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Jimmy Page Unearths Soundtrack Album

From RFoster1:

Just discovered this today, although it’s been out for a year now. Apparently Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin had recorded some tracks for the Kenneth Anger film, Lucifer Rising. To refresh your memory, that was the film that Bobby Beausoleil had been involved with. Don’t know how much you all were into Zeppelin, but Jimmy Page was into the occult, the “dark arts” and such back in the day. Who knows if he still is, or not. Anyway, this was news to me, so it might be news to some of you too.

Jimmy Page Unearths Soundtrack Album Guitarist releasing avant garde early Seventies instrumentals Jimmy Page's avant garde soundtrack music from the early Seventies will finally be released on March 20th. Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks will collect several compositions that were recorded at the Led Zeppelin guitarist's home studio, including the title piece, which was intended for use in Kenneth Anger's short film Lucifer Rising. The music never made it into the picture, but Page did make a cameo in the film.
Page will release the record exclusively through his website. An LP edition will be issued on heavyweight vinyl, and a special run of numbered copies will be released as well. The first 93 copies of that set will be autographed by Page.
The track listing for Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks is as follows:
Side One
"Lucifer Rising – Main Track"
Side Two
"Damask – Ambient"
"Lucifer Rising – Percussive Return"

Original Rolling Stone article HERE


orwhut said...
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Ajerseydevil said...

Nice find Matt didn't know anything about this had never heard that anywhere before Page being involved with Anger knew about his interest in the occult read Hammer of The God's as a teen he used to own one of Aleister Crowley's houses
Guessing the Album is all Instrumental ?

Matt said...

rfoster1 found this, not me. I'll wait for him to answer.

St. Circumstance said...

My understanding from reading interviews on Bobby site is that Anger got pissed because it was taking Page so long to get it done and so Bobby re-struck up communication with Anger and was able to convince him to let him do it instead...

St. Circumstance said...

Here is something I read on this :

Anger thought Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page would be the perfect composer for his occult masterwork. The two met at a Sotheby's auction of Aleister Crowley materials. Page was also a longtime devotee of the mystic's teachings and, in fact, one of his three houses was Crowley's onetime residence at Boleskine on the shores of Loch Ness. Page arranged editing time for Anger in the same studios where The Song Remains the Same was being finished and began working on an experimental synthesizer-drenched score. He even arranged for an early screening to present the work-in-progress and generate buzz. Despite all this Anger ended the relationship and criticized Page's uncommitted dabbling. Page maintained that Anger was actually more concerned about a troubled book deal he had for his long-suffering tinseltown tell-all "Hollywood Babylon," which publishers were afraid to release due to possible legal backlash. Now Anger seemed stuck with two foundering projects. However, whenever Anger closes a door, the devil seems to open a window.

In 1976, Bobby Beausoleil was doing time at Dueul Correctional Institute when he learned of the problems between Anger and Page. He still yearned to create the music for Lucifer Rising. His sentence had been commuted to life when California did away with the death penalty and he needed a project that would not only pass the time, but fill his life with a positive, creative release. He needed to prove that he was not dead or destroyed. He contacted Anger and arrangements were made with Warden R.M. Dees.

Doc Sierra said...

william marshall said...

Nice find Matt didn't know anything about this had never heard that anywhere before Page being involved with Anger knew about his interest in the occult read Hammer of The God's as a teen he used to own one of Aleister Crowley's houses
In the Led Zeppelin movie, The Song Remains The Same, there's a scene where Jimmy Page is on a lawn and playing some type of music box, then his eyes turn bright red. When I was a teenager I was told this scene was filmed at the house he owned that was formerly owned by Crowley.....

Released on thick vinyl? Cool. For all of you younger people out there back in the 70s, when we opened a new album and pulled it out of the sleeve, one of the first things we would check out was the thickness of the vinyl. The thicker the vinyl the better the sound quality.

Unknown said...

Page also wrote soundtrack for one of "Deathwish" movies.

In Jeff Guinn's "Manson" it states that Beausoleil stole the "Lucifer Rising" canisters. (I guess that means the film itself?)

(Off-topic: Guinn's "Manson" also states that "The Witch’s Review" was Atkins' "dream job". In Atkins' autobiography she says that she didn't want any part of it, her boss kept pressing her to do it and she finally acquiesced.)

(Also, everyone probably knows about the note that Fromme tried to get to Page when Zeppelin came to LA in '75 or '76 which warned him to stay away from LA due to "bad energy".)

(FYI: Page owned a small Occult Book Store in London for a period in 70's.)

Patty is Dead said...

It was that same tour that Page and Bowie holed up in a hotel room with an enormous pile of coke discussing the occult and watching "Un Chien Andalou" over and over again. This is according to "Hammer of the Gods." Bowie also owned the Crowley house for a time.

Farflung said...

Here’s a little excerpt about Squeaky’s attempt to contact Page:

“In March 1975, Fromme confronted Danny Goldberg, the publicist for English rock band Led Zeppelin, which was performing concerts in the United States as part of its North American concert tour. She said she had to see Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page because she had foreseen something evil in his future and thought it might happen that night during the band's concert at the Long Beach Arena. She swore that the last time this had happened, she had seen someone shot to death before her very eyes. Goldberg persuaded her to write a long note to Page, after which she left. The note was burned, unread.”

What could one glean from this bit of Squeak-ology? She ‘swore’ the last time she had such a feeling, she had seen someone shot to death before her very eyes. Squeaky wasn’t part of the Hinman, Tate, LaBianca, or Shea murders. Lotsapoppa would be eliminated since he survived being blasted, leaving Zero Haught and Lauren Willett as potential candidates. Squeaky was most certainly in that Stockton house with Lauren in her freshly dug grave, but claimed the murder took place a few hours before her arrival. She was released due to a lack of evidence rather than a surplus of innocence.

While zealously crafting justification to see Jimmy Page, doth the Squeaky protest too much, and had a Freudian slip, to go with a little slice of ‘Proverbs 28:1’?

Matt said...

It tells me Danny Goldberg was a good judge of mental health.

Farflung said...

Of course all this assumes the incident occurred in the first place.

According to Bravin’s book of ‘Squeaky’; the little scamp was busy in late August trying to dissuade a group of California antelope hunters from using their permits. She was trying to get a colleague to phone the hunters…. posing as a woodland creature…. to threaten them if they dared to shoot at them. As we all know, this is an absurd premise, since residential phones were rotary dial back then, and there’s no way for a cloven hoofed beast to have made such a call.

After the failed Antelope phone exercise, on or around 26 August, Squeaky is reported to have gone to LA and try and contact Jimmy Page.

As is the case with 99 and 44/100ths of that written or said about the Family, some anachronisms begin to appear.

If the attempt to contact Page was during the concert tour, then it would have occurred in March 1975, rather than late August (after the 26th), with a return to Sacramento by at least 4 September, the day before the assassination attempt on President Ford.

Something is wrong with the continuity of this story which leaves the reader having to chose what combination of events makes them happy. Good for establishing a Manson connection, but horrid for accuracy.