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Casting Call: My Manson Movie

"I have often thought it was very arrogant to suppose you could  make a film for anybody but yourself."
- Peter Greenaway 
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. Henry David Thoreau
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If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. Henry David Thoreau
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"The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself"
 - Peter Jackson

Imagine trying to make a Manson Family Movie. My Manson Family Movie. Just the sound of it gives me the chills. What an overwhelming thought at first. Impossible right? Of course, the budget would be the biggest obstacle. Yes, this is true. But, there could potentially be ways around that for the right motivated person. Some people make their own breaks in life with the right effort. What if I were to create a film at a reasonable cost, partially by raising private money, and then try to spur a grass roots movement which could create a momentum of its own through; a strong internet presence, word of mouth, and a few guerrilla marketing techniques? 

Does that sound silly? 

Maybe, but it did work for The Blair Witch Project whose creators were a few hours from where I live now in Florida, and also the movie Clerks- which was made about 45 minutes from where I grew up in New Jersey. Naturally, I started looking at those two films for inspiration first.

This was the thought process when making The Blair Witch Project:

"The Blair Witch Project was developed during 1993 by the filmmakers. Myrick and Sanchez came across the idea for the film after realizing that they found Documentaries on paranormal phenomenon scarier than traditional horror films, thus the two decided to create a film that combined the styles" 

Sort of what I was thinking of for My Manson Movie. A movie about the making of a Documentary blended in with flashback sequences where actors accurately play out recreations of the back-stories of the characters involved in the Documentary being filmed. I bet it could work with great writing, and an organized process. The Blair Witch Project was shot in 8 days. It cost between 500 and 750K by most real estimates, although the filmmakers say it was less. It grossed almost 250 Million world wide. The Blair Witch Project is thought to be the first widely released movie marketed primarily by internet. It was well written and extremely well marketed. At a very reasonable cost.

Even smaller scale was Clerks. Kevin Smith made Clerks with one camera, about 75 feet of cable, and almost the entire cost of production went on credit cards. It cost less than 30K to make and did 3 million in box office alone, despite the fact it never showed on more than 50 screens at one time. It became a cult classic on video, and it is one of the most cleverly written movies you will ever see. Go check out the scene where Dante and his girlfriend get into the argument over how many people she had sex with and gave blowjobs to. You will watch that exchange a thousand times, and I laugh like it was the first time you have seen it every time. Great writing can do that.

Remember, we also have recent, subject-related, history to look at as well. I did a review on The Manson Family Vacation movie not too long ago. It is holding steady with a just under 7 rating at Rotten Tomato. They made that movie with very little money and raised some of it on Kick-Starter. 

"284 backers pledged $40,607 to help bring this project to life." (From the Manson Family Vacation Kick-starter page)

How much could the total production costs have been if 40K made a difference in getting this movie made? And they were able to sell it and get it out there.... 

So although I have no real personal experience with anything like this, I have watched a few movies over the years made by those who have been very successful doing it. I know it can been done, because it has been done, and to me that counts for something. I mean, how hard can it be right? It would be almost impossible not to make a better movie about Manson than the garbage they keep putting out over and over.  All the attention this subject gets, what if it started going around various medias, and social networking sights, that there was a "Must-See" out there on the Manson Family story? I think that a very good, honest, and effectively spooky movie, about Manson could be made profitably without having the resources of a major studio or production Company. 

Maybe its worth a try?

My Manson Movie would be based somewhat on the Robert Hendrickson Documentary. It would revolve around The Family AFTER the crimes, so we can see the other players more in focus and learn of all the parallel story-lines going on internally, within The Family, while the killers were in jail. I would recreate several of the memorable scenes as closely as possible to give a true feeling to my audience of what life was really like at the ranches. Both before the crimes, in flashback sequences, and real time.  Demonstrating, through factual recreations, situations which raise questions about why the TLB crimes occurred and sorting out the aftermath would be more the focus than actually trying to re-create the TLB crimes. I have a vision for how to make this come out as realistically as possible. I believe I have a way to tell the story that asks more questions than it tries to give answers. Plus, with accurate information, thoughtful performances, and a fantastic soundtrack. I would mix in original music from Manson, Watkins/Posten and the Family Jams with vintage selections from the time and era. Of course, tossing in a couple of songs from the Beach Boys and Beatles coinciding with certain scenes. Even more fun than picking the music, I would get to give myself a part!  

My Manson Movie would also draw heavily from Restless Souls. I would plan to spend a good deal of time exploring the tragedy from the victims side as well. Putting a larger emphasis on the Tate's also allows me to draw a little attention to my one small part, but we will get to that later. In every movie I ever saw, the more you cared about the characters- the more you believed in, and cared about, the story. I would want to give my audience an authentic story delivered by characters they have had a chance to develop some personal investment in. That, to me, is crucial. Authenticity. The actors in My Manson Movie  not only have to play the part, they will have to live it. And, more important, they should look it as much as possible. Exceptions could be made for having some previous acting experience relevant to the character they shall play, but some similarity in look is essential.

That brings me to the next step. To get an idea of "The Look" of my cast in place, I put together initial notes for myself about who, or what, the ideal cast would look like. I realize there are plenty of issues with some of the choices. But understand, these choices were made for a variety of reasons. none of these people are actually going to be in My Manson Movie. Except me lol  I picked some for uncanny resemblances. I picked others because I have seen them in specific, similar  roles that made me feel they would be great as certain specific characters. More than any of that though, I am trying to form my artistic vision of how I want to represent the characters, and what it would take to bring them to life.  I am aware that the choices I made below will not work out for a variety of practical reasons. I can build around the realities later. But again, this is just an initial "wish -list". I am really just thinking aloud about what the perfect look or previous experience would be for my characters. As each of them has to bring either a look, or certain experience to their parts. One other thing that will become very obvious. My Manson Movie casting ideas are heavily influenced by my lifetime of watching Movies and TV. A sort of "Tribute" to some of my favorite performers. But, as this is My Manson Movie, I decided to trust my own visual, and viewing experiences putting together this group. So, having gotten that out of the way, the initial casting ideas for My Manson Movie looks like this:

The Family

As Charlie I chose John Hawkes. This dude can seriously act. You have seen him in many movies from The Perfect Storm to the more recent Everest. I picked him specifically though for his role as the cult leader in Martha Marcy May Marlene. He nailed it. He has not only the right look for the part, but I have seen his acting chops in a similar role. Charlie would be hard to pull off for anyone, but this guy could do as good of a job as anyone I have ever seen. Check out his character "Teardrop" in the movie Winter's Bone. He plays the character Charlie might have become if he never made it out of the area he grew up.

