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The thing about research/journalism/writing is that the writer has a tendency to focus on their story predicated on the supposition that the reader is up to speed on things on their end.  This is a mistake.  Thus the Col will give you a quick summary on Debra Tate.

Debra Tate is the middle daughter of Paul and Doris Tate.  She was a teenager when the murders took place.  Even before the murders she was clearly troubled and a problem to her parents.  Soon after the murders their father, Colonel Paul Tate discovered fully nude photos of his daughter Debra hanging out with some of the drug related suspects of the murders and lost his shit in disbelief. The relationship with Debra was always contentious with both parents at a loss as to what to do.

A fully nude pictorial in OUI magazine in the 70s didn't help things within the Tate Clan, nor did Debra's disdain for younger sister Patti's relationship with a woman.  Whether Debra is fully homophobic or just hangs out with homophobes (like Robin/Vera Dreiser of this blog) is not full clear but Patti died in 1997 and Debra has not associated with her nephew and nieces since.

Mom Doris Tate was a gangster and revolutionized victim's rights.  When it became clear she was dying she made sure that Patti became the next designated rep at the Parole Hearings of the asshole killers. It was too much for Paul and Debra could not be counted on. The fact that NOW Debra attends has as much to do with attention seeking as it does anything else- it was NOT what Doris or Paul would have wanted because they knew she was unreliable.  Doris always also understood that here were FOUR people who were responsible for her darling Sharon's death (5 if we include Charlie) and wanted to make sure they stayed locked up- she didn't fuck around with the other killers by showing up at their Parole hearings as emotional support.  She had a job to get done and by gum she did it the best she knew how.

When Doris died the house in Palos Verdes as I understand it was sold to Patti's GF though Colonel Paul and his eventual new GF would live there during their lives.  Debra hated this and hated the fact that her father would not give her any of the Sharon belongings stored in the house.

The "Estate of Sharon Tate" was distributed to Col Paul and Doris (remember Polanski agreeing to this?)  This did include some likeness and name rights.  When Colonel Paul died the Estate of Sharon Tate was left to Patti's children and Debra's daughter.

Debra's daughter (who was at one point available for nude photography and perhaps more online) is an attractive woman whose body seems to be 96% covered in tats, in my non-educated opinion a sign that you do not really like the way you look.  The ex husband had a police record of drug use and abuse.

Debra for many years in the 2000s had her "friend" Don Wilson, a convicted sex offender, as her sometimes assistant/representative, until he went away for prison stint.

Debra over the last 15 years would threaten people about using Sharon's name and likeness regularly.  Usually she would do this with people who didn't even need any rights in the first place, but as noted above, she doesn't have any rights ANYWAY.  This doesn't stop the general public from thinking she does and acting accordingly.

Debra has claimed that while working as a Postal carrier she was damaged by a mail bomb.  We know she has collected money for this but try as we might we cannot prove this actually happened.

Recently, Debra collected $18,000 on GoFundMe for breast cancer treatment.  I've seen this disease up close and it is sickening.  I hope Debra is cancer free- the concern is I have been told by some sources that she was always cancer free.

Last year Debra held an auction of Sharon's things to benefit her favorite cause, Debra Tate.  How did she get these possessions?  According to my sources, she "wanted all of Sharon's stuff" and threatened to sue her father, to commit her father, to attack her father if she didn't get them.  Col Paul finally relented and had Patti's GF put together a trunk of stuff- but it was to be left at the bottom of the driveway and Debra was not to enter the house.   And so it was.

In an act that made me actually hire a lawyer and do some Estate planning, Colonel Paul didn't fill out some fucking form and so his ashes went to next of kin- Debra.  Colonel Paul is NOT buried in Holy Cross next to Doris and Sharon.  His grandchildren from Patti have no idea where their grandpa's remains are, although it is safe to say that Debra does.  Perhaps she looks at them and laughs and does all kinds of Shakespeare shit.  She certainly seems small and petty enough.


One of the things Debra  and her fangirls wanted to do circa 2000 was get Sharon Tate a STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME.  This is a tourist thing along Hollywood Boulevard from La Brea Avenue to Vine Street.   I promised you that without a book you will not know even 50% of the honorees.  Since stars are based on your field, some folks have like 4 stars.  It is historical, with honorees dating back to the silent era.

