Thursday, August 2, 2012

Followup from Sgt. Dostie

There are some very good comments on the Barker Ranch posting.

To answer one question, Film Crews are required to purchase a permit to film in a National Park. Of course when they applied for a permit to film at the Barker Ranch, the alarms went off and they sent two babysitters. I don't know if this would be the case if they were filming the wild flower bloom in April of doing a special on the lizards of Death Valley!

I would also like to mention that the film crew was very professional and the Director, Doug was very well prepared with some very good questions.

For those who are wondering, I did not accept payment or expenses for telling this story. I travel there on my own time at my own expense just like I did for the Eviliz Tour. All we are asking is that the Park Service and the Sheriff leave their egos by the door and bring these kids home that were at the wrong place at the wrong time in 1968 and 1969. This is a value that we hold to as Americans wether it is a murder victim here in the US or a service member who gave their life for their country overseas. It is simply the right thing to do. The only thing worse than having a loved one murdered is having a loved one go missing and not knowing what happened to them.

The science in this case is indisputable. The Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer analysis of soil samples on the sites at the Barker Ranch, match those of human burial sites around the world that we have collected.

I have attached a Google Earth GIS overlay of the sites as well as the exact GPS coordinates. All this data is accurate to within 18 to 24 inches. Feel free to post this data in case anyone would like to visit the area and stand on the exact spots.

I would [also] like to respond to Bobot420's very well researched comment. Those are indeed the rules. However, the NPS, specifically the Superintendent, can permit anything she wants, to a movie company as long as it does not create too much disturbance to the environment. If the film company was filming a remake of "Lassie" and little Timmy was lost in the sand dunes, and they wanted to film Lassie running on top of the sand dunes looking for Timmy, that would be permitted with no problem as it would show the beauty of the park. The four paws of Lassie would cause no more disturbance to the sand dunes than the 175 - 200 pound adult actors acting as searchers in the movie.

The same would apply to filming Buster alert on the sites at the Barker Ranch. He would simply sniff and passively lay down on top of the sites. When History Channel called the park for the filming permit, they were told from the outset that they would not allow Buster to work the sites before they even asked! He would be held to the letter of the law and in fact limited to established roads only as part of the permit.

I did interview a retired mid level manager from NPS Death Valley who worked for Superintendent Sarah Craighead. It is their opinion that Sarah does not want the public to know that bad things can happen in her National Park. The victims, and the families who are missing them, do not enter into Superintendent Craighead's decision making process. It is heartless but this is how she thinks. It is all about her and moving up the promotional ladder by not having any drama in her National Park.

In other words, there is nothing to see here, remain calm, all is well, move along now.

I know that this seems almost unbelievable that a high ranking Park Service Supervisor could mis-represent the truth like this, but it appears to be a practice that is condoned at the highest levels of the Park Service as evidenced by this:

As you can see, no matter what the facts and the science are, they will simply mis-represent the facts or make up their own facts. No one in the Drakes Bay case was fired.

Filing a complaint on Superintendent Craighead with her boss at Western Regional Headquarters in Oakland, would have the same result as filing a complaint on Frank (The Enforcer) Nitti with his supervisor, Al Capone.



Buster 1  X=  7128833  Y=  1837878  Z=     3288
Buster 2  X=  7128806  Y=  1838005  Z=     3313
Buster 3  X=  7128818  Y=  1838070  Z=     3321
Buster 4  X=  7128222  Y=  1837539  Z=     3251
Ness 1    X=  7128287  Y=  1838043  Z=     3289

Points located using a Trimble ProXR beacon-corrected code-phase receiver.

(Coordinates are California State Plane NAD83 Zone 4, feet)


Matt said...

If anyone is interested in seeing the PDF version of the Google Earth GIS overlay of the sites (much easier to read), email me & I'll send it to you.

AustinAnn74 said...