Picking Charlies right hand man Bruce Davis was one of the easiest choices of the entire casting:

Playing the role of Bruce Davis will be Liev Schreiber. Notice the identical looks of menace they sport. And again, I picked another guy who can act his ass off. Liev has shown the versatility to play criminals ( Ransom), tough guys ( Ray Donovan) as well as even transgender characters ( Taking Woodstock). He has experience with darker movies ( Omen remake). Surely he could pull of the role of the quiet, and sneaky Davis.

Another fairly easy choice was the role of Bobby Beausoleil.

Dave Franco. Of course, the brother of  James. This one does require a little more explanation as he is not a "dead knock off" of Bobby looks-wise. Franco has the "puppy dog cute' good looks that Bobby liked to give himself credit for. Even more than that, what struck me as the perfect way to audition Franco for this role was to watch 21 Jump Street. He plays the "cool" guy in his group of friends who gets caught up in trouble trying to sell drugs to bikers, and winds up desperate. Sound familiar? I think that we have enough of a visual from that performance, and his look, to feel pretty good this is our man to play Bobby.

A more difficult choice of the men at the ranch was Clem.

I decided on Cole Hauser. you have seen him in a couple of the Ben Affleck Boston area movies such as The Town, and Good Will Hunting. However, he always holds a special place in my heart for his role in Dazed and Confused which is my favorite all time movie. In that movie Cole plays a loyal, quiet character who more or less follows around his groups leader ( QB of the football team he plays on). Perfect.

Crispin Glover first caught my eye in the movie The Rivers Edge. He has shown up since then in everything from The Doors to Back To The Future. He has the look and talent to play Paul Watkins. Watkins will be a wild card in my movie. He will be hard to read and the audience should not be sure whose side he is really on.

Mike White will play Brooks Posten. He directs and acts. He played Jack Black's roommate in School of Rock. The shy guy whose girlfriend ( Sara Silverman) walks all over him. He was also in The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. He is also a writer, producer and has worked on shows like Dawson's Creek, and Freaks and Geeks. He has the light hair, fair complexion and easy demeanor to do a spot on Poston. Besides, he can help me with all that other stuff I have no idea how to do. An all around good guy to get involved.

Only one man alive could look crazy enough to bring TJ to life. Jack Nicholson. Did you know that his career making performance in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was given to him despite the protest of Ken Kesey who wrote the book it was based on? Kesey wanted Gene Hackman to play the part. Kesey claimed to have never seen the movie. So, to name a few of my favorites; Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, China Town, The Shining, Terms of Endearment, A Few Good Men, As Good As It Gets, The Departed. The list goes on and on. I am quite sure that none of you need Jack's resume from me.

My ideal Lynette Fromme would be McKenzie Phillips. The tiny frame packed with so much energy. The cute little smile and hint of reddish hair. McKenzie grew up right in the middle of it all. She absolutely gets the times.  If we can keep McKenzie off the blow for long enough to complete the shoot, we would have a dynamic performer playing the role of a dynamic person. In her defining character on One Day At A time- she played the outspoken teenage girl in her family. It fits to me.

 This is my choice for the role of Sandra. Leelee Sobieski. If you are not sure who this is please go watch Here on Earth. She plays a young dying girl torn between her long time boyfriend and a guy she meets who inspires her ( Josh Hartnett and Chris Klein). She delivers a line in this movie that floored me so hard, that It haunts me to this day. This girl has it all. Strength and vulnerability all wrapped up in one. She has also starred in Joy Ride with Paul Walker and appeared in Glass Houses with Dianne Lane.

I know, I know. LILO. But its my first movie. I have to see if all the hype is real. This is a person who is always looking for another chance in movies, and nowadays comes cheap. So this could be an actual fit. As far as look and temperament, she is a natural fit for the part of Nancy Pitman.

Kourtney Kardashian gets to play Ruth- my favorite of the girls. She has no acting experience at all. But, she could easily be made to look like Ruth, and she is the only one in her entire family I can stand. This is one cheesy reality show I do not watch, but my ex does, and she tells me this one is somewhat grounded, very family oriented, and more interested in her children than the spotlight. Hard to believe, but I can give anyone the benefit of the doubt till I know otherwise.

Lisa Loeb is not an actress, but what a voice! And more importantly, she reminds me of a young Barbara Hoyt.  We may need to hire another actress to portray her in the sequel, but Lisa will fit the bill perfectly for what we need in the first installment. Hoyt is a loud-mouthed attention whore in My Manson Movie. I gotta make her a little sympathetic, because at the end of the day she did the right thing by getting out of there and they did try to harm her. But, I will make it very clear that she is wrong all these years about Shorty's death, and is just as interested in self-service and attention as she is helping anyone else. Because that is what I think.

Since we cant use Billie Jean King any longer, To capture the essence of Diane Lake, I thought of Danica Mckellar. Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. This is a fair representation of an attractive young girl with sad, lost eyes. Small and quiet, this will be a minor part.

How about vintage Joan Baez type to play Catherine Share? This could work aesthetically. For now I am going for a general idea of what will work. This type of look works for me.

Martha Plimpton has the skills to play our Mary Brunner. She was pretty well known back when I was in high school. She was in Goonies. She was also in Running on Empty starring River Pheonix. She also did a turn playing the onscreen brother of his brother- the then "Leaf" now Joaquin in Parenthood. She also did the Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford. She was once also nominated for a Tony for being in a play. So, she can act. And, she has the looks to be a good Mary.

Country Sue could be portrayed by Ashley Doherty. Ashley was a contestant on this past season (which just ended) of "Married at First Site". This is a cheesy reality show that I do watch. Its a reality show where 3 couples are matched by professionals and then they meet for the first time at their wedding days. They are followed on camera as they honeymoon, movie in together, and then try to live as married couples for 6 weeks. Then they have to decide if they want to stay married or walk. Tonite happens to be the season finale, so I will let you know soon if Ashley is off the market. ( Saint says she dumps the guy)

Update: Ashley dumped him...

Cappy Gillies role will be offered to Tracy Pollan. She is married to Micheal J. Fox. She met him on an episode of Family Ties but it didnt get serious until they met again on the set of Bright Lights, Big City.  She is a fine choice to play the fair skinned and attractive Gillies. We will address the issue of Cappy being a Buffalo Springfield Groupie in My Manson Movie in a quick mention.

Laura Pepron was Donna on That 70's Show. She has done a bunch of TV appearances since, and been in a couple of smaller movies. Kitty was best known for being the girlfriend of Bobby, and "Donna" is best known for being the girlfriend of "Eric" on the show which was her one big hit. I will be calling on her and her TV dad to play roles in My Manson Movie. Laura has the red hair, light complexion, and freckles, to be a fine Kitty Lutsinger.

