Monday, January 10, 2011

They say I live a fast life. Maybe I just like a fast life. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. It won't last forever, either. But the memories will ... Dennis Wilson

From Charles Manson NOW- Chapter on Dennis Wilson

"The drummer of the Beach Boys was in my band, The Milkey Way.  He comes from my heart there in Santa Claus and One Horse Open Sleigh.  The sleigh is on a butcher man like a red on a suit.  We we're cutting an album when he changed the words to the songs and stuff, and I told him he shouldn't do that, but he had an Italian business manager and he had, like, 17 or 13, 14 million dollars he was playing with like that. 

He wouldn't pay that, he wouldn't pay what he owed.  He changed.  I couldn't get my money so someone grabbed both his legs and pulled him under the ocean.  You remember that?  Do you remember how Dennis Wilson died down in the water and somebody grabbed his legs and he couldn't come up and disappeared under the water."

I found that interesting.  So did Charlie have Dennis killed?
I doubt it.  I think it was a hard day of drinking and drugging that ended with him taking a dip in 58 degree water.
Charlie said Dennis was the drummer for The Milkey Way?
First time I ever heard that too.  Bobby never mentioned it, he was in The Milkey Way.  Maybe I am being doubtful, or maybe I'm just being a loon?


St. Circumstance said...

Typical rambling from the old goat. He does this alot. He mixes up three or four different things, and adds just enough fact to get your attention, and then rambles on about how much influence he has...

Charles has nothing to do anymore but spout- so it is no surprise to me anymore when he takes credit, or denies culpability- for anything.

One minute he didn't tell those kids to do anything, and the next minute he gave Tex the orders...

Plus he getting really old loland like all old people- the memories start to mesh together and fade with time, so he may just be putting together pieces he recalls.. My grandpa used to do the same thing... Stories he told me when I was 12 were much different when I was 30- but most of the names and places were similar. He was just trying to recall- but it gets harder after enough time has passed...

Panamint Patty said...

You know, when I read Charlie's passages, I did not take them literally. Like Marynick writes, Manson is "lyrical." He speaks in a mix of half truths, metaphors and myths which cannot be taken as literally true. Just like the Bible: it's more about shared cultural knowledge than what we'd call "reality." Charlie does have a mystical quality to him. I would not be entirely surprised if the scenario in the movie "Live Freaky! Die Freaky!" did come true one day, two thousand years from now. So no, I don't think he had Dennis killed. I think he is making a goofy reference to karma or somesuch.

eviliz said...

i agree with you my sweet sexy Saint. i can see dementia in him.
my dad has it.



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