Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama rejects Manson's request to over turn his conviction

According to the article from "Vanity Fair" Spain, the lawyer Giovanni DiStefano announced that it will take the case to the Supreme Court and will also appeal to the Govenor of California.
Hmmm, Bruce tried that and didn't have much luck. Doubt Charlie will either. The link is from the same Vanity Fair article (in English).

"I told you all that blackie was gonna rise up. Now look what happened one is President.
If they would just let me out, i will go to my bottomless pit and wait until it is all over.
Then Obama will come and find me and say "Charlie your time has come to rule the world."


MrPoirot said...

Manson has a legitimate birth certificate. I think this PO'd Obama.

1900 Yesterday said...

Appears as if that lyin' Hawaiian 44 done brung Charlie/counselor to 'now'... on the other, CM got in a few jabs before succumbing.

Manson on Obama -

"Obama is an idiot for doing what he's doing. He's an slave of Wall Street. They're playing with him."

Idiot, slave and plaything...all he left out was the 'N' word and 'shine my shoes' man.

Things get rough under the boards when a little man tries taking it to the hole.

Not quite the eloquence Charlie's - 'look down on, up at or right at me' epigram but succinct enough to indicate Obama's taller than CM & his rejection was a foregone conclusion.

As if.

: )


ACFisherAldag said...

Well, there is a new governor now, so we will see.

Panamint Patty said...

Patty is a Jerry fan. Whatever he decides it will not be some halfass kneejerk political move, he will think it out and have valid reasons to back it up.

Mr. Patty is not a Jerry fan...he's making Mr. Patty's worklife difficult right now.