Why wouldn't the National Park service be cooperating 100%, if there is a chance that there are graves near/on Barker's? Perhaps their need to protect the land from a bunch of Manson freaks going out there & setting up shrines are something they have in mind while protecting it. Still, they should have a little bit more respect for the dead. Stuff like this adds fuel to the conspiracy theorist fire! This also lends credence to the theory that Gypsy, Bruce, Tex, & Sadie's born-again Christian act is a facade. If these people had truly been one with Christ, don't you think they would of wanted to "cleanse" their souls, and let the authorities (even anonymously) know that there are people buried out there? Sadie went to her grave probably knowing about more deaths. Of course, maybe there is a chance that there isn't anything out there. I have a feeling the world will never know.

Anonymous said...

If the identity of the victims are known, has anyone contacted any existing family members? The family member of a murder victim has alot of clout with the Goverment especially if the media gets involved. I would think they could call their congressman and have this issue put to rest quickly but then again maybe I am being naive.

Suze said...

Jesse, the way I understand it the names of the potential victims are not known.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this but I believe that it was Larry Bailey and Vern Plumlee who told police in Oregon before TLB was even solved that Clem and Charlie had killed two guys in the desert near Barker Ranch.

I also read about a young man who was at Barker for a short time and didn't fit in. He wound up disappearing in the middle of the night leaving all his hiking equipment behind. Grogan said, “he got homesick”.

Weren't there also a couple of bikers that went missing in that area right at that time?

These people weren't reported missing, or if they were perhaps it was in other states. Perhaps their loved ones didn't even know they were in CA.

Matt said...

Ms. Craig certainly has the Miss Hathaway look going, doesn't sh?

Patty is Dead said...

Suze, you are right on. Those are the people that Sgt. Dostie suggested to us might be underground there. Except, he said it was a girl who "got homesick," not a boy. There is a site between Barkers and Myers that Buster alerts on that may be that girl.

Patty is Dead said...

Re: the bikers, they are rumored to have been the ones that returned Sadie to Barker's after she went to claim Zezo from protective custody. The Family men were not happy with her for bringing the outsiders in, so they were purportedly killed and buried near the mouth of the wash. We saw Buster alert over what used to be an old mine shaft.

Farflung said...

Death Valley National Park (a park) is larger in area than Connecticut which makes all this concern for PR and environmental damage from pets appear a wee bit warped. I can’t imagine the need for such ‘handling’ of a film crew or police officer unless they were in fact the most dangerous things in Death Valley or the park service has attended the Kin Jong-Il School of Hospitality.

I was also under the falsely, self induced impression of the potential sites being much closer to the ranch buildings rather than distributed hundreds of feet away. Viewing the map with such precise coordinates with the projection plane and correction datum does not appear to be the work of someone merely throwing a ‘Lawn Dart’ at the subject and hoping for the best.

I guess the next plan should involve the Park Service so they can claim participation. Using the formulaic approach of the 60’s TV program ‘Flipper’, but instead of a dolphin there is a dog named….. ‘Buster’. The lead would be reprised with Ranger Porter Rick, a desert loving father and conscientious government employee who patrols the park in search of malfeasance. Of course there’s a need for a sniveling pusillanimous bureaucrat, whose primary goal in life is promotion via ineffective longevity, and continuous coat-tailing of other’s efforts. Hmmm, I’m thinking a bitter woman who shields her insecurities with title and bombast, where the park is more a fiefdom where she is married to another ‘government servant’ with whom she conspires and plots the invasion and annexation of the ‘Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park’. Nahhhh, too far out to ever be believable.

They call him Buster, Buster, down in Death Valley.
No one you see, can sniff gravesites like he.
That’s all I got.

Matt said...

Farf, you dated me again with the lyrics! For you youngsters:

Patty is Dead said...

In defense of the Park Service, it seems to me that they have very few resources, but much responsibility to protect the park and its visitors. If you can only do so much, you tend to try to minimize activity so that it is manageable with the resources at hand.