It is also a worthless "award".  Nowadays they have ceremonies a few times a year- usually the recipient is promoting something.  And someone, usually a studio, has to agree to pay $25,000 for the Star and more for the event.  At one point I believe Debra et al were going to take up a collection for a star for Sharon.  This never happened.  As far as I know they never contacted the right people to even start the process.

Again, this is not a "worthiness" test so even a meh actor like Sharon Tate could certainly get a star.  It's political and promotional more than anything.

When Tarantino announced his film ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Debra did an early interview in which she excoriated the film sight unseen.
Debra tells TMZ she believes Leo and Brad only saw the Benjamins when they signed up to star in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" ... a film about a struggling actor who lives next door to Sharon Tate at the time of the 1969 murders. 
Debra says, "To [celebrities] it's a paycheck and these people just don't care. They are terribly hurtful to the actual family and all the living victims. They don't give a sh*t." 
She goes on to say she'd like to believe Brad and Leo haven't thought this through because they're "throwing all their social responsibility to the wind." 
As for her feelings about Quentin, Debra's adamant his movie will just end up glorifying Manson ... given Quentin's thirst for eroticizing murders.
Then a few short months later, Debra was on board, loves the script, Tarantino was amazing, the film really reflect Sharon etc etc etc.

What happened?

Mommy got paid of course.  Sources tell me the number was close to $50,000 simoleons.

But think a bit- Debra is the sole surviving key member of Sharon's family.  Sony cannot have her out there dissing their $90 million film with big movie stars.  VICTIM!!!!!

But where did that number come from?  The initial discussion from Tom Rothman the studio Chairman was to get Sharon a star.  This made sense-   Publicity for the film and something Debra allegedly wants. AMIRITE? Or door #2, take the money and run.

I believe my sources, but let's be chill- maybe they are wrong and the Star was never an option offered from Sony.  I promise you 100% Sony would have gone for it if Debra had wanted it- they had a big problem with her as a loose cannon out there.

She didn't want it.

The "Last Word" on Debra Tate?  Next time someone like Tom O'Neill (god I cannot stop hating on that guy) screams at me (or any of you)  that she was a victim too, hang up on the loser.  Doris, Paul and Patti were victims but they were not horrible people.



Zelda Formaldehyde said...

I have always felt bad for the Tates (of course), and all the victim's families. What they gave had to endure has been a never-ending nightmare. That said, Debra has followed in Bugliosi's shoes of creating a cottage industry for herself, albeit on a much smaller scale. She is certainly a victim, but plays it up very easily. Not much she does or says sits comfortably with me, despite the fact I generally look for ways of giving her the benefit of any doubt.

Vera Dreiser said...

terror "of" Porky Pig (oink oink)

Vera Dreiser said...

terror "of" Trump (Vera needs her morning shots)

CATSCRADLE77 said...

I hope everyone is doing well and I just have a few questions:

- how do we know that Debra was troubled and a problem to her parents?
- ok, she had nude pictures taken by I believe Dawson. At the time of the taking of the pictures did she know he would become a suspect in her sisters murder that had not happened yet? The thing I am trying to understand is why bash Debra for this when Dennis Wilson was in with underage girls and Roman Polanski was photographing them as well. (and at an even younger age then Debra was). Also, were the pictures taken when Sharon and Roman weren't there? Where the hell did her parents think she was?
- agreed kind of on the movie thing. I was confused by the support because it could promote even more confusion. Vaguely remember Don Wilson...

- not knowing the family dynamics at all (and probably not really caring) did Debra and Patti also tour the beauty pageant circuit etc like Sharon did? Or did they live in their sisters shadow while she was alive and even more after she was brutally murdered?

SixtiesRockRules! said...

Hi & happy new year cats!!������....I'm still mourning the loss of your incredible website. I believe I read somewhere years ago that the photos of debra with billy doyle were taken in the late spring/early summer of 1969 when sharon and roman were still in europe.

Ted said...
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AstroCreep said...

Not sure why but my comment didn’t post.

Love the write up, Col. Just one point I’d like to make.

Families have drama and because of the murders, her family was thrust into the spotlight. She didn’t ask for her sister to be murdered or for her family to be made so public and in that regard, she is a victim. Were it not for that, she could go on with her poor choices and we’d be none the wiser.

