Thursday, May 19, 2022

Goodbye Helter Skelter Podcast Episode 9

George Stimson posted a new episode of his Goodbye Helter Skelter podcast this week. 

One thing I like about Stimson is he doesn't go out and attempt to recruit every new person who shows up in Manson with a platform and superciliously woo them into believing gobs of uncheckable facts via Messenger & etc. while also calling every skeptic divisive, toxic, and dumb.  

I get the feeling Stimson believes he can sell his work on its own merit. And of course he's from Ohio and gets bonus points there. My Manson scene people rankings if I ever made them would be every researcher from Ohio ever except Billy's girl, followed by Max Frost, possibly tied with Max Frost, followed by the rest of you hoi polloi. 

Basic jealousies of California people and other folks who don't have cornfield back yards and swampy woods as scenery fuel my pretend ranking so don't get all offended and set me straight down below. A lot of me wishes he was you. It's true. 

Mental health is important and I think we should share here since we're all trapped in the same submarine. Oh, I know. Some of you newer folks are going around announcing your upcoming exit with your naked father. Pardon my yawns but you just don't know you've checked into the Hotel California yet. 

While I indeed have a strong feeling times are a-Changin as people become more savvy online, three authors continue to somewhat dominate the current Manson book scene. Looking at that group, and even though Stimson gets the most derision from noobs, teamists, and the lightly informed, at least imo, he is the least far out there. Hugely. 

Not that my votes matter, I am a noob myself within the broader scope. But I'm beginning to believe George in principal. However, I'm not sure someone could convince even one of my hound dogs that Linda Kasabian was the mastermind behind the (I hate to say it) immature and kinda moronic plan to free Bobby. 

If you also don't believe Kasabian came up with the plan, might you have a likelier scenario? 


*Writers who claim they have secret info from secret sources they can't reveal are lying to you in an attempt to separate you from your duckets. It's not too late to wake up and help increase the general knowledge of the Manson milieu. Stop wasting your time watching and listening. Go look things up for yourself. 

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Chris B said...

The Saga is a misshapen pearl. A thing of beauty but only if viewed with a squint.

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Or from a passing car.

tobiasragg said...

This was a good - and lenthy/detailed - episode. Well-researched and well-produced, as always.

As usual, George continues here to leave out very key facts when they do not suit his chosen narrative, but as Green says, Stimson is fair and balanced in ways that would make Tucket Carlson shit his man diapers. The absence of the "Linda was mastermind" aspect of the copycat defense that was mounted to save Charlie's life during the penalty phase of the original trial is particularly curious. "Linda told us to!" was a bedrock of that particular narrative, to the point the Bugs recalled her to the stand to refute, and yet it goes completely unmentioned here. Why?

Another more recently-emerged aspect of copycat comes from Gypsy in the excellent EPIX doc that was released fairly recently. There, a post-Manson, aging Gypsy descibes a jailhouse visit from Sandy or one of the gals. They were separated by glass, but the visitor pressed a written summation of the story Charlie wanted Gypsy to tell on the penalty-phase witness stand. Gypsy describes delivering the requested story on the stand when her turn arrived. The testimony is presented here as supporting evidence for the theory, but the modern day recantation is left unmentioned. Why?

There are many, many other such omissions, but hey - this is George we are talking about, and he does what he does quite well. This is a good watch, I hope you bother.

Doug said...

Tobias - a friend of mine named Janet (who GGW admires) referred to that idiot of Fox as Fucker Carbomb yesterday...I laughed my ass off...

I agree with you about George. GW and I were discussing him recently and I was wondering out loud about how much influence Sandra G has/had over George's theories. I figured she has/does...however, we both agree that he's does what he does quite well too.

He's always been constant as well.


Unknown said...

George is simply an apologist for Charlie, he never presents the entire story and everything is slanted. Do not fall for this. The man admits to asking for a lock of Mansons hair early his book. He's a groupie.

G. Greene-Whyte said...


Umm. Ah. I meant another Janet. She lives in Canada.

No. Wait. You can check that. She lives in Wales in the Vale of Glanmorgan. No phone or Internet.

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Between Cowbridge and Rhoose. Janet makes potions to keep the English out but they don't work.

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

Don't know how to blog, Im searching for information on My Dad Herbert Townsend the juvenile arrested in the August 16 1969 raid his mug shot or anything

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

Yes Danny Wayne is herbs brother I've never met my uncle Danny Wayne

starviego said...

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

...Im searching for information on My Dad Herbert Townsend

Does he still have that X on his forehead?

Box 31 pg3of697
"Police said each of the six.. had scratched an 'X' on his/her forehead.
"They were identified as Sue Bartell, 19, Lynette Fromme, 22, Cathy Gilies, 21, Craig C. Hammonds, 20, Herbert L. Townsend, 18, and Charles Lovett, 18."