And like Farf said, the park is larger than the entire state of Connecticut: "you could hide the Empire State Building out there and no one would notice." Mr. Patty and I have camped in Death Valley and maybe only seen one or two other vehicles all day. It is lonesome and vast, and likely very hard to manage from an administrative point of view. I don't think they are necessarily trying to hide anything, they are just trying to avoid more work.

HOWEVER. I feel it is very important for the Park Service to "do the right thing" and let the dig proceed.

bobot420 said...

Patty is right about the resources. I understand their POV but we do not want to destroy anything. Any dirt and rock removed will be returned. They wouldnt have to lift a finger. I could go on about the injustice but im just preaching to the choir here.
I have been thinking "man digging 11-13 feet in that hard rock dessert floor is gonna be a BITCH" especially in the HOT sun. So I got an Idea from that Jurrasic park Movie. They really have "ground penetrating radar" that exist that can scan 6 meters deep. Sooooooo anyone here got one of those things laying around their But seriously we need to get our hands on one.

orwhut said...

I used to watch a lot of true crime shows and the ground penetrating radar's reliability didn't impress me. I'd recommend a backhoe or a mini excavtor.

eviliz said...

Farf said-They call him Buster, Buster, down in Death Valley.
No one you see, can sniff gravesites like he.
That’s all I got.

Rock on!!

eviliz said...

As always thank you Paul. Can you obtain a permit and just go digging where ever you want, unattended by The Man? If so, how much does one cost?

cielodrivecom said...

Sounds like Ron Swanson is in charge up there

Patty is Dead said...

@Liz: BLM land is easier to get a permit to dig on than getting one in the National Park. So, for instance, it would be less red tape to look for the bikers in Panamint Valley because the old mine shaft is on BLM land. Barker's, incidentally, wasn't always National parkland; this has only been the case for the last decade or so. Obviously, it was in the National interest to annex it because of the historical significance. Why not make it even more significant? Who the hell knows why not. Third person Patty is perplexed.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

My speculation is their worried about the native flora, wildlife, and that dogs might dig up ancient First Nations burial grounds.

andy said...

Suze said...
Jesse, the way I understand it the names of the potential victims are not known.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this but I believe that it was Larry Bailey and Vern Plumlee who told police in Oregon before TLB was even solved that Clem and Charlie had killed two guys in the desert near Barker Ranch.

I also read about a young man who was at Barker for a short time and didn't fit in. He wound up disappearing in the middle of the night leaving all his hiking equipment behind. Grogan said, “he got homesick”.

Weren't there also a couple of bikers that went missing in that area right at that time?

also larry said he personally saw manson shoot someone in the head out in the desert

Patty is Dead said...

@Andy, ru talking about "white rabbit?"

ColScott said...

Dostie is going for his sixteen minutes of fame. There are no bodies buried out there. And anyone who signs onto something that puke Larry Melton says needs their head examined.

Patty is Dead said...

@AC: if a tribal elder came forth and said "Do not dig here," then I would definitely reconsider my stance. In the absence of any such protest, a native burialsitw would be just as historically significant as the discovery of another Manson Family victim. In the case of a native, he or she or they could be reburied, and the world will move on . The fact remains that there is compelling evidence for human remains based on valid, scientific forensic evidence. Natives or Slippies, the historical value would be the same. The area is significant for many reasons. Ps if you ever want to visit, call me.

Patty is Dead said...

@Colonel, its not just Larry Melton who says so. Email me?

Matt said...

Col, I'll disagree. We spent a long day with Dostie and have corresponded with him for two years. He's a humble retired detective who has devoted his time to helping find human remains from CA to places like the the WWII battlefields of Europe.

He also donates his time and expertise to help solve cold cases. Not just this one, but many you and I will never hear about because they don't get the press that Manson does.

No one can convince me that he wants attention from this. He sees a wrong and knows he is one of only a handful of people who can help to right it.

cielodrivecom said...

