Sunday, November 27, 2011

"The Manson Girls" Movie

FROM VARIETY-|News|FilmNews November 19, 2011

'Manson Girls' quietly starts production

Lensing begins nearly a year after Sundance announcement

"Manson Girls," focusing on the female followers of cult leader Charles Manson, has quietly started production nearly a year after the project was announced at Sundance.

Susanna Lo is producing via her Slomotion Studios and directing from her own script. Cast includes Taryn Manning as Sadie Atkins; Tania Raymonde as Leslie Van Houten; Monica Keena as Squeaky Fromme; Stella Maeve as Linda Kasabian; Estella Warren as Catherine Share; Chad Faust as Tex Watson; Ron Jeremy as a porn director; Bill Moseley as Manson.

Judy Fox, Brett Cranford and Taryn Manning are also producing "Manson Girls," which focuses on the period leading up to the 1969 murders of nine people. Manson and three followers were convicted in 1971 in the slayings.

Lo told Variety that she's aiming to illustrate how and why the girls came under Manson's command.

"The girls were all very talented but it was a very seductive time," she said. "We really don't want to sensationalize the story any further than it already has been. I've always been fascinated by how the girls came under the spell of this strange, manipulative man.

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The article also says Lo is aiming to complete production in time for the Cannes Film Festival. (What a coincidence! I received my invitation to Cannes just yesterday). Next year the Cannes Independent Film Festival week will be May 16-27. Maybe we will really see this one?


snooproose said...

Should I start holding my breath ?

Patty is Dead said...

Patty found this about Estella Warren who is also supposed to be in this thing:

eviliz said...

snooproose said...

Should I start holding my breath ?

I personally wouldn't.

katie8753 said...

Liz, what happened to Heather Matarazzo? I think she was going to play Leslie if I'm remembering right).

ColScott said...

First off, The girls were talented at what? Blow jobs?

Second, you edited the article for some retarded reason.
"Half a dozen scenes have been shot so far to assemble a "sizzle reel," with the bulk of lensing taking place starting early next year in Redlands, Joshua Tree and San Francisc"
Which means they do not have the money and it will not be happening.

Btw and lol, Joshua Tree?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Col, you need to be a little more realistic here. They wouldn't be able to look at the pretty flowers if they actually went to Death Valley. Plus, they don't have a Bed & Breakfasts in Ballarat.

Geez, what do you expect from them?

Patty is Dead said...

There's a really fancy luxury hotel at Furnace Creek but it's damn near as expensive as the Ahwahnee. The Pattys have never stepped foot inside of it but it looks really nice.

eviliz said...

atie8753 said...
Liz, what happened to Heather Matarazzo? I think she was going to play Leslie if I'm remembering right).

Tania Raymonde is playing Leslie
Taryn Manning will be Sadie

revatron said...

Even if it comes out, What are the chances it is going to be any good? Slimmmmmm

LoLo said...

I don't the casting of Bobby,not handsome enough. Everyone else is ok, maybe some too old for the part.