Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Sadie Met Anton

Above- Sadie performing in a "witches sabbath" with Anton
 La Vey in his home for a private audience. Sadie the exhibitionist 
claims she took a hit of acid before her scene. According to her book
Child of Satan, Child of God, La Vey hand picked her right off the stage
of a strip club she was dancing in under the alias 'Sharon.' 
Shortly after this performance Sadie said she ended up in the hospital
 half dead from a"complete physical breakdown and gonorrhea." 
Susan Atkins carrying STD's around since 1963.


Lost Sailor said...

Man, Sadie had a hot body back in the day. Unfortunately she was crazy and not in the good way (wild and crazy fun). The gonnorhea probably didn't help matters much....

Lost Sailor said...

Sadie was definitely hot looking back in the day. What a rat trap, you know, gonnorhea and all......