flipping through it I noticed that there are few photos and lots of drawings. Looks strange. There is a long post about the book at www.lsb3.com. Sanders alleges a lot of weird and interesting things.

Patty is Dead said...

Patty is interested in Ed's book but the Sirhan Sirhan stuff sounds like bunk to her.

CarolMR said...

I agree, Patty.

Matt said...

Sanders review is forthcoming :)

Robert Hendrickson said...

There is a lot of talk about the "Making a Murderer" documentary on Netflix

It's in ten episodes and even the law & order guy Rush Linbaugh says it grabs you.

So has anyone seen it, and would comment on it? Because it sounds like something I would be interested in pursuing? God knows the Manson Case has NEVER been an open and shut Judicial Affair. And IF the general public is finally READY for something lengthy, intelligent and entertaining, I may make an addition to MY Bucket List.

PS Patty: There were two EXTRA bullet holes in the WALL that Sirhan could NOT have put there.
The Cops removed the piece of wall, as they should have, photographed it, as they should, BUT the wall has disappeared. Only the photo remains AND nobody really cares anymore. Just as nobody really cares how many were involved in the JFK assaination.

BUT apparently - the Manson Case will NEVER end. WHY is that ?

Manson Mythos said...

I'd like to see a full blown documentary called "The Making of Manson" and trace the entire case starting with the bogus confession of Susan Atkins and her two mafioso attorneys to the pre-trial publicity to the trial and so on. Of course, that is only a pipe dream. They would not ALLOW a documentary like that to be made. Not to mention most of the main players are dead now and Charlie isn't allowed video interviews anymore. None of those convicted would agree to be involved either.

I think most of the juicy stuff with this case never made it to record. I doubt the truth is anywhere on file.

Speaking of Kasabian, isn't it odd that Bugliosi recorded interviews with everyone except Linda Kasabian? Supposedly there were notes made by her that Ed Sanders got access too, but no recorded or documented conversations.

Manson Mythos said...

I'm surprised there isn't a Helter Skelter Denial law. In regards to professors and just recently, an 80+ year old woman being jailed for daring to question the Holocaust, somebody said truth doesn't need protection. You also hear another common phrase, "history is written by the victors". Helter Skelter is the #1 best selling true crime book of all time and go and watch those old TV shows where anyone who questioned the "truth" was treated like a leopard. Like Schreck on Maury Povich.

Yet, Schreck dedicated a whole chapter to what a bunk story Charlies alleged trip to Cielo in March of '69 was and in the new Sanders book, Shahrokh Hatami admits he had no recollection of that happening and admits he agreed to it under pressure from not only Bugliosi, but Col. Paul Tate's private investigator.

I knew that story was BS along with others and after long winded arguments with others, we were right.

Bobby said...

To Manson Family Archives,

I don't understand the comparison of Holocaust deniers to anyone's take on the murders of TLB.

The Holocaust is not something that can be denied so I'm confused on what your point is.

With respect could you clarify please & thank you.

Unknown said...

MacKenzie is too hot to play skankaroo Kasabian.

Chris B said...

Mr Hendrickson. The extra RFK bullet holes, I may be wrong but I seem to recall a certain Vincent Bugliosi was involved in their discovery. The irony being he 'proves' a conspiracy for RFK but the 'disproves' it for JFK.

Chris B said...

Here you go...

"In 1975, Bugliosi tried to find the two police officers, with no cooperation
from the LAPD and despite an assertion from then-DA Joe Busch that the AP
cation was erroneous. With help from "workaday cops," Bugliosi identified and
contacted the two men in the photo, sergeants Robert Rozzi and Charles Wright.
In a signed statement he gave to Bugliosi, Rozzi said he had seen "a hole in
the door jamb, and the base of what appeared to be a small-caliber bullet was
lodged in the frame."

Later, Bugliosi telephoned Sergeant Wright, who "unequivocally declared that
a bullet had been in the hole, but I do not know who did it." Bugliosi
intended to get a signed statement on this from Wright the next day, a fact he
inadvertency told LAPD officer Phil Sartuche (now top assistant to LA Police
Chief Daryl Gates, according to researcher Christian).

Before Bugliosi could meet Wright, the sergeant got calls from Sartuche and,
as Bugliosi put it, "Deputy City Attorney Larry Nagen, who instructed him not
to give a statement. The sergeant retreated from his positive position of the
evening before, now saying that the object only looked like a bullet and,
because it was so long ago, he was not at all sure he couldn't have been
mistaken." The DA's office also prevented Rozzi and Wright from testifying
under oath about the matter in a later civil suit.

Given LAPD stonewalling and obfuscation in 1975 and earlier, Bugliosi,
Lowenstein and others troubled by the lone-assassin theory were unable to
prove that bullets beyond the eight officially attributed to Sirhan had been
acknowledged by the authorities. Local authorities, that is.

FBI documents obtained in 1976 through the Freedom of Information Act list
four bullet holes in the "doorway area leading into the kitchen from the stage
area." These had never been acknowledged by the LAPD. When this was brought up
publicly, the FBI claimed it had not conducted a formal ballistic examination.
However, former Lowenstein aide Gregory Stone notes that the Bureau "did not
explicitly disavow" the report of the four extra bullet holes.

Also in 1976, Bugliosi got a signed statement from former FBI agent William
A. Bailey. Bailey discussed his examination of the kitchen area and stated
that he and "several other agents noted at least two small-caliber holes in
the doorway area. He added, "There was not question in any of our minds as to
the fact they were bullet holes."

The obvious way to clear up the allegations about extra bullets was to re-
examine the door frame, divider post and ceiling tiles, all of which had been
removed by the LAPD and held as evidence. Unfortunately, when Bugliosi,
Lowenstein, and others requested the re-examination in 1975, then-assistant
police Chief Daryl Gates announced that the evidence had been destroyed on
June 27, 1969. This was just a few weeks after a Los Angeles Free Press
article by citizen-investigators Lillian Castellano and Floyd Nelson made
public the existence of the AP wire photo."

mrgroove said...

I'm reasonably sure that I'll wind up turning this thing off in disgust after the first four minutes. Then due to morbid curiosity turn it back on five minutes later only to keep this cycle going at least three more times until I finally give up on it because I hate myself.

Patty is Dead said...

Groove you and Patty both

Robert Hendrickson said...

CHRIS; Bugliosi seemed to be VERY conflicted regarding the word 'conspiracy'

HE thought Mr. Manson 'conspired' to ignite a Black and White race WAR, but could NOT see LBJ as
even a co-conspirator in the White and Yellow (Vietnam) race WAR.

HE could NOT see a conspiracy involved in the JFK killing, BUT had no trouble seeing George Bush as a conspirator in the Iraq WAR.

When running for the DA of LA, he could NOT see the conspiracy regarding the RFK killing, but thought "SMOG" was evil cloud hovering over the "city."

As a minimum, it's called "bi-polar paranoia" which HE could NOT see in himself OR
Charles Manson. BUT he did see himself in Mr. Manson - the powerful genius SELF.

I can't imagine a more cruel joke to be played by God on an otherwise normal man.

MHN said...

Robert, aren't we all 'otherwise normal' men?

I might put that on my headstone. An otherwise normal man.