Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leslie Van Houten Parole Hearing Today

Today, June 5, 2013, is the 20th parole hearing for Leslie Van Houten.  What do you think the chances are this time for her parole?  Will she go the way of Bruce Davis and be recommended for parole only to have that opportunity negated by the governor?   Will she be outright denied like she has 19 times before?  Or will she be granted parole?

We will let you know the board's decision as soon as we learn of it.  In  the mean time here is a December 11, 1969 Pasadena Star News article, one of the first articles to feature Leslie.


Strict limits were ordered Wednesday in Los Angeles on principals in the case of the slayings of Sharon Tate and six other persons.

Superior Court Judge William B. Keene said any violation of his order would be considered contempt of court.

His order -- similar to that issued to guarantee a fair trial for Sirhan B. Sirhan, convicted of killing Sen. Robert F. Kennedy -- came after three young women defendants waived arraignment on murder charges.

Judges' Ban

Judge Keene restricted "attorneys, public officials, law enforcement officers, grand jurors, witnesses and others from making extrajudicial statements... related to this case."

A section directed at defense attorneys told them not to release evidence they intend to present not to express an opinion on the weight, value of effect or any evidence in establishing guilt or innocence.

Girl At Scene

Attorneys for one defendant last week made public her story that she was at the scene of two sets of killings, and gave limited details of her account.

Susan Atkins, 21, Linda Kasabian, 20, and Leslie Louise Van Houten, 19, were impassive during the waiving of arraignment and reading of the publicity order.  The murmured "no" when asked if they had questions about their rights or about the order.

Dec. 22 was set for pleas from Mrs. Kasabian and Miss Van Houten and Dec. 16 was set for Miss Atkins.  Miss Van Houten was identified by in the proceedings, with her home town given as Monrovia, Calif.  She previously had been identified as Leslie Sankston.

Monrovia High Grad

Miss Van Houten was reported to have gone through schools in Monrovia, at least from junior high school onward, graduating from Monrovia High School in 1967.

A girl friend said Miss Van Houten started to drop out of school activities in her senior year and had considered entering a convent to become a nun soon after graduation.  She apparently changed her mind and completed a course in a secretarial school in Manhattan Beach while living with her father, Paul Van Houten.

"She was a nice girl," the friend commented.

The three, with Charles M. Manson, 35, Charles D. Watson, 24, and Patricia Krenwinkel, 22, were indicted on murder conspiracy charges Monday in the slayings of Miss Tate and four others at her home last Aug. 9, and of Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca the next night.

Watson is in custody in McKinney, Texas and Miss Krenwinkel is in custody in Mobile, Ala.

The bearded Manson, identified as the "God" and "Satan" of a communal group whose members slavishly did his bidding, is to be arraigned Thursday.  He was brought to L.A. Tuesday from Independence, Calif., where he had been held since being arrested in October.  He is accused of operating a car theft ring for the band's desert commune near Death Valley.


St. Circumstance said...

Put me in the column for No Chance...

I am so sure that LULU has no chance that if I am wrong I will donate what I still have of my Manson DVD collection to the site to raffle off...

Both Hendrickson DVDs
The Manson Family
6 degrees of Helter Skelter
Manson My name is Evil ( Released as LULU my name is evil)

Plus Ill throw in Mondo Hollywood- which contains scenes with both Bobby B and Jay Sebring...

and my copy of the Manson CD- All The Way Alive

You can win Saints Manson Stash

6 DVD's and one CD- ill send them to Matt to give away as a prize for some sort of contest or whatever he wants to do with them...

IF LULU gets the votes today to be released...

Matt said...

If you were betting against her being released - which includes the Governor's oversight I'd say you have a reasonable chance of keeping that great collection.

However, I think she'll get the votes from the parole board this time.

Good thing I built that shopping cart for the T-shirts. :)

The only decision will be what charity we choose. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the Family has achieved their goal of 'one-ness', in the sense that Leslie is Katie is Bruce is Bobby is Tex is Charlie.

They are all lumped together therefore I agree, they all have as much chance of release as Tex does, which is to say no chance at all.

Jason said...

Yup, she stays in. Even if she is supposedly sweet and pretty. Too much bad publicity for whomever has a hand in letting a "Family" member out.

Matt said...

