Friday, August 5, 2011

Now we know who Charlie was texting

SEATTLE, WA- Amazon has come under fire once again for its decision to carry yet another controversial book. In recent news, the internet retail powerhouse was scrutinized for its decision to carry, The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child -Lover's Code of Conduct by Philip R. Greaves II. Now they are pushing the limits even farther with a new children's book that has been penned by non other than one of the 20th century's most notorious criminals, Charles Manson. Manson now 76, has been incarnated for the past 41 years for convincing his followers to commit murder in the famous Hinman,Tate, and LaBianca killings of the late 1960's.

The book titled, The Trials of Tommy Travis, is about a young 11 year old boy who is misunderstood by his peers and how how feels ostracized from the neighborhood kids. The story explores how Tommy copes with his loneliness and his many failed attempts to fit in. It chronicles Timmy's life as he becomes the guru of a renegade group that develops its own ranch style community on the outskirts of his home town. Ultimately, the community flourishes and prospers bringing new hope into a downtrodden world.
Sounds familiar.

Parent groups around the nation are outraged over the news and are calling for the immediate ban on the sale of the book, not only on Amazon but everywhere.
"How does a book like this even become published?" asked Susan Powell, founder of Stability, Togetherness and Family Unity (STFU), (<~~~ eviliz always thought that STFU-stood for shut the fuck up. who knew?) "who in their right mind could have thought that a book like this, by such an awful man, was a good idea?"
In December of last year, Manson was found to have been making phone calls and sending text messages from prison. It has now been revealed that the communications were with Charlie's Freedom Press (CFP), the British Columbia based independent publishing company that produced the controversial book. Evidentially, Manson wrote the entire book through thousands of text messages sent to the publisher. We feel that the story will help children throughout the world to better understand how to deal with feelings of ostracization and "outsiderness". We truly feel that the notoriety of the author will only aid in getting the message out faster." explained CFP in a statement to the press, "We're hoping that the book can help to create a dialogue between children and parents about the issues involving different, fitting in and the bad feelings that can result from being shunned from peers." By now I'm sure that this book has already been pulled from the retailer's website due to the controversy. But I cannot imagine that you won't find it on the days to come throughout the listings of eBay and other internet auction sites.
Have to put this on the kids x-mas list!



fiona1933 said...

I hate the way people like this Powell woman say "How does a book like this get published?" hello, it's called freedom of the press, etc. Anyway, I would think the lessons of Manson are more valuable than those of Susan Powell and her family unity nonsense. It's people like her that create the intolerant conditions that ostracize a sensitive little boy and cause his soul to harden through repeated abuse.
Those people! THEM. Their narrowness and their wretched religion is far more dangerous than a dozen, a thousand Mansons.

adam said...

Why shouldn't Charlie write a book inspired by his childhood experiences? If anybody can give insight into what it's like to grow up lonely, unloved and ostracized it's Manson.

Panamint Patty said...

Amen! Free speech ain't worth a crap unless it is extended to all of us, including "the most evil man alive". You don't like it? THEN DON'T READ IT.

Ken619 said...

Manson is a convicted Felon and does not have any rights.

Panamint Patty said...

Ken, what about this:

"The First Amendment protects everybody’s right to freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of speech and expression includes the right to read books and magazines, the right to call or write to your family and friends, the right to criticize the government or state
officials you disagree with, and much more. However, in prison, those rights are restricted by the prison’s need for security and administrative ease. Because of
this, it is often very hard for a prisoner to assert these rights. Almost all of the rights protected by the First Amendment are governed by the same legal standard, developed in a case called Turner v. Safley, 482 U.S. 78 (1987). In Turner, prisoners in Missouri brought a class action lawsuit challenging a regulation that limited the ability of prisoners to write letters to each
other. The Supreme Court used the case to establish a four-part test for First Amendment claims. Under this test, a law that restricts your freedom is ok as long as it
is “reasonably related to a legitimate penological interest.” A court will decide if a law, prison regulation, or guard’s action is “reasonably related to a
legitimate penological interest” by asking four questions (known as The Turner Test)"


Panamint Patty said...

In case y'all had not noticed, Ken is the right side of the Eviliz admin political spectrum while Patty represents the left. I hope he does not mind Patty saying but she finds this really interesting expecially because they grew up within about five miles of each other. All in all, Patty has much love and respect for her homie.

Shak El said...

There is already the 'childrens' book "The mANSON FAMILY PICNIC" which has been out for several years.

I have been toying with the idea of a "childrens" picture book for adults called "Get on Charlies's Bus" set in pre-spahn times. I have a first draft which i am not really satisfied with and looking for an inappropriate illustrator.

ACFisherAldag said...

Yeah, this book was a hoax.

Panamint Patty said...

excellent LOL

beauders said...

even though this is a hoax i think there would be no better teacher about the affects of outsiderness than manson. he could teach the world what not to do and what can happen to children who are outsiders.

orwhut said...

I pinched the following from another group. It seems appropriate here.

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't
believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky

Ken619 said...

If Patty reads question #2 of The Turner Test, she'll see why Charlie's rights are not being violated.

Ken always feels it's not his place to speak for others. That's why he only gives his opinion unless it's a proven fact.