The TLB Killers:

Tex Watson is the wormiest, scummiest character on the face of the Earth. The Character Jake Gyllenhaal played in Night Crawler is EXACTLY what I need. An emotionless, self serving maniac. The guy next door who you never saw coming. Cold, unattached, calculated, SCARY!! Plus Jake can get into character and look like almost anybody. This is my choice to play the role of Tex.

While I grant you that Fairuza Balk is not a spot on look alike for Susan, can you name me another actress who can come across as bat shit crazy? Loud mouthed, attention starved characters who are willing to shock you into noticing them is what she specializes in. From American History X to The Craft to this girl has been acting her way into a Manson movie for almost her entire career. Sounds like a perfect formula for Sadie to me...

To be quite honest with you, I am not sure why I brought Kristy Mcnichols into this. She was my first crush. I used to read Tiger Beat just to see if it had her pictures. But, she was on a TV show called Family. She was never considered one of the "Hot" girls of her time. She was more of a tomboy, and had some masculine traits. Check out the character she plays opposite Tatum O'Neill in Little Darlings. Kristy became very quiet and withdrawn from public later in life as a result of awkward  feelings from her youth. Kristy could draw on a lot to play this part. I guess that's why I brought her into this...

Kendall Jenner is LULU. Just look at them. Flip mothers and tell me that either one of these two couldn't have wound up either way? Take the make-up and X off one and put it on the other and tell me the difference? So- yes in this case, I have to bring two of the Kardasholes into the tent. But the mom is not allowed near the set. If Kim or Kanye show up- they are all out!! That is a deal breaker. But, like LILO, this might be one of the more realistic choices- age and look wise. Plus she would be looking for a break out chance to cross over into acting I bet. That family loves attention more than I do.

Did you know that Alison Arngrim gives small private tours around Hollywood called that "Nasty Nellie Tour"? Would you believe she cancelled on me twice, last minute, when I booked both times months in advance? Once to do publicity for a "Little House on the Prairie Anniversary Media Tour" which was dreamed up and announced out of nowhere after she took my reservation. All true! I dont know why I chose her except to tell that story, so lets move on. After all, I shouldn't hold a grudge against someone for screwing with Laura Engalls all these years. She does look the part though doesn't she? That look of- "I got away with it again"

The Victims:

April Bowlby played Candi on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. She played the exact role on that show that Sharon was asked to play in almost every role she ever got. April is no Sharon, nor will any woman ever be. But. April has the look and experience to play a hot Hollywood bombshell who men were attracted to as much for her physical attributes as her artistic talent. I felt the first time I ever saw April that she reminded me somewhat of Sharon in the Fearless Vampire shots. Sharon gets nothing but love and respect in My Manson Movie. We will not be showing the actual TLB murders in any scenes. They will have happened. The movie will spook people regardless.

Do you recognize Patrick Fugit? He was the little kid reporter "Star" of Almost Famous. This was Cameron Crowe's movie loosely based on himself also starring Kate Hudson. A film that helped make Kate Hudson a star. The scene where the two of them go back and forth while telling each other how old they are is a classic. Patrick really gets this nod because of his look. He can pull off the Roman "lost in myself" look and puffy hairstyle. Unfortunately for Patrick, Roman is going to take a beating in my movie. Roman sucks!

Tim Matheson was in Animal House and Fletch among others. Two more of my favorite movies seemed to have crept into my decision making. But he plays the part of responsible business/ladies man as well as anyone I have seen. This was the toughest call I had to make, but I simply couldn't find a fit I liked better. Jay will be treated as a Hero for trying to defend Sharon in My Manson Movie, but we will not shy away from his other habits which leave other options for the motive of his murder on the table.

Ellen Page made a movie called Hard Candy. In this movie she got the upper hand on a child predator who intended to do her harm. she outsmarted her attacker and forced him to make a choice between exposing himself and ruining his life for good, or taking his life. The idea of Gibby having a chance to get the best of those animals who went after her, was all the inspiration I needed to pick Ellen Page for the role of Abagail Folger. Ellen can act as well though. She was nominated for an Academy Award for the movie Juno.

Javier Bardem in the role of Voytek makes sense. Strong features, Foreign heritages. I think that Javier could pull this off. A supporting role, and not much dialogue. His job is to be in the background and offer the threat of unknown danger lurking. Did you see him in No Country For Old Men? Check! I liked him in Skyfall as well, which was the best James Bond movie in some time. Voytek as well will be mourned and respected, but his life with be spoken of with brutal honesty. People will be made aware of his darker connections.

Portraying Leno Labianca will be Don Stark. Don has made many TV appearances but you will know him best as Donna's father on the TV sitcom- That 70's show. Don has the look and acting experience to play this small flashback role. Saving time from him to dissect the life of his more interesting wife.

Angelique Boyer. A French born, Mexican actress. She will play Rosemary whose memory would be celebrated in My Manson Movie for all the amazing things this adopted woman was able to accomplish before her life was so senselessly taken away. Although in flashbacks, I would make sure to make the public aware of what a resilient, and brilliant woman this was. I chose a mostly unknown person for this part to represent the fact that I believe Rosemary is an overlooked, or forgotten victim. Due to the names and circumstances at the Cielo home, and her husbands hobbies/connections, most people never paid much attention to how accomplished this determined woman became. After this movie and performance from Angelique- that would change.

Steve Parent is a very small part. But his memory is no less significant. He too will get a bit more than just the obligatory mention. Jonathan Lipnicki can hold this down for us more than adequately. He was the adorable little boy in Jerry Maguire. Stealing scenes from Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger shows he could hold his own around the rest of my stellar "Dream cast."

Gary will be a bigger role, but shown in flashback sequences as he will have already been killed at the start of my movie. Aaron Ruell is the perfect actor to play this part. Although my favorite work from him is comedy, Reno 911 and Napolean Dynamite, He has the perfect look and personality to play the soft-spoken music teacher. I am waiting on more information, and debating still, to include any references to drugs in regards to Gary in My Manson movie. I am leaning towards not doing so presently, but am still waiting to see the SS video to draw my final conclusions.

Time out: You know, maybe Gary is a separate movie. Val Kilmer once made a movie called Wonderland about the Wonderland Drive Murders involving John Holmes. They retold the chain of events three times in the movie. First from Holmes' view to the cops. Then from one of the victims boyfriends points of view to the cops. Then at the end of the movie- Holmes tells his ex-wife what actually went down. Maybe that's the way to make the Gary Hinman movie. Tell it from the robbery side from one characters narration, then the drug burn from anothers. Add a third neutral voice- like maybe a prosecutor or investigator to include the actual facts, and then let the audience decide....

