Friday, December 21, 2018

"Never say never to always" on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?!?

From blog reader "J-dog":

Fighting off boredom, I started watching "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" online. 
Turns out it's dark and clever w cool sets and art direction. As i watched Episode4, Season 1, about 7 minutes in, I was stunned to hear "Never say never to always" being sung by Sabrina's Witch Academy school choir and then by Sabrina herself, rather beautifully. 
Some of the words have changed though: " clothing, tears and hunger? instead of (I believe), ".. no cold, pain, fear, or hunger..." 
1st I thought : WHOA!,  That's cool!, then I thought I should post it on this blog. 
Here is a you tube link : though I am unsure of copyright, etc. blah blah.

I gotta say I love the melody of this song and it has a calming magnetic effect on me. 
I was also surprised to see how deeply Manson references have creeped (no pun intended) into popular culture. I'm sure the writers of TCAoS know what they are doing, as there are many references, both visual and written, to real life murderershorror movies and real life murderthe movie "Suspiria") Does anyone know of other subtle references to the "Family" aside from intentional films, crappy "Aquarius", snarky punk songs, etc? 
So I'm not excusing these vicious crimes, nor have I figured out the true motive, just thought I'd share something lighter, and not celebrity deathmatch. 
Delete if you want to.


Unknown said...

There is a reality show on Bravo called Vanderpump Rules. It's a spin- off of the Real Housewives on Beverly Hills. It takes place in a bar called Sur in West Hollywood. It follows the lives of a group of bartenders and servers who all hang out and party with each other. One of the guys in this group of young people started a rock band and the week they debuted the band - I noticed two things....

The bands name was Charles McMansion and after the group watched the cheesy video (which I have sent to Matt lol it is pop nonsense having nothing to do with nothing) the group all went out to eat at El Coyote?


Peter said...

His estate should sue.

LH said...

Whose? Voytek's?

Orwhut said...

That's my favorite of Charlie's songs. I think the Manson girls did a better group effort. Sabrina's solo sounded good, though.

Iduhiduhiduh said...

The sound of it in "Manson", how it echoes, it's almost indescribable

starviego said...

St Circumstance said...
"The bands name was Charles McMansion "

That name is right up there with the "Brian Jonestown Massacre."

Unknown said...

Right lol

Doug said...

Wanted to wish everyone the best of the Season before it got too late to do so. I will be quite busy with my father - he recently had 3 strokes and is in Acute Care in the Neurology Ward. I will be sleeping there the next few nights and, may not be able to log in

Be good to each other!


Unknown said...

Leaving something witchy!