Thursday, January 20, 2011


If anyone would like to write a book report/review 
for usplease do.  After reading Patty's, I know that is a book I would enjoy from cover to cover.  This can be a real money saver for some people. 
It totally sucks to spend money on a book you thought would be a good read.  There have been several times I have spent $25.00 or more on a book that sucks.  Also, there are quite a few books with just small snippets of M related stuff.  I have Coroner by Thomas Noguchi which touches briefly on Sharon's autopsy.  Why waste your money on it to just read one chapter?  Like all the out of print books you can probably never get your hands on, and  they only have a page or two you wanted to read.

Plus, there are so many books out related to the case on E-bay and places like that.  A small review by someone else might be your deciding factor.  I myself have always wondered how Simon Well's book-"Coming Down Fast" is.  It is forever on E-bay for various prices.  Does anyone have that book and would like to do a small report on it?  

Or like I said-any one is welcomed to do any reviews/reports on any case related books.  Somewhere I have a copy of one of Doris Day's
books.  I will eventually get around to posting the part in which Doris spoke about her son Terry Melcher's involvement with the Family.

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