Steve Zabriske was the guy who told the Portland police detective about the Ed Bailey and Vern Plumlee story.

Ed Bailey later denied the story when questioned my LAPD

Anonymous said...

Wasnt theere other cadaver dogs that also alerted the same spots that Buster did? That would
make the Cols 16 minutes of fame theory completely wrong.
Nothing I have read from Sgt Dotsie points to a fame seeker either. I think it would be detremental to solving this case to beleive the Manson family and moreso Stabby Tex are only responsible for the TLB deaths, circumstantial evidence and common sense points to a whole lot more murders in my meager opinion and Ive had my head examined more than once.

Anonymous said...

BTW, thanks Suze for clearing that up for me

Matt said...

That's correct, Jesse. Another dog "Ness" also alerted at Barker, independent from Buster.

No word on whether Buster attempted to boink Ness.

Suze said...

You're welcome, Jesse. I'm a novice at this compared to the rest of the TLB Junkies around here, so it was nice to contribute for once rather than just commenting.

Anonymous said...

Matt said;

No word on whether Buster attempted to boink Ness.

Haha, Thanks Matt, I needed a good laugh, my boss is being a ass today. That was right on time.

Matt said...

Sgt Dostie in response to bobot420:

We used the best GPR (ground penetrating radar) available on the sites in 2008. There are too many rocks blocking the beam from penetrating deep enough. It was of no use at all.

The GPR works great on the Coral sands of Tarawa. No rocks there.

bobot420 said...

ahhhh, I see. I did not do my research enough it looks like. Im very interest in the Buster 1,2,3 spots. They are close together like a cluster and since theres no shrubbery it makes me more curious. Not that shrubbery cant grow above graves, it just those spots stand out. I like the Buster 1 spot. I think it will be the easiest to locate once im there. If you google map to the location, theres quite a lot of green around it but not in that spot.
Also I totally disagree with you COLSCOTT, but you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and thats why we are here. Sgt Dostie goes up there alot, not just with a film crew. He even drove by Mike and I in a Jeep when I was there. It was at the entrance where we camped. They were having a Big Bike race through the canyon that day. think there arent any more bodies really underestimates the families capabilities. There simply has to be more bodies that we dont know about. The only murdered victims we know are the ones the family got caught for. The only info that was offered was the body of Shorty Shea. Steve Grogan pointed out the only body that police already knew about but was missing still. He wouldnt offer any new info that could incriminate him again, only info that would help him. Too bad Bruce didnt think of it first. You can see that the rest of the whole family stayed Hush,Hush about the location of shea. If they stayed quiet for that after the dust settled, then surely they would stay quiet about the other murders that police had no idea of. Just my opinion though.

andy said...

Panamint Patty said...
@Andy, ru talking about "white rabbit?"

no, im sorry, i meant Ed (Bailey) not larry. he said he saw manson shoot someone in the head with a .45 in death valley...for whatever thats worth

Kimchi said...

He also took Buster to Spahn and they dug there too...

I'd like to know, did they find anything at Spahn? There were other dogs that alerted there too.

The day we were there,(Spahn) there were still small flags in the ground marking where the dogs alerted. The infamous "golf cart guy" came around and told us to leave, said the FBI was investigating...(he was just trying to run us off)...

It was around the same time Sgt. Dostie did a Discovery Channel special called "Manson's Missing Victims"

I too, was fortunate to meet Sgt. Dostie at Barker, (by coincidence) he gave us a private tour... that was way before the digs...great guy and Buster is a champ...

Matt said...

Kimchi, Paul Dostie is a stand up guy. At some point things are going to break the right way and right will win out over wrong!

eviliz said...

Paul is a wonderful guy who gave up his personal time to visit with us on the Tour. Paul was THE deciding factor for me to get on that plane to come to CA. I hate flying more than anything in the world. 3 Xanax before the flight and I made it safely.

Kimchi said...