Ted said...
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CATSCRADLE77 said...

Thanks Sixties. Just also kind of confused as to why these photos are in existence today- why didn't Col. Tate destroy them? Also, were they Polaroid or done from negatives....and why was she allowed to hang at the house when her sister wasn't there? Also, when did those photos surface and who showed the Col?

Ted- the website is in a safe place and I have many many hours of Irving recorded and it really is a process to get the tapes cleaned up - mpaul was fantastic and did a lot of hard work on the ones I gave him. They live in a box right now, and someday maybe I will dig them out and listen and share. Do I know you from my old site?

Ted said...
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CATSCRADLE77 said...

Thank you Ted.

In my having to read everything about this case, Rachel Monroe (who was on my old site and on this blog as well) published a book called Savage Appetites which has a chapter on the TLB. Tom O'Neill and Alisa and Brie go back and forth about certain issues, which seems to bring clarity to them. Alisa mentions that she has tapes of PJ and Reeve Whitson talking in a safe deposit box and that because of the interaction or whatnot she is not going to share them. Along with the ashes held by Debra, it seems like other information is held by the other"side". Everything is at some kind of weird stalemate but I was thinking to myself that if the Reeve issue could have been cleared up maybe something more could have been answered. This is a case with both sides behaving badly I think, but who the hell knows what is the truth. I think everything needs to be looked at.

At this rate- no one wins - and people are dying. This is an impossible situation of mine is bigger than yours where everyone falls short.

Ted said...
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Ted said...
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Donna said...

I knew Tarrantino needed to smooth her over to avoid bad publicity from here. And I knew Debra needed to feel included; hadn't thought about the money aspect - but it makes sense.

ColScott said...

Sigh let's try. Cats and I used to be friends reverse order

.... Ted- PJ is Col Tate- your joke should be funnier
.... Cats- I am unaware of the other side doing anything like lying, threatening false litigation or threatening the families of those that will not speak to them. This is not "good people on both sides." This is a disinherited daughter whose family was cared of her and an author who waited till everyone meaningful was dead to write a book. Alisa and I have had a falling out but she is still on the side of Light. Debra never was
....Ted- my summation in this article shows in detail why Debra is a key part of TLB if only in an obstructionist manner. You should read it.
.... Cats- why would he destroy them? from negatives. Fotomat style! Was she in fact allowed? Col was shown by their owner.
...AstroCreep- Debra's issues predate the murders- it's a deep seated need for attention likely cause by the family focusing on Sharon
....Cats I do not believe the other sisters were doing pageants

Torque said...

I found this interview of Debra interesting: "Sister of Murdered Actress Sharon Tate Talks Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood. Its on Good Morning Britain, and is on YouTube: qyib9CHBE

In it Debra describes being at Cielo "all summer," and that she was "lady of the house" in Sharon's absence. Another thing Debra revealed is that Abigail Folger drove Debra around LA, searching out schools for Deb to attend. This was something that Sharon evidentally did with Debra, prior to leaving for Europe. This is the only time I have heard this last bit.

If Debra really was at Cielo as much as she was hinting at in the interview, did she stay overnight, and how often? Surely she would have been in school until probably early June--same thing with Patty--and Sharon returned by mid-July, so its difficult to reconcile Debrah's account with that timeline.

In the absence of Sharon, I would have thought Abigail to function as "lady of the house", seeing as she was an adult, and indeed lived in the Cielo house all spring and summer.

Dan S said...

Looking forward to Hendrickson. He really thought Charlie was a martyr/Christ figure who'd be deified in a gospel 100 years from now. I agree with him that LBJ is the true monster but Hendrickson is in outer space about the family and their righteousness.

Debra doesn't seem to be worth much consideration. Now yana and lady dangerous on the other hand....

Dan S said...

CATSCRADLE77 said...

Ted- do we need to call 911 for I fear you have bumped your head?

Col.-Just because you are unaware of something doesn't mean it did not happen. Also, I think things vary from perspective of people - I am not saying either side is more truthful than the other for I have not seen anything to make me give more credence to one or the other. I think the answers are found somewhere in the shadows between light and dark. How we chose to process the information is purely subjective. My point being that in the case of information, it seems as we are not privy to all that is out there due to both sides holding on to things regardless of their being on the perceived light or dark side. (and in my mind that casts a bad light on both parties).

