Monday, May 2, 2011

Most likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

picture above from

the famous 1969 prom photo



Arroyo High School El Monte, CA 
Steven Parent ~June 1969
Two months later he would be dead.


1900 Yesterday said...

"Most likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time"

- as a victim yes, Parent probably as much/more so any others, Shea & Tate vying (though, separating the wholly innocent from the 6 degrees separation the rest cuts it close, my opine.)

Other end the spectrum, perpetrator also offers a nefarious candidate:

* a murder, a misappropriated car, a roadside the highway, a knife and a nap = Beusoleil.

Under the 'there but for the grace of linda' category a saladin nader-and that unknown person in the car at the stoplight escaped a similar destiny.

How many others eluded?

Under 'wishful thinking' category - had Charlie gone to high school can we not imagine him having been on if not the President of debate team?


daniel said...

i'm going to kindly ask this- what are you saying?

leary7 said...

nice response, daniel. I second that emotion. I enjoy 1900's posts, but no disrespect, after I read them I can't decide if he is some sort of essenes existentialist or just really wasted.

1900 Yesterday said...

I love it when they beg, a nod grim realization / self-indictment, with all due respect.

Let me kindly rejoinder, try too ease confliction, albeit bluntly.

A young student was assigned home work, namely to read a particular writers creative muse and to then report back narrative form his interpretation the writer.

The student was nonplussed - in over his head. So, he asked his father, "what do you think this writer is trying to say?"

The father gave it an half-hearted try before throwing up his hands exasperation, offering -"Jesus Christ! How the hell should I know what some stupid son of a bitch is trying to say!?!"

And so, the student did his best make his own interpretation. That student was yours truly - father was mine - and the writer was Ludwig Wittgenstein, generally regarded as a genius.

We might have wished Wittgenstein write down to us/our level of understanding as twere. In truth, be no need. Case of this example, I believe everyone can / will cast a singular judgement... no need to elaborate further.

I'm reminded of a line courtesy the Captain, 'Cool Hand Luke' -

"What we have here is a failure to communicate". Through trial and error, confluence was reached eventually, if not easily.

Otherwise, there is always the option resignation in the form Star Trek's Science Officer Mr. Spock -

"You may find 'having' is not as much as 'wanting' ". Whether you find it easier embrace a Mr. Spock's precursive caution or seek fuller understanding is up to you.

It is not as important some have not the capacity understand as that they try/continue to - which is to say a manner of speaking yours/others curiosity regards 1900 Yesterday - he is as Lays Potato Chip, blogdom.

We could take each paragraph and break each down one by one, into component parts, scarce internet paper & time the arbiter making said daunting.

I leave it to anyone as every.

Back to nominations "most likely to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time" - those 'happened upon' this missive mine in response to your furtive plea, same.

And the spokes on the wheel go round & round...

: )


Panamint Patty said...

I love how 1900 writes. Super-dense, like a thick, flourless brownie. The "special" kind, of course. it has a rhythym, a lyricism to it. It is not literal truth, but it tickles Patty's inner archetypes. Rock on, friend.