 Anyway- that can be my next movie or maybe the sequel?

Someone with a look such as Billy Bob Thorton would be a good choice to play Shorty Shea. The character he played in Tombstone shows that he can do the cowboy look with the required level of authenticity. I hear he likes to drink beers too, so it will be nice to have someone on set to party with.

The Attorneys:

Jerry Stiller has been around forever and seen it all! He has the look, and the acting experience to play an attorney who has been around forever and tried it all.

Playing Bugs is much like trying to play Charlie. Its a tough ask to portray a legendary person who feels so strongly about themselves as a legendary person. Joe Pantoliano is just that man. He also has the look. From The Fugitive to The Sopranos- this guy has been popping up in things I like for years. It will take study and hundreds of hours of preparation to take on the role of the dogged prosecutor, but hey that's what we do in this business right?

But if we want to pass on acting ability and go strictly by looks and government work related experience- as Matt pointed out to me- Bugs has a doppelganger:

Rudy Guliani. Big city politics. Italian heritage. He had to do some acting to get elected to NYC's highest post. So we can make the choice here between practical experience and acting experience, and get someone with a similar look either way.

The Rest:

Robert Hendrickson could be played by someone like Josh Brolin. He too was in the recent movie Everest among many other movies you made have seen such as the True Grit remake, Milk, American Gangster, and Jonah Hex. He too grew up in the LA area, knows the times, and he certainly has the good looks to play our favorite Documentary maker. We just need to get him up to speed on Mr. H's vocabulary and political beliefs and values.

Mr H. - you were a good looking dude back in the day. Coming off an Academy Award nomination, and with your youth and good looks, you must have actually lived the ultimate male Holywood dream! You need to tell us about walking the Red Carpet and stuff like that. Did you get to do that? The times were hostile and volatile, but they couldn't have been all bad right? How about some of the "Good Ole Days" stories? I promise not to put any of that stuff in My Manson Movie :)

The Lizard King, is no longer available for the part of Mark Ross. Too bad. I still need to work on this one, because Mark Ross is a potential unknown factor in all of this. The wildcard character. I feel like thee is way too much untold anywhere about his involvement with The Family, and his connections to several of the players who remained free after the crimes. In My Manson Movie I will make sure that people understand there are little-known people such as Mark Ross looming around this case who may have some answers as to who knew who, and what really went down in some of the shadier areas of the lesser known Family crimes. If I were in Vegas and there were lines on who people would expect to have inside information about the crimes and inside life of The Family- I bet you Mark Ross would be one of the longest shots on the board. Nobody outside the people who really study this even know his name, or who he is. Is the character Mark Ross listed in the credits of as single Manson movie over the years? There he is with the main players at the courthouse and at the ranch. A family related death occurs at his place, and yet he sails through it all, after all of these years, mostly under the radar somehow. Maybe its because he knows nothing. Maybe he really is along shot. In Vegas this kind of long-shot is my kind of play.

Crazy idea for one possible scenario in My Manson Movie: Mark Ross is a secret plant by the government into the Family, and that is unknown to his friend and collaborator- the Director of the Documentary, and lead character in my film. This would explain why Mark Ross's involvement was able to stay quiet all these years, and his former friend, our Director, has a long lasting distrust of the government.


Col Paul Tate will be played by me. Saint Circumstance. I will need to do a bit of a makeover, but this is the best way to sneak myself into a small role. I am kinda age appropriate. Make-up and wardrobe will sort the rest out. I feel like I have been a strong defender of Sharon's ( and all of the victims) honor all these years on the blogs, so I felt this was as good a place for me to sneak myself in as any. Plus, most of you know that I always wanted to be The Col  :)

Doris Tate will be done by Edie McClurg. She was the principals secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She also does a lot of voice-overs in movies such as Frozen and The Little Mermaid. Edie is another looks choice. Although, she does have some serious acting chops-which she will need to play the heroin in the first installment of My Manson Movie.

For the part of Patti Tate, we need both beauty and vulnerability. Ever seen Mary McCormack in 1408? She is perfect. It is a horror movie, but she plays a woman who lost a child. Grieving, and still being beautiful is hard to do. Mary can do it. Sadly, we know Patti will spend much time grieving in My Manson Movie. Mary first came on my radar when she played Howard Sterns wife in Private Parts, but she has done much great work since. Mary gives us the great looks and sensitivity we will need in this role. She was last seen on TV's In Plain Sight as a Deputy Marshall.

We may need to get different actress' to play Deb in latter installments of my movie franchise as she ages. However, for the years during and immediately after the crimes-  A resemblance to Debra is all we need for the first part of my story when Deb was still very young. A young Susan Dey type could accomplish this. And, I loved Lori in the Partridge Family. All my friends liked Marcia Brady. Not me. I was the only one who liked Lori Partridge better.

Smaller Parts or Cameo Appearances:

Shai LaBeouf to do a couple of scenes as Juan Flynn, and to drink beers with myself and Billy Bob. He was in a great movie called The Company You Keep with Robert Redford, which is the first and only movie I have ever seen which mentions the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Oh yeah. He was also in those Robot movies... What were they called????  :)

R. Lee Ermey. I would like him to do a few lines as Paul Crockett. He was the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. He was also in Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as well. Those are just my favorite two movies he did. He has been in many, many more.

Nick Stabile will do a brief cameo as Dennis Wilson. He has experience in that he has played Dennis already in The Beach Boys: An American Family. I liked him better in Bride of Chucky though.

Gregg Allman will cut his hair a bit do a short scene as Terry Melcher. He is going to play "Im No Angel" for us among other songs during breaks on the set as well.

Hart Bochner will have several key scenes as Gregg Jackobson. Hart has been in movies I liked since the 7'th grade (Breaking Away). When I was in high school he played the part, pictured above, of a cop who is sneaking into a doughnut shop on duty to fool around with Leah Thompson. Her boyfriend in that movie was Eric Stoltz, who lived with Christopher Penn. It was called The Wild Life. Loved it! Although, I guess most of you will remember him as the shit-talking, sales man -coke-head in Die Hard.

Zero will be in a couple of scenes and his death will be explored leaving the audience with more questions. John Cusack is my all-time favorite actor, so I had to include him. I have watched Say Anything, and The Sure Thing, hundreds of times over the years. He had a small parts in 16 Candles, and Class ( with Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy respectively) which is where I first saw him. He was not one of the "Brat Packers" like Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, or Michael Hall. They got the best parts for a time, thanks to John Hughes mostly. But, Cusack got to star in a couple of his own Romantic Comedies, and just came across as more likable than any of those other guys. From there he never looked back. You tell me which of those other guys has stayed as relevant and continues to make A-list movies at the level John Cusack does? High Fidelity, The Grifters, Runaway Jury, The Raven, Being John Malkovitch, Pushing Tin, Grosse Pointe Blank, Con Air, The Thin Red Line. Just to name a few.  He made a great TV cowboy movie called Jack Bull with his dad as well. He has really never been in anything I didn't like. I had to find a way to get him in. It was as important to me as getting myself in. Almost :)

Why not?  "Donkey Dan" could be played by somebody also known for having a big ..... Ron Jeremy would do as Danny Decarlo.

