Tuesday, June 5, 2012


One of our readers asked-

I am interested in finding out if there was any connection to a founding Scientology member, Patricia Krenik to the Manson family.  Any information is greatly appreciated.


sunset77 said...

I've never heard of Patricia Krenik until I seen this post. I did look online. There is a page I assume she wrote about herself, she makes no mention of the Manson family, she does say she moved to LA in 1968.

There is an e-mail address listed you may be able to write to her and ask her yourself, she is also on Facebook. The link to the article:

Patricia Krenik

I found no connection between her and Manson after a cursory search.

sunset77 said...

I sent an e-mail to Patricia Krenik and asked her if she had any connection to Manson, here is her reply, (I removed 1 sentence that had nothing to do with this blog)

"That gave me a big laugh! Charles Manson indeed. No, no connection. I did hear that in about 1969 or so that he checked out Scientology briefly, and I heard Ethics Officer sent him on his way before very long.

But that is just the gossip of the time. No, certainly no connection, no Scientogist would ever want a connection there. I haven't been with the COS since 1984 when I resigned. I practice Scientology but not as part of the Church.

Best regards, Patricia Krenik"