Not to play devil's advocate Jason but I disagree. Bruce was vetoed by Gov Brown because he felt Davis still minimizes his role and there's still that general feeling that he hasn't fully (or even remotely) come clean about what he participated in and even more of what he knows about.

These elements don't exist with Leslie. She did what she did for sure. She's been locked up for 44 years as a result. If the law of the land is actually followed (which is rarely the case in CA parole decisions) she gets a release date.

John Seger said...

Horsey will gallop around the barnyard until she drops dead. LuLu won't get parole. Evil witch. All of those family members need to stay in their pens

AustinAnn74 said...

They will not let horsehead out!

Patty is Dead said...

yeah, Patty doubts it. She needs to serve her full sentence, but Patty's heart hurts for her just like it hurts for the victims' families. Is that wrong? So many casualties that summer: both those who lived, and those who did not. Nobody "won" (except maybe Ron Stark).

John Seger said...

no you are not wrong. You have a good heart and you are a cool person :-) I just want LuLu horsey face to stay in the barnyard locked up

stoner van houten said...

because of what happened to doesn't look good for her...but she's not bruce..her resume is spotless she has changed her life around and is a role model for immates...i hate to say this but gov.brown wont let her out..i would love to see her free,and she deserves to be...

Suze said...

I could never be a good politician. I have one foot on each side of this fence. The crimes were so horrific that on one hand I don't think any of them should be released, but Clem was. He is a perfectly functioning member of society.

Out of all the TLB killers I see LVH as the least demonic. BUT, she was there & she did plunge a knife 16 times into Rosemary LaBianca (dead or alive).

As far as knowing the motive, I bet LVH is the LEAST likely to know. I'll guarantee that Nancy, Mary & Squeaky know way more than she does and they are walking among us. Do you fear them? I don't.

What she did at age 19 was awful. But now she's in her 60's and no more a threat than Clem or the other girls. Let her go home.

Max Frost said...

Yes let her go. It's the law. But like Matt said the law in CA is rarely followed - especially in high profile cases. She isn't an evil witch. People have done far worse than her and have gotten released in a fraction of the time. People have done far less than her (I.e., selling drugs) and end up doing very hard time.

Justice is JUST ICE.

St. Circumstance said...

She goes nowhere

none of them ever do

Clem gave up information and anything else is hyperbole

LULU has noting to offer and yet can do so much to hurt by her release

both to victims families and more importantly and unfairly to politicians public records...

I gain no satisfaction in seeing an old women suffer. Nor do I want to see the victims families suffer

Thats why these parole hearings are a very bad idea, and Doris did good by making them less frequent.

LULU is supposed to be dead- some of you need to remember that. I am not really for the death penalty and couldn't push the switch myself..

But those who say that she is has been treated unfairly fail to remember she got very, very lucky or else we wouldn't be having this conversation at all....

death penalty was killed then brought back- in the history of the system how many people were lucky enough to be in that window which saved there lives???

Not the labiancas

Max Frost said...

Yes but we are talking about the law here. Look up how many convicted murderers (who did FAR worse than Leslie) got out after 25 years or whatever the case may be. She's in prison almost a half century later for 1 count. And there doesn't seem to be any argument as to her limited part in the crime.

I don't care about her personally. But if the law can be overlooked in her situation, think of what can happen to other people - even the wrongly convicted.

We all know our justice system is totally flawless and fair, right?

beauders said...

leslie was sentenced to the death penalty but her conviction was thrown out and she was retried and given life on her third trial. the death penalty never applied to van houten. she gained nothing by calidornia abolishing the death penalty.

St. Circumstance said...

beauders you are right!

LOL I am sure that she was given a new trial after the death penalty was temp abolished- but that wouldn't have mattered...

and she was given a new trial because of her lawyers disappearance. The lawyer she didnt listen to and tried to fire a couple of times. How many lawyers were in and out of that trial and none of them mattered- they wouldn't listen the lawyers...

But none of that really matters- although it is fair and true-

you are right and she was not saved by the abolishment of the death penalty

I stand corrected :)

Anonymous said...

Leslie should have been released. Leslie,Bruce and Bobby did the least in those crimes and since then a lot of people have done worse and were set free after 25 yrs.
IMO Leslie should get out and now she has to wait another 5yrs before another parole hearing and if she doesn't get released then she never will.

Anonymous said...

Free Leslie!