Saturday, June 22, 2013


From a friend of the blog- my bad I forget who sent it to me.  My excuse, still recovering from the tour.

SO I was reading my Sonic Youth bio and interestingly Kim Gordon, bassist/vocalist in the band, said her brother’s girlfriend was murdered by the Family!  I have no clue who she was talking about but she was in her late teens in 1969, lived in L.A., and has spoken of the chaos caused by the TLB murders.  So in the spirit of Manson inspired music here is Sonic Youth’s “Death Valley 69 video.  First verse “Coming down/Sadie I love it/now now now/death valley 69….it’s HELTER SKELTER MAN!!!!!!!


Panamint Patty said...


Max Frost said...

It's probably one of the many unsolved murders in LA that has been conveniently, and unsubstantiatedly, dumped on Manson and gang.

In case you didn't know, they also offed RFK and MLK.

Just look at the timeline - it's TOTALLY possible!

orwhut said...

I'd really like to know who the girl was. My searches led to the post on this blog.

Unknown said...

Marina Habe perhaps?

orwhut said...

The linked article says Marina had been to visit John Hornburg.
In other places I've read that that she had visited her boyfriend and others said a playtonic friend.

Anonymous said...

"New Yorker" magazine had a long puff piece on Kim Gordon earlier this month that briefly mentions this link between her unfortunate brother and a supposed murder victim of the Manson gang. June 3, 2013 issue.