Matt said:
...Kimchi, Paul Dostie is a stand up guy. At some point things are going to break the right way and right will win out over wrong!...

I can't agree more...and Buster is quite a gentleman too! He posed for all kinds of pictures for us.

Kimchi said...

Liz - 4-5 DAYS driving vs 4-5 HOURS flying - no brainer... I'm not a fan of flying either, but consider the odds - you're 50x more likley to perish in a car in LA than in an airplane...

Western Airlines... the ooonnnllly way to fly...LOL... now I'm showing my age, most of you won't know what I'm talking about.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Kimchi has told me several times, that Paul Dostie is a decent guy.
Her word is good with me… and consequently, I have no doubts about his character.

Realistically, Dostie has little to gain (personally) from these efforts.
In fact, he’s been facing an uphill battle, right from the start.
Also, bear in mind:
If Dostie eventually succeeds in initiating another (potentially expensive) dig… and nothing is found… he would likely face major ridicule.
So… he’s got that hanging over his head, as well.
“Accountability“, as it were.
The way I see it… Dostie is actually putting himself “out on a limb”… facing extreme odds… and the potential of being largely criticized and ridiculed… just, to do the right thing.
I don’t know if there are actually bodies still out there… but, I don’t doubt Dostie’s motives for a second.

Also, as an aside:
Melton’s testimony has nothing to do with Dostie’s conviction, that bodies may still be out there.
Dostie is convinced, based on well-trained search dogs and scientific equipment.
Melton… I agree, is an idiot.

What I’d like to know, is this:
Please ask Dostie, why the “powers that be” continue to thwart his efforts.
What are their reasons, specifically?
That’s the million-dollar question, that I've been trying to answer, since the first "dig" ended prematurely.



Matt said...

Folks like Ms. Craighead are career bureaucrats. Their salaries, benefits & retirements are guaranteed. The last thing they want is more work. That in my mind is the motivation to trip up Sgt. Dostie's efforts. Just let me hold him off until I retire in two years and let the next chump deal with this mess...

Cuntry Trash said...

I think people are wasting their time. If anyone was killed and buried (in somewhere other than thrown into an abandon mine), it would have been FAR away from where the Family planned to stay. They should be checking places like Furnace Creek, Stovepipe Wells, and even places in those areas where there are other burials.

Cuntry Trash said...

And for anyone who has been in Death Valley knows people are buried EVERYWHERE in marked and unmarked graves. I remember climbing to the top of a small mountain/hill and there were two graves marked by rocks. It's a needle in the haystack scenario if they plan on using a cadaver dog. Who knows how many people are buried and were buried in the vicinity? They should be playing off of solid leads rather than trying to stir up notoriety and fear. I understand and respect what he is trying to do, but like I said; if anyone was killed I guarantee you they were not buried anywhere near the Ranch.

Patty is Dead said...

@JC: you mean like how The family buried Shorty WAAAAAAY far away from Spahn Ranch?

ColScott said...

Not sure where bobot gets the idea that they are entitled to their own opinion.
In any case, there are no Manson Family victims buried at Barker Ranch. It's a non starter.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi JC,

My thinking paralleled yours, prior to the first dig.

I thought to myself:
“As if the Manson clan would be stupid enough, to bury victims right under their own feet.”

I also thought:
“What are these idiots gonna do… dig-up the entire desert?” LOL
The entire concept struck me as laughable.

I agreed, it was a “needle in a haystack” proposition… and I couldn’t believe, that “the family” would be stupid enough, to bury victims underfoot.

But, since that time… I started asking the following question instead:
“Why would folks invest years training cadaver dogs… and big money, developing scientific discovery tools… if they were completely useless?”

I mean…
If these dogs, tools and methods are completely useless… why are they developed… and why do they exist?
Those are hard questions to ignore.

Facts is… they’re not useless.
Similar dogs and tools, have succeeded in unearthing many missing people nationally… even internationally.
Also… scientists are now able to determine relative time of death… sometimes cause of death… and sometimes through medical and dental records, even positively identify corpses.