Scott Caan can do a brief, but important appearance as Al Springer. Another LA guy who has been in many movies I like such as, Oceans 11, Varsity Blues, and Boiler Room. He is on the updated TV version of Hawaii Five-0, but I do not watch that.

Timothy Hutton as William Garretson. Hutton is an afterthought now in Hollywood, but not back in my day. He starred in some of my earliest favorite movies like Taps, and the Falcon And The Snowman, which featured him over other young actors also in those films with names like Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Bacon among others. He first made a name for himself as a young actor in the movie Ordinary People where he became the youngest actor ever to be nominated for an Academy Award (Best Supporting Actor).

And finally we have George Spahn. In my wildest dream,  playing George Spahn in a short cameo appearance would be Robert Duvall. He came into my life in The Godfather series. Since then I have sought him out in movies all the way back to Mash which was made before I could even understand what a movie was. I saw movies such Tender Mercies, Apocalypse Now when I was a kid. Colors and and Slingblade when I was a young man. Runaway Jury, and Phenomenon when I was in my 30's. And still he keeps plugging away all through my 40's with movies like Get Low, and The Apostle. Robert Duvall continues to put out great films and give excellent performances. Open Range was a good cowboy movie, and he was great in it,  so I know he will look right at home in the vintage old Western outfits.

And that, old friends, would be my preliminary idea of a "dream" cast as well as a few hints to a potential plot. Obviously, Making my dream a reality will take much work. Fair to say I wont be able to get any of the people above to be in My Manson Movie. I need some money and an actual cast who can act and look like the people in my list above. The mountain to climb will be very high, but I have experience getting things done very high. And, I do have a few things in my favor. I have already personally scouted all the locations. I have access to a top notch research team. I have no balance on any of my credit cards. I have watched enough Manson Movies to know beyond a doubt what will NOT work. And, if that is not enough for you, I have "The Attitude". They say you need AN attitude to survive in Hollywood. Well, I have the Attitude.

To explain The Attitude here is  Robert Romanus as "Mike Damone" in- Fast Times At Ridgemont High (My second favorite movie of all time):

"Yeah, The Attitude. The Attitude dictates that you dont care weather she comes, stays, lays or prays. I mean whatever happens, your toes are still tappin'. 

Now when you got that- you got the Attitude"

                                                        - Your Favorite Saint


Anonymous said...

"act like wherever you are, that's the place to be.... "Isn't this great?"

"This is some great iced tea!"

Mike Damone was such a great character. I don't know why Robert Romanus didn't have a big career after that movie. He was "great". He could actually play Matthew Roberts in your movie. I can't be the only one who sees a resemblance.

Should I feel bad for laughing my ass off at the choice of the guy who played Kip Dynamite to play Gary Hinman?

My choice for the role of Steven Parent.

I love this post, St C. You've hit another one out of the park, yet again. I plan on reading this a sh*tload of times.

One more thing : if equinox is out there, maybe he knows why they played "Kashmir" in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" when Rat was in the car with Stacy, when Mike Damone clearly said to "put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV". Was that an inside joke or a music licencing issue?

Unknown said...

Vincent Gallo as Manson for sure; but he's already turned down the role numerous times

orwhut said...

I wonder if Squeak ever met Mckenzie's father or even Mckenzie?

Matt said...

Ron Jeremy. LOL. Nice. Cracked me up, Saint. Congrats.

Robert Hendrickson said...

SAINT: From YOUR lips to God's ears.! The money is the easy part.

Mr. Humphrat said...

some nice choices Saint, including for Manson.
Squeaky always reminds me of Lillian Gish, to reach way way back.
How about Glen Close for Sandy? She's got the intense eyes.

Mr. Humphrat said...

Kathy Bates for Doris Tate?

Patty is Dead said...

I think saint has broken his record for all time longest post!

Mr. Humphrat said...

Oooo how about Chris Cooper for Col Tate.

Unknown said...

Mama June as Doris Tate

Suze said...

ST, you must have had a blast writing this because I had a blast reading it! It's nice to have a little lighthearted entertainment every now and again rather than the dizzyingly incredible research pieces you guys crank out week in and week out. THANK YOU ST!!!

CarolMR said...

Great post, Saint! But most of these actresses/actors are way too old for these parts.

Unknown said...

Thanks very much lol! Yes this was lots of fun!!

ColScott said...


You are abusing the front page again with this layout mess

Awaitingmyescapewithlove said...

Kendall Jenner does look like Leslie...kinda creepy really.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Hey SAINT: I don't mind ME playing ME at my present elder age, BUT isn't there someone better looking than Josh Brolin to play ME, back in the day? You know, like maybe MATT ?

Unknown said...

Lol. Let me reach out and see :)

Fiddy 8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiddy 8 said...

Elmer J. Fudd as Bill Nelson.

"Shhhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet...I'm stawking Watsons."

bohogirl said...

Great post Saint!

Fiddy 8 said...

John Tesh or Jimmy Neutron as Matt.

Logan said...

who's gonna play nikolas schreck? lol!!!!

orwhut said...

Someone out of up a comment the other day that made me wonder what happened to the Simpson murder weapon. Today I ran across the story at the web address below. It indicates that a policeman has had it for a while now. This reminds me of a High Standard 22 that was turned over to the cops '69. The knife is even supposed to be a folding Buck. I guess we'll have to see how true the story turns out to be.

Patty is Dead said...

Makes you wonder about TLB evidence that has never come to light because it's in private collections...

grimtraveller said...

St Circumstance said...

Only one man alive could look crazy enough to bring TJ to life. Jack Nicholson. Did you know that his career making performance in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was given to him despite the protest of Ken Kesey who wrote the book it was based on?

Did you know that he helped write the Monkees' movie "Head," which has to be one of the strangest movies ever. They took debunking an image to levels that Lennon and David Cassidy could only sniff at. My kids and I watched it again last week and we still laugh at it. My 11 year old son said to me "is this actually meant for kids ?"

