Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another Manson Movie Never To Be Seen??

Haunting Charles Manson
Charlie Is My Darlin' (original title) 
(Eviliz feels the same about Charlie being her Darlin)

Nothing to read at IMDB really.  A cast I never even heard of.  You be the judge.


Max Frost said...

Here's a link to the trailer:

It actually looks sort of interesting - but most trailers do.

If the filmmaker agrees to supply me with enough LSD, I'll agree to watch it!

Max Frost said...

Mickey Rourke gets a "Special Thanks."


Doc Sierra said...

Looks like a 'straight to video' to me.

brownrice said...

Hopefully, it'll become a "straight to torrent", Doc... then we might get to see it :-)

At least the filmmaker seems to be trying a different approach rather than jut another rehash of Bugliosi's best-selling novel...

I'd watch it even without the acid... though I'll admit that'd probably help.