Here’s what I think:
I think Matt is correct.
I think pencil-pushers like Craighead, don‘t want a body found… because if a body IS in-fact found (however likely, or unlikely)… they’ll have to deal with it.
They don’t want to “deal with it”.
And by “deal with it”… I mean specifically… they’ll have to pour loads of time (and more importantly, loads of money) into all kinds of scientific and medical testing. (Like, I mentioned above)
They don’t want that.
It’s a big can o’ worms, they’d rather not open.
They wanna collect their state checks, and go home.

As for fear and notoriety… I’m not seeing it.
Why would unearthing a 43 year-old corpse cause fear in anyone?
The family is no longer in operation… and they no longer live there.
The ranch itself, is a shell at this point, isn’t it?

The only way Dostie is gonna enjoy any positive notoriety, is if he’s successful… in which case, he will have earned it.
Anything short of success… and he’ll be dragged through the mud.

I can tell you for fact, that Dostie has legal information, which the general public, does not have access to.
He does have solid leads, which you‘re not aware of.
JC… you’re only seeing, the tip of the iceberg.

Having said all that...

I believe this dig idea, may still be a waste of time for the following reason:
It will be exceedingly difficult to tie any discovered bodies (legally) to a perpetrator.
That's the big caveat.

I mean…
To tie any discovered bodies, to “family members” legally… to the extent, that they could actually put anyone on-trial at this point, is probably a major long-shot, comparable to hitting the lottery... or getting struck by lightning.
It may bring some peace of mind, to the extended family of some missing “Jane Doe”… but as for actual arrests and incarcerations… I think that’s somewhat of a fantasy.

It all depends, what they're looking to get out of it.
Find some missing teenager?
Send someone to jail for murder?
I highly doubt it.

My two cents…
If you disagree… that’s cool too.

Peace Brother!

bobot420 said...

LOL, Panamint Patty wrote what I was thinking about Shorty. For you people who think the family is too stupid to bury the dead under their own feet, patty nailed it with the shorty shea comment. So that should be a done topic, its proven that the family are dumb enough to bury the dead under their own feet. Unless you want to ignore the facts, then there is no hope in discussing it. Why do I want to dig, well duh, it makes the Manson story even more interesting, which is why we are all here to begin with. Also Dostie deserves the notoriety if bodies are uncovered and I hope he gets reimberssed finnacially by doing interviews. Ill make my money from the Jaw bone I sell to

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Bobot said:
"Why do I want to dig, well duh, it makes the Manson story even more interesting, which is why we are all here to begin with".

Please dude...

Contact the Park Service, the Authorities, and the Town Hall, and communicate your powerful message.
I'm sure they'll grant Sargeant Dostie, two Ph.D's, a Forensic Anthropologist, and a former high ranking Archeologist permission to commence digging immediately... based on your personal interest.

Bobot said:
"Ill make my money from the Jaw bone I sell to"

Pretty sick dude.

I'm sure Sargeant Dostie will remit any unearthed evidence and remains over to "Bobot" immediately.
You'll get the first bone to sell.

Even in joking, that's pretty ridiculous.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Sorry Matt... I couldn't resist.

There are folks trying to conduct a serious discussion here.

This guy's personal interest is of no significance, to the authorities... and the concept of selling unearthed victims (even in jest) is beyond weird.

eviliz said...

Kimchi said...
Liz - 4-5 DAYS driving vs 4-5 HOURS flying - no brainer... I'm not a fan of flying either, but consider the odds - you're 50x more likley to perish in a car in LA than in an airplane...

I know I know. There are maybeeee five things I am afraid of and flying is #2. As long as there is Xanax I can fly. lol

eviliz said...

Panamint Patty said...
@JC: you mean like how The family buried Shorty WAAAAAAY far away from Spahn Ranch?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I thought to myself:
“As if the Manson clan would be stupid enough, to bury victims right under their own feet.”