This is my choice for the role of Sandra. Leelee Sobieski. If you are not sure who this is please go watch Here on Earth

Last year, my kids and I watched 26 episodes {over two seasons} of this Australian drama called "Nowhere Boys" and in season 2 {she only really appears in the final scene of season one} one of the main cast is this actress called Victoria Thaine and so many times during the 13 weeks of season 2, I kept saying to myself, "she so reminds me of Sandra Good." You know how sometimes there's no resemblance at all between family members like cousins or even siblings ? Then one will turn their face a certain way or give a certain expression and suddenly, it becomes clear as day and once you've seen it, it's rare to unsee it. Well, that's what I kept getting with Alice {the character Thaine plays in the drama}. I'm always seeing resemblances between people and although sometimes my wife and kids will see it too, most of the time I just get groans and facepalms....

grimtraveller said...

St Circumstance said...

Hoyt is a loud-mouthed attention whore in My Manson Movie. I gotta make her a little sympathetic, because at the end of the day she did the right thing by getting out of there and they did try to harm her

I kind of feel for Babs, whom some of the women in the Family saw as being somewhat clumsy because she believed all the conditioning she had received that told her she was clumsy, when they saw her as buxom and beautiful. In Robert's book, Sandy refers to her as a pretty girl in answer to the general question about traitors, "what about Barbara Hoyt ?" and Squeaky refers to her as a beautiful woman who would play like she was a little girl, which I found interesting. I read a very interesting interview with Leslie from about 2002 in which she said that she viewed Snake as the epitome of what a female was in terms of the Family and Sandy & Squeaky seemed to have a related view of Barbara Hoyt back in '71.
For me, the thing to keep in mind about Babs is that she was doing the Family good by going to Hawaii. Even taking away the Shorty episode, she had a few snippets of info that added to the prosecution's case and by not testifying {even though she says she did it to protect her family} could have made it rather awkward for them. So to try and derange someone's mind with 10 tabs of acid when they've agreed to your demands and are actually helping you and furthering your objective is beyond stupid. It really was. And naive "oral watchamacallit" Babs transformed into a hardened prosecution witness that has outlasted every other witness connected with the case. Don't underestimate the effect of a former Family member turning up at parole hearings to bat against her former colleagues.
Way to go Ouisch.

This could work aesthetically. For now I am going for a general idea of what will work. This type of look works for me

I'd put myself up as Lotsapoppa for your movie, ST, but I can't pack on the weight, can't play the trumpet and I'm not so sure I'd want playing such a dubious wolf on my resumé....

Unknown said...

Grim- you are invited to play Lotsapoopa :) I have seen parts of Head lol but it was a long time age.

Robert Hendrickson said...

YES, a construction worker found the knife at O.J.s house AND gave it to a Policeman. Then HE kept it for years and NOW apparently brought it forward.

Barker Ranch "DIG" kind'a makes sense NOW. Maybe they did find some bones there, but with some "meat" still on THEM.

ANYONE ask the overweight sheriff where the meat went ?

orwhut said...

Panamint Patty said... Makes you wonder about TLB evidence that has never come to light because it's in private collections...

I hadn't thought about that Paniment Patty. That might be the case.

grimtraveller said...

St Circumstance said...

I have seen parts of Head lol but it was a long time ago

It was their "Magical mystery Tour" {ie, a movie with their own input and to their tastes and rebellion against the mainstream} but it's an infinitely better film. Much as I love the Beatles, "Tour" as a film was a clunker while the album {the only time the American track list trumped the British one which was a double EP} still is magnificent. "Head" both as a film and soundtrack album is superb and some of the best songs were written by the Monkees themselves. It's a hard watch as there is no story line but a number of it's scenes are some of my fave raves of history thus far.

Fiddy 8 said...

"is this actually meant for kids?"

The film *Head* must be for kids because it is rated "G" - not one nipple or bare ass in sight, and no cuss words at all. Just a few psychedelic sequences featuring actual footage of Vietnam War atrocities.

bucpaul2812 said...

Further to the topic of casting for this pic, it's a pity James Gandolfini left us a few years back - he would have done the role of Leo LaBianca justice.

Robert Hendrickson said...

For those who are not up to date on the OJ case, the retired cop who received the knife from the construction worker says HE immediately called the police station and the cop at the station got his supervisor. So far so good, BUT the supervisor told the retired cop that the case was closed and they were NOT interested in the knife. Flash forward 18 years, Simpson could be paroled next year.

Of course NOW you have a situation NOT unlike the Barker Ranch "bodies." At the time, Bugliosi said almost the same thing - something like Manson is in prison for life, so it wouldn't change anything IF bodies were discovered. AND the sheriff, well what can you say about Barnie Fife.

It's kind'a like politics - does anyone actually THINK it makes ANY difference WHO is the President ? It's ALL just a MACHINE with a antique attitude. YOUR "government" is simply a collection of folks who are NOT suited to performing REAL jobs.

The perfect gift of knowledge is right before OUR eyes NOW. Donald Trump is being called a fraud for HIS Trump University, BUT it follows the exact same education model ALL universities are patterned after. The government "lends" YOU money to get a higher education and YOU end up with a huge student loan debt and a manager position at McDonald's.

BUT nobody has called the government's education system a fraud, EXCEPT me and Charles Manson.

Mr. Humphrat said...

There was a henchman in Live and Let Die I thought of for Lotsapoppa. I think Bond kills him towards the end-a really heavy guy.
Maybe Katie Holmes as Lulu. but the eyes aren't right.
I like Gandolfini as Leno, but also the guy from the seventies show was a good choice.
OK looked at Victoria Thaine she does look kind of like Sandy.

grimtraveller said...

Fiddy 8 said...

The film *Head* must be for kids because it is rated "G" - not one nipple or bare ass in sight, and no cuss words at all. Just a few psychedelic sequences featuring actual footage of Vietnam War atrocities

My son and I have been watching the Monkees' two series over the last few months. From the two series, my son kind of picked up the zany madcap intent of the show. Towards the end of season 2 it began to depart from the "innocence" and there was quite a bit of adult debunking going on that I had to explain to him. But "Head" is a serious jump from that although the mood that gave rise to "Head" can be seen in some of season 2 and in the songs they were recording and writing from the time they conspired to get rid of Don Kirshner.
In the movie there are separate scenes where Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz punch women {even though one of them is a guy in drag} and Tork does this great monologue about how it's wrong to hit women and how the kids won't like it. But what really nudged him into asking the question is that twice, the clip is shown where a soldier {Nguyễn Ngọc Loan} shoots a Viet Cong guy {Nguyễn Văn Lém} in the head and kills him. He was surprised at it's inclusion.
That was a bit strong for a kids film.

leary7 said...

