Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty Face Movie

I hope you all do LOVE and appreciate me for this
one and everything else I bring you.
I was looking into getting some updates on the
up and coming M movies.
Pretty Face starring Flea from Red Hot Chili
Peppers as Charlie, finally has a web site.
Nice big write up over there I planned on copying
and pasting for everyone. Well, those bastards
don't allow copying and pasting.
Eviliz is exhausted from hand scribing it all
and is now extra bitchy evil typing it all up
for everyone.
This f-ing blog is a full time job-trust me.
It is a good thing I have no life or job.
I may have to start charging everyone.
E-mail me on where to send the check.
They are looking into funding to start filming I think next year.
Val Kilmer is supposed to be in this movie and he better look good!!
And, to The Colonel-have fun ripping it apart!

Synopsis- In the summer of 69' Jenna, a rebellious 15 year old girl, abandoned by her dead beat single mom, steals a horse from her best friend's family and runs away from their loving arms.
Her naive and very square best friend follows her on another horse and the two girls stumble across the Manson Family living in a abandoned movie ranch.

Jenna a street smart budding singer-songwriter, is not fooled by their talk of peace and love and living free, but her sweet and innocent friend is gradually seduced by their siren call.
The situation gets dangerous but Jenna stands her ground against the
infamous Charlie, Bobby and Tex and is forced to make a great and heroic personal sacrifice to save her friend from a horrific night with the wanton members of the Family.

Pretty Face lives half way between fact and fiction, blending factual details about tje day to day existence of the Manson Family in the weeks leading up to the infamous murders with the fictional coming of age story of a damaged crass, but ultimately loving, teenage heroine.

Forty years on the story of Charles Manson and the Family continues to exert a powerful fascination on the world. Previous films made about the Family have always focused on the notorious murders perpetrated by the group. Pretty face takes a look at the untold story of how normal teenage girls from respectable families were so easily corralled into a world of sex, drugs and violence.

Benjamin Franklin looking Val Kilmer
Added by Matt - (Sorry Liz!)

Oh, and some how some way I ended up on Zimbo. WTF is Zimbo
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orwhut said...

WTF is Zimbo and how did my stuff get there?

Cut and paste:)

adam said...

Flea as Manson??? I'm both intriged and worried at the same time. Can't be worse than the 'music' his band has put out ovet the last decade or so.

Zarathustra said...

You are right Adam, first 3 or 4 albums were something new. And I have seen flea's previous roles in movies... just anecdotal.
Val Kilmer? first CM theme blockbuster? Let´s see who is the director.

Matt said...

I saw Val Kilmer on CNN recently. He's really fat. Looks like Benjamin Franklin.

Matt said...

I had to add the photo to the post. See what money can do to ya!

eviliz said...

Matthew- I preferred Val when he played Jim Morrison.