On the pictures (I cannot get the picture of someone driving up to one of those random yellow booths in parking lots to pick up pictures)- I would think that if given the chance to destroy photos that I found offensive of my child that I would do it so they didn't pop up later. My educated guess would be that someone gave them to Col Tate and he had them in his possessions. No sure on Debra being allowed up at the house when Sharon wasn't there but I would not put that out of the realm of possibility.

Matthew said...

Torque said:
Debra describes being at Cielo "all summer," and that she was "lady of the house" in Sharon's absence

When Sharon was killed, Debra would have been 17. I would think that she would have still been in high school. Sharon and Roman moved into the house in Feb. of 69 so she would have been in school all but 2 months while her sister lived on Cielo. I don't know where the Tate family lived during this time and how far it was from Cielo, but sounds a little self important to me.

steve said...

I think she was initially against the movie because she feared it would be a dramatization/exploitation of the murders, not knowing that Tarantino had a surprise twist in mind. And did Sony legally HAVE to pay her or any other member of the Tate family money? Not sure.

I have no doubt that she was a wild child in her youth, but she seems to have picked up the baton from Doris in terms of making sure not one of those animals is paroled -- and that is greatly to her credit. The only thing I don't like is that she's still clearly enamored with Polanski and speaks of him fondly.

Torque said...

@ Matthew,
Col. Tate was finishing up the last few weeks of his military career near San Francisco, while Doris was setting up their retirement home in Palos Verdes. Although I don't know where Debra and Patty would have attended school, it was probably near their dad's military base.

I suspect the girls may have headed south with Doris to Palos Verdes after school was over, and spent the summer there. This is of course how Debra could have frequented Cielo. I don't know if she had a car of her own, but she did have a boyfriend at the time, and he probably did.

ColScott said...

Cats- if you are aware of "the other side" doing anything like lying, threatening false litigation or threatening the families of those that will not speak to them PLEASE TELL US NOW because otherwise your comment is off the charts unacceptable. We are unaware that Debra Tate poisoned animals along her mail route but that doesn't mean it didn't happen by you warped logic.

ColScott said...

Cats- thank you for your educated guess but the pictures were given to their current owner it is my understanding as a way of trying to explain why there was such an ongoing family schism.

Again- his daughter has made it so Col Tate is not in his proper resting place with his wife and other daughters. You can do the "both sides have good people" like in Virginia, but yeah, that's horse shit.

beauders said...

Are these nude photo's of Debra the same ones that keep popping up on Ebay, they are of a teenage Debra nude hanging out with horses?

CATSCRADLE77 said...


And that is your opinion of my opinion. Perhaps you have proof of these things happening, and I would like to see it just to end this debate for real. By proof I mean evidence other than someone just saying it for I believe that is the standard that we have become used to. Other than that it is a he said she said debate and we all can chose sides depending on who we like best and not evidence.

It is really not warped and you proved my point exactly so thank you.

I don't know why your words are so hostile but so be it. It kinda makes me glad I got out of the game for the most part years ago.

I just am trying to understand the photos being in existence 50 years later. As I stated before, as a parent I would have destroyed them so that they wouldn't pop up years later as they did. How seeing the photos by a third party helped explain the schism when I would figure just hearing about them from Col Tate would have been enough. Especially if it caused such a big riff. Somewhere (and I will find it) I read (and I know that it doesn't make it true) that Col Tate and his girlfriend lived in a trailer on the same property as Debra for a period of time. So this happened many years after the initial photo showing to him.

I remember years ago when you suggested that perhaps all of us start a wiki page or something about the crimes and share all our knowledge. Wouldn't it be grand if all the sides did that?

Please refresh me on whose family got threatened...lying, well its done a lot...and threatening false litigation, well, I believe there was a lot of that...

I am sorry you feel that my comment is unacceptable but it is what it is. And still trying to figure out what tripped your trigger in my post for you can view things your way and I can view things my way as well. I am just trying to find clarity.

ColScott said...

beauders: No

Cats: I have seen the photos. There were between 20 and 40 of them all similar.

My words are hostile because you KNOW BETTER. Your site was better than mine and better than most - you relied on primary sources.