As usual, I find myself in a distinct minority here, I didn't read the post, I just perused it quickly. I suppose if one has a vivid fantasy life this stuff is entertaining, but I guess I have to many Calvinist bones in me. I find it sad and morbid, and obviously intensely self-promotional. The Saint is a entertaining guy in the barroom gadfly tradition, like Cliff Clavin, but it feels more than a bit disturbing that he clearly feels he could and should be financed to make a Manson movie. Anyone who believes that the world needs and/or wants another Manson movie is just plain bonkers in my book.
But then whadda I know, I thought the recent OJ movie would tank as just tiresome regurgitation. To add an'n' and paraphrase one Charles Manson, in today's world "Nonsense makes sense".

Vera Dreiser said...

Right on Leary.

Fiddy 8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiddy 8 said...

Even Colonel said there is nothing to blog about anymore, so I'm all for the entertainment value.

St C didn't I say a while back you should do a movie? Is this all my fault?

Fiddy 8 said...

Of course many here, such as George , Grim, Dr Dave, MNH, etc., approach this blog with a serious outlook, as the topic deserves... there are so many smart and well considered contributions here, but fercrissakes Leary, I got St C' joke - he doesnt think he is going to make a movie. (maybe a book, but I don't think so)

Fiddy 8 said...

I left out a bunch of A list contributors , I wasn't trying to create an elite list here, just saying humor in this blog should be OK.

Fiddy 8 said...

George's "Are You Obsessed Yet?" entry was hilarious too.

Anonymous said...

leary7 said...

"I suppose if one has a vivid fantasy life this stuff is entertaining, but I guess I have to many Calvinist bones in me. I find it sad and morbid, and obviously intensely self-promotional."

Okay, Mr "I dated Oswald's daughter". LOL

candy and nuts said...

Mike Damone has always been an inspiration,,,,cute St,😃

Unknown said...

Thanks Candy!!

Leary our relationship is evolving. You dont have to even read my posts anymore not to like them. Now you can show up and insult me on the general theme. They say growth is important for a couple. I hope you are feeling well, and your health is as good as possible :)

Vera I will continue to be the only person in the TLB community who treats you and Deb fairly and with respect, and you continue to be you :)

Thanks to everyone else for the good and bad comments. I spend a decent amount of time writing and researching for the posts every year, and once in awhile it is fun to just cut loose and try something that I think WONT cause 4 days of arguments. This may not have been my most clever thought, but it was a fun idea, to me, and I didn't think it would offend anyone on either side.

So if it worked for you I am very glad, and if not I totally understand.

I sometimes forget that, to some, the best posts dont encourage friendly participation, they provoke heated disagreement. I sort of understand that and love to get into it as much as the next person, but I like to do both from time to time.

I am sure we will get back to it soon enough lol

Anyway, peace and love people. 75 degrees, Sunny, and cloudless on Fort Lauderdale Beach :)

Happy Sunday!!

Robert Hendrickson said...

LEARY suggests WE don't NEED another Manson Movie and of course, HE is correct. BUT isn't "IT" now time to accept that after a certain amount of time, EVERYTHING is welcomed into the "entertainment" phase.

When a member of a VICTIM's Family writes a "book" this usually signals: "It's Time." AND for thousands of years "entertainment" has given us ALL a fresh look at even the worst of events.

AND actors playing "bad" and "good" guys - what a treat that can be. I'll NEVER forget Randy Quaid playing the infamous LBJ and then years later HE "Randy" became a hunted fugitive from the law.

In a strange way Randy made MY day. Actors "bridge" fantasy and reality for US. That's why they call THEM liberals - they build bridges, NOT walls.

AND for most of us, just walking across that bridge from reality to a state of fantasy, for even a short time, can mean the difference between CRAZY and not so CRAZY.

I think the Saint is starting to get it.

Vera Dreiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vera Dreiser said...

Circumstance: Vera I will continue to be the only person in the TLB community who treats you and Deb fairly and with respect, and you continue to be you :)

Right on Circumstance.
xoxooxox (warm and wet)

Unknown said...

Back at ya lol

grimtraveller said...

Dr Vera Dreiser was one of the most influential characters in a book to never utter a quote or have anything substantial said about them.

Fiddy 8 said...

Of course many here, such as George , Grim, Dr Dave, MNH, etc., approach this blog with a serious outlook, as the topic deserves...

The key being "as the topic deserves." Mind you, I find a lot funny within life's seriousness, often stuff that isn't intended to be funny. Some of the serious dramatic one liners in movies or TV programmes that are meant to be sooooo heavy and pregnant with drama, I find hilarious. Some of the things that people say here, even when being serious or insulting, sometimes I just see the humour in there.

Robert Hendrickson said...

GRIM: When you said you would Play Lottsapoppa, I couldn't stop laughing!

Of course, Eddie Murphy would be my FIRST choise, But YOU could "confuse" Charlie Manson so badly, the scene would go down in motion picture history.

AND "I" would then CHANGE the scene to depict Lotsapoppa as the Grand Leader of the entire Nation of Islam and Charlie would be your first White recruit - to become just like Sargent Bilko of 1950s TV fame.

leary7 said...

hey ziggy....I didn't date Oswalds daughter...I lived with her and was engaged to her. check out People article 11/23/83 and also a really unflattering interview Junie did with NY Times magazine in which she lied outright about me.

Before you cowardly call someone a liar behind the cloak of the internet get some facts, schmuck.

leary7 said...

didn't mean to offend all those who find the post entertaining, just pointing out that some do find using the tragedy of TLB to engage in fantasy entertainment is a bit like if someone created a video game of the Columbine shooting or such. It makes for lively barroom conversation maybe, but a good per centage of folk in the non=blogging world would find it offensive. Different strokes for different folks.

Unknown said...

No it is only appropriate to use TLB to argue. Great point Leary. I forgot.

I'll go back to Writing about Gary so we can all insult each other and fight for days at a time

But at least we won't offend you or non bloggers who aren't into this. Because after all that is who my target audience is

It's always good to hear from you and I hope your feeling better :)

Unknown said...

Leary the great thing about you is that you are so very predictable...

you show up every so often and compliment every female around. Then you make some kind of comment about how little this case means to anyone in the outside world, or some statement about the ratio of people interested in this case, and then you make sure to try and say something to prove how smart you are and how dumb most of the guys who comment on the given subject are...

Its always the same thing. you cant seem to find anyone who is interested in how much you know about JFK, so your stuck telling us how dumb we are for chatting and blogging about this.

I have never seen you write a post, or contribute anything anywhere, except your wit and wisdom, and academic background which means exactly squat in regards to this subject.

I realize for you to make a post or contribute something substantial, you would actually have to read some of the books about the case, which you seem awfully reluctant to do for such a bright person. you prefer to create noise from a place of ignorance. That confuses me because I believe you are a very smart guy.

