Monday, May 13, 2019

Charlie's 1957 Prison Escape

In 1957 Charles Manson escaped from Terminal Island prison.  Here's a LINK to the FBI files on the incident.  Charlie was caught within the hour but naturally, law enforcement made a federal case out of it!

Below is an article written right around the time Charlie was charged with the Tate/LaBianca murders with an interview of a guard who was at the prison when Charlie escaped.


Matt said...

Doris Day has passed away...

brownrice said...

Interesting post, DebS... thanks. A couple of historical titbits in the FBI report, not least being that they thought he was 5'7"... I guess he must've used his hypnotic powers on 'em :-)

Vale Doris.

AstroCreep said...

Another piece of info that solidifies my belief that Charlie was viewed as a “cult leader” - which doesn’t mean much other than as a counter-point to those who say “he didn’t kill anyone” as a defense.

When I view his actions and his subordinates actions thru the lens of being a cult leader, the events that unfolded take a different meaning than if he and his “family” (or any group of random people) committed the acts. They called themselves “the family” but in actuality, that’s just what they named their cult.

Peter said...

"Que Será, Será"

Robert C said...

Peggy Lipton died ("Mod Squad" in the 60's)

LouGehrig said...

He may not have been 5'7 but he sure as hell wasnt 5'2" either, look at some shots of him being brought into court buildings surrounded by LASO and LAPD cops barefoot and hes at most half a head shorter than most of them, are you saying the majority of cops were 5"8" in a non politically correct time when most cops hired were large white males, Manson in reality was probably just short of 5'6", still tiny but not 5'2"

LouGehrig said...

Its kind of hard for a reader of that article to be objective when every other paragraph has "hippie cult leader", "guru", etc in describing him, most Joe Blows and Sally Schmoes who skim through an article or two on their lunch hour or when they get home from work arent going to dig any further

LouGehrig said...

They just ran a piece on Doris on the CBS national newscast, nothing on Terry Melcher but there was one very brief shot of her standing outside Cielo with a dog in her hands, If you blink youll miss it

AstroCreep said...


If the shoe fits, wear it. Taken from an article about cult leaders and their key traits, characteristics, and personality defects. I’d say it fits ole Charlie to a T.

A Spiritual Abuser
The cult leader is a false teacher who not only teaches false doctrines, but he also seeks to intimately control and abuse the lives of his followers-

The cult leader is obsessed with manipulating and controlling his followers through authoritative leadership style and coercive techniques. This ultimately leads many members of the group into a state of spiritual bondage-

They Twist The Scriptures For Personal Gain
Cult leaders will constantly twist and misinterpret the Bible in order to justify their scandals or justify their sinful lifestyle. For example, many cult leaders are known to twist the Scriptures to their followers in order to justify their sexual immorality or polygamous relationships-

Narcissistic Sense of Self
Cult leaders basically believe they were born to be better than others. In fact, they are tempted to believe that nobody can be better than them. They are basically arrogant and are driven and motivated by a spirit of pride.
Eventually cult leaders tend to claim or insinuate to have power, position and authority that is exclusively godlike-

Superficial Charm & Charisma
Cult leaders are actors and pretenders-

Lack of Guilt or Remorse
The cult leader is sociopathic by nature and is therefore incapable of showing genuine empathy, guilt or remorse for any sinful behavior. For example, a cult leader may feel no remorse for destroying marriages or for exploiting and abusing his members, because cult leaders are generally proud and arrogant at their core. Sociopaths are generally known to be incapable of showing genuine love or empathy. Instead they project superficial “love” and emotions which always has the deceptive motive of desiring something back in return for their own personal gain and agenda-

Cult leaders are very skillful speakers and they are never at a loss for words-

Authoritarian Leadership Style
Cult leaders are always authoritarian in the manner in which they lead their members-

They Take Sexual Advantage of their Members
The issue of money, power and sex are intertwined within a cult. When cult leaders have unquestioned power and authority, it is evident that a cult leader will begin to take sexual advantage of his members.
Cult leaders often have a history of extramarital affairs. Therefore adultery and many different forms of sexual immorality are very common among cult leaders due to their grandiose sense of self and the imbalance of power that exists within the group.
With various cults, sex or sexual immorality is used as a method of control. Therefore the cult leader will have sexual relationships with his own followers as a method of emotional and psychological control over his members. For many cults, sexual immorality is also used by cult leaders as a method of initiating new members into the cult or for purposes of supposedly “bonding” with cult members (see article: How Cult Leaders Use Sex To Control Followers)

Cult Leaders Lack Boundaries & Exploit Weaknesses-

Cult leaders do not respect individual or relationship boundaries-

They feel entitled to impose or worm their way without any respect for the personal or relationship boundaries of others-

They are always looking for weaknesses in an individual’s life so that they can manipulate for their own personal gain-

Cult leaders also tend to look for followers who are gullible, easily exploited and weak minded-

They Use Sycophants to Ensure Compliance from Members-

Cult Leaders View Outsiders as Enemies or Inferior-

They View People as Assets and objects-

Conclusion: You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

LouGehrig said...

Lol those things describe half the people in this country in varying degrees, anyone can copy and paste out of the DSM handbook, with that said even if Charlie was able to make people kill for him who is crazier, Charlie or them?

Over Under Sideways Down said...

Something I've believed for quite some time: If 19 year old Leslie Van Houten had driven to the La Bianca house, and entered it ALONE, killed both the La Biancas, and left, and was caught and convicted...with NO CONNECTION to Manson or Tate, she would have been paroled about 25 years ago.
It's not WHAT you do, in her case, it's WHO you know, that's keeps her incarcerated.

Doug said...

"When I was young people spoke of immorality,
All the things they said were wrong,
Are what I want to be."

David said...

For me the best part of that file is the fact Manson had the keys to an Oldsmobile in his pocket that was 20 feet away from the car he was trying to hot wire.

That was, to me, was ......priceless.

David said...
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LouGehrig said...
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orwhut said...

I recently did a search to find corroboration that Candice Bergen once lived in the Cielo Drive house with Terry Melcher because I wanted to explain the connection to some friends. My search turned up so many photos of the two beautiful blonds who'd resided there that I can understand how some people might convince themselves that Charlie's gang thought they were murdering Terry Melcher's girl friend.

LouGehrig said...

I never thought there was any question that she lived there with Terry

Peter said...

orwhut said...

There was no question, as far as I know. My friends aren't into this and I wanted a reference in case they questioned me.

orwhut said...

Does anyone here know whether Candice has ever given her version of Melcher's relations with Manson?

starviego said...


She mentions Manson in her autobiography "Knock Wood."

Excerp: "Terry sold the house at the beach and rented one in town, where he lived with a pistol by his bed, a shotgun by the door, and a 24 hour armed guard. No one could convince him he wasn't in some way the connection for the murders."

starviego said...

Access the book here:

starviego said...

A more direct link:

orwhut said...

Thank you very much. I thought someone on the blog would know.