Monday, October 29, 2012

The Tex Tapes - New News or Same Old Story ??

This is a good, brief, summary for those who are not exactly sure what all the hype is about regarding the “Tex Tapes." This will fill in the blanks. Casey Jordan seems to be more capable of having a reasonable conversation about this subject than most I have heard in a major media interview.  I don’t think that there will be anything new on these tapes personally, but if I am wrong?? Information which could have made a difference, and given some answers to people who have been desperately searching for them- would have been right there locked away all these years??


Cuntry Trash said...

Same old shit.
If there is information, it may be him speaking of the Shea murder- maybe even implicating himself. There may also be the Lotsapoppa shooting, and the same tired stuff. Didn't Tex even say long ago "there are no more murders than what has already came out."

F said...

She said that because Tex found Christ he would've said something about other murders by now. Really?!?! He wants out, Christ or not. He would never admit to anything willingly. When he ran the Medicare scam awhile back, wasn't that after he found Christ?

Matt said...

Frustrating to hear a seasoned criminologist say that she believes Tex would have admitted to all of this by now based on his Christianity. Please. It's fact that he participated in the Shea murder and he never addresses that subject, just completely avoids it.

leary7 said...

yeah, her last sentance about "he would have said so by now" is just plain crapola. There is no motive for him doing so other that his (bogus) faith. And there is plenty of motive for him not saying so, not the least of which is not wanting his children to know that his depravity extends even further.

Saint is of course right - most reasonable folk doubt there are any smoking guns on the tapes. But Watson DID TALK for eight hours. I doubt he and his lawyer were discussing sports or girls.
We should all be thankful that the LAPD is taking some initiative.
And I still don't understand how anyone, let alone a professional criminologist, can be dismissive of the similarities in the knots used on the leather thongs at Ukiah and the ones used on the LaBiancas.

Unknown said...

Is this lady Tex's girlfriend or something? It seemed like she was defending him and she is damn sure the tapes have no new info. Very weird to be so positive about something no one knows for a fact. I would never say the Family was always totally honest and forthright either.

Matt said...

It would be nice Heidi if they had folks like Cielo or Starship on as the expert for Manson segments.

This criminologist probably spent 10 minutes preparing for this and you see the result.