After 8 years of this if you think I would ever try to offend any of the victims or families by writing a joke post, you really should read my posts before criticizing them. Its great to know that the one time I went out of my way not to offend anyone- the intention of the post was to be friendly to both sides- you could bring up that I am being offensive. lol

I am doing this way too long now to get into pissing contest, or to trade insults with, a complete stranger over a stupid post I wrote to try and make some people laugh, so you can have the last word and the rest of the words on the subject...

But for goodness sakes, it was a parody post with some pictures of famous people who remind me of people associated with the case we talk about here every single day...

I have done way more offensive shit than this lol :)

orwhut said...

That's a mighty nice picture if Mary Brunner.

Farflung said...

When there's discord over the death of a dog, I would surmize that any satire would be viewed as a target rich environment for displeasure.

It appears odd to me, but perhaps there is a cadre of easily, or perpetually offended folk.

As Woody Allen lamented;"The food at the restaurant was terrible, and the portions were too small."

Unknown said...

Right lol. When people get pissy over telling a guy your sorry his pet died I should have known better.

So I guessing will scrap the follow up post I was doing with the scene sequences and Soundtrack selections lol


Fiddy 8 said...

Grim said:
"the clip is shown where a soldier {Nguyễn Ngọc Loan} shoots a Viet Cong guy {Nguyễn Văn Lém} in the head and kills him"

The executioner was not a soldier, he was the chief of police for Saigon, and he apparently had reliable knowledge that the guy was an enemy combatant. Technically it was a legal execution under the Geneva Convention which allows the summary execution of any enemy combatant discovered to be operating with an intentionally deceptive uniform, in this case civilian clothes...a spy.

So not necessarily a war atrocity...but it sure looks like one.

Even Eisenhower authorized battlefield executions during the Battle of the Bulge upon capturing German combatants wearing U.S. military uniforms.

Fiddy 8 said...

The executioner was a General who functioned as the Chief of Police. I should google before I post.

Robert Hendrickson said...

BTW: This issue of whether or when a tragedy can become an entertaining topic has plagued not only this "blog" but ALL horrible event discussions. Maybe this "issue" deserves further discussion OR should become a registered taboo. Maybe it should be put to a vote. Matt ???

Here's a really entertaining, bur serious subject: When did the "Pilgrims" decide to become a nation of Laws ? Before OR after they conquered the Native Americans ?

Fiddy 8 said...

A little bit more of googlin' wiki for Grim:


In 1975, during the fall of Saigon, Loan fled South Vietnam. He moved to the United States, and opened a pizza restaurant in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Burke, Virginia at Rolling Valley Mall called "Les Trois Continents." In 1991, he was forced into retirement when he was recognized and his identity publicly disclosed. Photographer Eddie Adams ::(the photographer who was there):: recalled that on his last visit to the pizza parlor, he had seen written on a toilet wall, "We know who you are, fucker"

My main point is that is the single most disturbing piece of film I have ever seen, and should not a clip in a G rated kid's movie.

grimtraveller said...

Fiddy 8 said...

Technically it was a legal execution under the Geneva Convention

I don't doubt it. The "why" however, was very much secondary to it's actual inclusion in a film about a group that lots of tweens/weenyboppers dug and identified with.
Funnily enough, I was one of them. "The Monkees" is, along with the various toddler shows that made up "Watch with Mother," "The Impossibles," "Marine Boy," "Stingray" and "Journey to the centre of the earth," one of my earliest TV memories going back to about 1966/67. I loved "The Monkees" {I still love the songs} but I didn't see "Head" until I was 28.

Fiddy 8 said...

In 1991, he was forced into retirement when he was recognized and his identity publicly disclosed

That's ironic. That's when I saw "Head>"

Robert Hendrickson said...

BTW: This issue of whether or when a tragedy can become an entertaining topic has plagued not only this "blog" but ALL horrible event discussions

It depends on the nature of the entertainment, given that one definition is "a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight." I felt ST's piece was lighthearted but wasn't making fun of a tragedy. It's the kind of thing a group of friends would sit around and discuss, "if you were going to do a film on this subject, who would you cast in the various roles and why ?" If a film was going to be made, it would be a pretty serious film if you were going to cast people in the roles of the principal players.
I thought it was an interesting piece because as we've pointed out many a time, Tate/LaBianca touches on so many different areas of common life, from the familiar to the obscure, from the humorous to the tragic, from the political to the musical, from the legal to the mundane and a lot more besides.
Like "Are you obsessed yet ?" and "Buster has died" it was an interesting angle from which to bring a post and like many good ones, stirs thoughts and emotions and provides basis for discussion.

orwhut said...

Grim said: ----------------------------"the clip is shown where a soldier {Nguyễn Ngọc Loan} shoots a Viet Cong guy {Nguyễn Văn Lém} in the head and kills him"

I think I heard once that the executed man had just killed some people in the executioner's family. I never heard that story again. Did anyone else ever hear it?

Janellski said...

ST. C., You have done it again! Fun post! I have a few to add
myself....A young, raven-haired WINONA RYDER as SADIE.
A young red-haired ANNE HECHT as SQUEAKY.

That is all I have for the time being

Anonymous said...

leary7 said...
"I suppose if one has a vivid fantasy life this stuff is entertaining, but I guess I have to many Calvinist bones in me. I find it sad and morbid, and obviously intensely self-promotional."

leary7 said...
"hey ziggy....I didn't date Oswalds daughter...I lived with her and was engaged to her. check out People article 11/23/83 and also a really unflattering interview Junie did with NY Times magazine in which she lied outright about me."


Thanks for proving my point, leary. You don't have a problem with self-promotion - as long as you're the one who's doing it.

And where did I call you a liar? You seem pretty defensive about your claim to fame, which btw, I find "sad and morbid", and creepy - especially since you can't seem to shut up about her after all these years.

Anonymous said...

St Circumstance said...

"Leary the great thing about you is that you are so very predictable..."


I predict that leary will mention Oswald's daughter again....and again...and again...and infinitum.

MHN said...

Fiddy - I try to stick to lurking these days, but I have to respond to this calumny: How dare you accuse me of having 'a serious outlook'?!

I've fought duels over less, sir.

Unknown said...

I actually had Blossom in there for a minute lol

Fiddy 8 said...

My bad MNH, I don't know what I was thinking.

I would certainly lose in a duel as I have never fired a handgun, only some .22 rifle plink-plinking at paper targets during Boy Sprout summer camp.

Too bad you are now only a lurker, but I hope all is well with Mrs MNH and your heart melting little Alice In Wonderland.

MHN said...

All well, all well thank you fiddy8. Very kind of you to ask, and I hope life is treating you very well too.