Monday, July 2, 2012

Kristin Svege

1979 at California Men's Colony

Thank you, LW for the tip!


Suze said...

She's in her early 50's, right? Still very attractive!

sunset77 said...

I think she was 20 when she married Watson on Sept. 7, 1979. That would make her around 53ish, depending on her birthday. Apparently, her family was from Norway. She had 4 kids with Watson through conjugal visits. I seen 3 of the kids names, I think they all had either "Charles" or "Denton" as part of their names.

Also, I found another blog with many great pics and info. There was a link to a pic of Jay Sebring lying in a morgue, still clothed with a rope around his neck. Also, info about Abigail Folger's mom and half sister, Kristin Svege, and others. Here's the link:

Another Blog

TomG said...

Christianity, like drugs, makes people do things that they otherwise wouldn't do, if both feet were on the ground.

Now what sort of individual would want to have 4 children with Tex Watson? What sort of genes is this bird passing on?

Let's go to Mule Creek children, and see Daddy.

Ajerseydevil said...

Suze my apologies didn't mean to come across that way it wás meant only as a complament

Unknown said...

Guilty guilty

Unknown said...

Kristen is my second cousin. She was perfectly normal and a great person growing up. A real sweetheart. I'm not sure what happened in her life to turn her towards "Tex", except she found the Lord and "Tex" was a B.A.C.. I think she thought she could help save his soul or something?