Wiki would be great but it never happened and I cannot do it all- and again I have never been interested in sides ONLY FACTS. Bill Nelson had a side if you recall, the 12 year old girl REALLY wanted a massage from the 50 year old fat fuck and Sandy and George were just big old meanies.

I keep referencing your President and Virginia because those morons would like you to think they have a side but white supremacy is not a side it is a disease. Even arguing it is a side gives it legitimacy that it doesn't deserve ffs.

Debra Tate is diseased. She doesn't represent the other side.

CATSCRADLE77 said...


I do know better and that is why I am trying to gather information about things. I am not in this for sides either but if a source, be it mine or yours, has an agenda or a vested interest in the destruction of someone and is the only source for the information then the information provided should be examined with a microscope in order to root out said bias.

We all have made bad or even self-destructive choices in our lives but I am still stumped at these photos and why they would even come to surface to proof a schism in a family that really is quite a sad place. And if adult child of such a horrendous place grows up and has problems should we not feel some kind of sorrow for them? And if Debra is diseased should we not try to "cure" her by giving her enough love and support to where perhaps placement of ashes are not fought over? I'm sorry, but I really don't know what Col Tate's wishes were- do you have some kind of document saying that he wanted to be buried in the graveyard?

I recall Bill's side of things- he and I had a falling out because I told him I did not
buy his bullshit. I believe that he told me he had the girls come back to the hotel room to wash their feet to use the pool and I swear I remember he had a headache and tried to get the massage from them. (but hell, I am old and memory is tricky).

Not agreeing that my site was better than yours- yours was the first who used source material and I just expanded the concept. If anything, you pushed me to be better. (I was the original stupid housewife on the Ronson board and I wear the badge proudly). So in the continuation of using sources to the best of our ability we should continue to have an open dialogue and perhaps agree to disagree on some issues. (doesn't make anyone more right, but it just is).

Alas- if you want to talk politics- we can off blast here.

ColScott said...

it is weird that people feel the need to attack in the comments and make a miss of things.

I had 5 thingsthat were in my craw and I asked the blog owners if I could do 5 Last Words.

I wrote an article based on what I know about Debra. You can give her a break if you want to I am not stopping you. But I think she is garbage. And she does not care about the Tate Legacy and does NOT own a goddamn thing.

Your mileage may vary. Fine. Don't read me. But facts are facts. Until Col Paul is buried where he wants to be buried she can GTFO.

And Mon Durphy, the actual criminal who knows I have his doxx but keeps coming- you do know Murphy is Irish not Jewish you sick anti semitic racist moron!

Peter said...

But your real name is Murphyberg and your great grandfather changed it to Murphy at Ellis Island.

Vera Dreiser said...

Snowflake Dondi upset that he's getting attacked in comments in a post that is designed as one long personal attack against a woman who's sister was brutally murdered -- is this what they call gaslighting? SO TRumpian!

And for y'all's fYIS, everything Don Murphy has is from Alisa Statman who has an agenda against Debra and now, evidently, against HIM, too. She's crazy balls. He's crazier. Both hate Debra -- Alisa because Debra didn't give her the time of day when she hit on her before Patti, Murphy because if people don't kiss his lard ass (and I love how HE calls everyone fat, like mirrors have never been invented) and share everything they have regarding the case he attacks them. Bottom line, Debra coulda fucked bunny rabbits before and after her sister's murder and it would still have no relevance to the case. The fact that she took nude pics and "Col" is obsessed with them tells your more about HIM than her or anyone else. (In Vera's humble opinion, it's VERY Bill Nelson obsessive: young gals' tits n' all, but that's just Vera who's been known to like the ladies, too, though all LEGALLY aged).
Whatever the case, the Col -- and Alisa -- ire so much more diseased than Debra could ever be, and they don't have the excuse of their family's life being turned upside down by a horrific murder.
Both should seeshrinks about their persecution of Debra. She rocks!
Debra, I mean, tha lady Col says protects Debra whose name I ferget, I mean Tom O'Neill, I mean VERA! xxoxoxoxox
(Robin Olsen)

Donna said...

Debra has the middle child syndrome exacerbated by all the attention Sharon received and of course, Sharon's murder. I don't know what occurred in the relationships between Debra and her family. Debra seems to be a hanger-on with links to her sister's famous friends. She also seems arrogant and attention seeking. These things are obvious. I believe all human behavior is motivated. Now what causes a particular person to have a motivation for certain behaviors, well that would require more indepth analysis of the individual.