Is your uncle still in prison?

cielodrivecom said...

I believe I have a few photos of him. If you send me a photo of him I can confirm

Gorodish said...

starviego typed:

Is your uncle still in prison?

Danny Wayne Townsend was granted parole on June 3, 2021, after spending over 49 years in prison.

CDCR Parole Board Hearing Results June 2021

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

Yes please send the photos thank you .

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

Yes my uncle made parole,

HerbJR'sdaughter said...

I can't upload a photo here but if you email me I can send photos of me and my dad

starviego said...

Thanks Gorodish!

Was the uncle's partner in the murders also released?

Does anybody know if Manson associate Allen Lee DeLisle was ever released on parole, after he was convicted of murder back in 1970 and sentenced to Life?

tobiasragg said...

The parole board link from June 2021 above was really instructive. As I was scrolling through that long, long list of names, I was a bit surprised how relatively few actually made parole. Several were granted parole, but a vast majority did not.

For me it kinda put the cases of Bruce Davis, Krenwinkel and the others into some kind of perspective.

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Star, Buntline has looked in him.

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Also into him.

Gorodish said...

starviego typed:

Was the uncle's partner in the murders also released?

Fred Mendez Medina is hard to locate; I've had no luck. One of the best sleuths on here, DebS, had no luck either, a few years ago when we tried to find what happened to him.
My guess is that he died in prison fairly young.

starviego said...

Thanks again, Gorodish.


G. Greene-Whyte said...

Buntline has looked into him.

Yes, but DeLisle's name just dropped from the radar after being sentenced to Life in 1970.

Matthew said...

There is an obituary for Fred Mendez medina with the death date 1/12/19.went through Felipe Bagues Mortuary. His birthdate is 6/19/54. So he would have been 20 in 1974. Same age as defendant Mendez during the trial

Gorodish said...

Matthew typed:

There is an obituary for Fred Mendez medina with the death date 1/12/19.went through Felipe Bagues Mortuary. His birth date is 6/19/54. So he would have been 20 in 1974. Same age as defendant Mendez during the trial

Sorry, wrong guy. I looked this obituary up. It was a Fred Anthony Medina, not Mendez. And the birth date was 6/16/1954. Fred Mendez Medina was 20 when the murders of the two girls occurred in April 1972. That would have put his birth year 1951 or 1952.

Jay said...

Very good episode. I always look forward to hearing the different theories and seeing the evidence and connections that come up. Whether you brlieve them or not, it is interesting reading/viewing.

Unknown said...

Per the previous comment, I agree - George is a groupie.
Am I the only one who saw the quick snippet of spreading Charlie's ashes,
with Blue & George prancing around covered with ashes?

Jenn said...

He needs to get some tech help, especially with sound levels.

George Stimson said...

Working on it....

Loegria15 said...

This episode of "The Simpsons" has a convict getting a copy of "Helter Skelter" and using it to change his life...

Doug said...

"That prison was like a prison to me..."

carnivalknowledge said...

The following was excerpted from the transcript of Danny Wayne Townsend's final parole hearing on June 3, 2021.

I have the entire transcript in a PDF. I will send a copy to anyone who requests it.

Thanks for everything.
-- Ron

PRESIDING COMMISSIONER TAIRA: And were you trafficking with your brother-in-law or anybody else?
INMATE TOWNSEND: My crime partner.
PRESIDING COMMISSIONER TAIRA: Okay. Fred Medina. How did you meet him?
INMATE TOWNSEND: I met him in the park, in one of the parks in Kilburn Park, they keep changing the name of the park, so I’ll just say Manark Park, that’s the last park I knew of, they changed their name just before that and it's probably been changed again too. We met through some people that knew my brother-in-law, they brought him over to the house and we met up, we became friends, we got along great until the time of the crime.
PRESIDING COMMISSIONER TAIRA: Have you had any contact, uh, with Medina? Do you remember talking to him?
INMATE TOWNSEND: Last I heard from -– from the Board of Prison Hearings said he moved to Sacramento and from Sacramento he got on parole and that’s the last I've heard. I haven’t had no contact with him since we went back and got retried.
PRESIDING COMMISSIONER TAIRA: Uh, now you’ve never been married, I believe, no children, correct?
PRESIDING COMMISSIONER TAIRA: Tell us about your family and, uh, family network. You came from a fairly large family. Uh, who's out there, uh, that you communicate with.
INMATE TOWNSEND: Nobody right now, they've all passed away over the years. I have nieces and nephews out there, but I don't really want to associate with them because it brings up bad memories, as far as I'm ashamed of the crime I'm in prison for. I regret it. I put their lives through all kinds of hell for that. They say we have an unc -– an uncle whose locked up though.

carnivalknowledge said...
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carnivalknowledge said...
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