True dat.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Liz... don't sweat it.
I absolutely hate flying myself.

If I never get on another plane, it will be soon enough for me. LOL

I'm pretty sure AC traveled from Michigan to California, by train.

I always wanted to ask AC, what that experience was like... and exactly, how long the train ride took.

The famous "John Madden" (former Super Bowl-winning head coach with the Oakland Raiders...and former color commentator for NFL telecasts) would never fly.
He took a bus everyhwere.

There's something unnatural about flying.
I just don't think humans were meant to be thousands of feet, off the ground.

Whenever I'm up there, I think:
"Somethin' just ain't right about this". LOL

I kiss the ground, when the freakin' thing, finally lands!

I'm with ya!!!!

eviliz said...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...Then...
I kiss the ground, when the freakin' thing, finally lands!

The problem was, before April I had not flown in over 20 years. I used to get air sick. But medicine has come a long way since then. The doctor gave me a script for some good anti nausea medicine so that was cured.
The other problem was- someone other than me freaking out on the plane. I was on high alert and so paranoid that 3 Xanax didn't even make me sleepy.
My daughter was nervous for me as well. But RFoster from the blog works at an airport. He kept my daughter updated the whole flight, both ways. He was tracking me like Santa Claus the night before Xmas.

bobot420 said...

I have had quite the history with mr. lynard, me and him went at it in the backporch youtube message board. The guy has waaaaaay too much time on his hands. On the Youtube channel there would be pages and pages on constant comments of incoherent ramblings that only someone with no time on their hands would read. I swear when ever I see Lynards name and another LONG ass post my eyes naturally skip it. I didnt even know until this morning that there was even confrontaion between us until I got a message from someone here. I mentioned Colscott only, but yet again theres lynard calling out the bobot420. I dont just sit here and type away my thoughts, I physicaly do things to contribute to this matter. Google: "bobot420" and theres quite a bit of my contributions. Google lynardskynardband and you find nothing but a band that has nothing to do with you. The fact that people talk about you to me behind your back just proves I need to say no more than this, and not waste any more of my time.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Bobot... You're delirious.

I've never communicated with you on Youtube... not even once.

In fact...
Yesterday was the first time I've ever (lowered myself) to address you, in my entire life.

I have absolutely no idea, what you're talking about.

Try this link, for a few of my contributions:


bobot420 said...

OMG, Im sure Liz or Matt could contact Michael to confirm our past. Id prefer that you dont even type BOBOT420, since your the one that called me out and typed my handle first. Its a dead give away your just trying to cause a problem.

bobot420 said...

LOL, Lynard I just so happened to find a message from you in March 2011. I forwarded it to the moderators so they can see your full of it.


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Bobot said:
"Lynard I just so happened to find a message from you in March 2011"

You received a personal message from me?
As in... an email?

Seriously Dude... you need help.
I've never communicated with you via email, in my entire life.

Please... send it to Matt.
In fact... better yet... send it to ME.
I'd love to see it.

Seriously dude... I have no idea, what you're talking about... or, who you are.

Bobot said:
"On the Youtube channel there would be pages and pages on constant comments of incoherent ramblings"

I posted on Michael's youtube channel a handful of times, because Michael was kind enough to post some links to my blog.
When my blog first opened... he gave me a few very helpful "plugs", and I thanked him.

I also made some jokes over there (Michael's channel), on occasion.

I've NEVER flooded Michael's channel with incoherent comments... and, I've definitely never harassed anyone over there.

Contact Michael anytime... we're on excellent terms.
I've got nothing to hide.
Michael knows, I'm a stand-up guy.

IF I've EVER communicated with you directly in the past... I honestly don't recall... and, I honestly don't care.

I'm trying to be polite, since this is not my blog.

If you insist on continuing this foolishness... meet me on my blog, or email me... and we'll squash this.

Let's not inconvenience Matt, Liz and Patty any further.