Patty is Dead said...

Only egotists title their posts "the last word"

Vera Dreiser said...

I actually agree (for once) w/ PP. Rock on yer good self bitch!

Mario George Nitrini 111 said...

CATSCRADLE77, your words
"My point being that in the case of information, it seems as we are not privy to all that is out there due to both sides holding on to things regardless of their being on the perceived light or dark side"
Absolutely correct.

In my situation, having information related to The Charles Manson Case & Saga, I must be very careful. Matt will confirm that.

I have a question:
In all of your investigating in this case, do you have any information of a certain
Biker Group
(not the Straight Satan's)
that visited SPAHN RANCH when the Manson Family lived there?

Mario George Nitrini 111
The OJ Simpson Case

Dan S said...

Why? The truth Will set you free; just ask John decamp

grimtraveller said...

Mario George Nitrini 111 said...

In my situation, having information related to The Charles Manson Case & Saga, I must be very careful. Matt will confirm that

I note that you've said this on a number of occasions. And Matt is always mysteriously silent;
We continue to await confirmation.......

orwhut said...

It's too quiet around here. Is somebody going to insult somebody, orwhut?

CATSCRADLE77 said...

Mario George-

There were several biker groups that visited Spahn- I am friends with an old Gypsy Joker who was at Spahn and in my interview with Preston Guillory he kept calling the Straight Satans the Satans Slaves. When I asked him about that he said that that is what they were told, even though the photographic evidence shows the Straight Satans.

Mario George Nitrini 111 said...

Thanks for your reply to me

I don't know about any
"photographic evidence" pertaining to the Straight Satans or the Satan Slaves
re: visitation at SPAHN RANCH.
I do know what I was told by a member of the Satan Slaves, and, I tweeted here on my Twitter account
re: some of my information pertaining to The Charles Manson Case.

I was also in the past in Twitter correspondence with
George Christie.

Thanks again for your reply.

Mario George Nitrini 111
The OJ Simpson Case

CATSCRADLE77 said...

I really don't understand how to use twitter so I have no idea where that link is...LOL..

Who is George Christie?

Mario George Nitrini 111 said...

This is George Christie
Former National President of The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club for several decades

Mario George Nitrini 111
The OJ Simpson Case

Mario George Nitrini 111 said...

According to George Christie and from his blog:
A quote from George Christie from this blog
"And in Southern California we had maybe the best kept secret of all: Danny DeCarlo from the Straight Satans Motorcycle Club fingered Charlie Manson in the cult murders perpetrated in Los Angeles.
It didn’t take long for the local small 1% community to ride into Venice and shut down the Straight Satans"

I've looked into it
(shut down the Straight Satans).
That's EXACTLY what happened.

Mario George Nitrini 111
The OJ Simpson Case

Unknown said...

Your comments lay in favor of a "woman" who has PROVEN thru her self evident acts of self serving to be the thorn. Have you seen also pics with Arnold Schwarzenegger and 3 other "pals" playin chicken in the swimming pool? Before her life ends she or her daughter will divulge dalliances she MAY have had with POLANSKI. Speaking briefly of him (Roman) if he'd mash on Michele Phillip's, in his twisted logic screwin his wife's sister is bucket list gold. In short...this crowd of famous who "knew" Ms. Tate (Sharon) tell MORE by trying to hide WHAT they know. AND THEY KNOW THIS REDHEAD KNOWS WHAT THEEYY KNOW TOO. She almost has no choice but to milk this event If she REALLY wants the public to view her in a different light...she needs her a testimonial like the golden age hollywood fixer, Scotty Bowers. Until then, anybody that endorses her "situation" is a hypocrite/deluded.

Unknown said...

Hahaha funny girl

Anonymous said...

You know if Abigail had survived that night, the stories Deb tell today would be very different. Carrie White (Sharon and Abigail’s hairdresser) said Gibbie wasn’t as generous with conversation and I doubt she’d have been interested in entertaining a teenager

Anonymous said...

You know if Abigail had survived that night, the stories Deb tell today would be very different. Carrie White (Sharon and Abigail’s hairdresser) said Gibbie wasn’t as generous with conversation and I doubt she’d have been interested in entertaining a teenager