Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Charles Manson Unpublished Interview

This is the recently released text of an interview with Charles Manson that was to have been in Penthouse magazine.  The correspondence includes letters between the person setting up the interview and Bob Guccione.

Nothing really new,  Manson admits to shooting Lottsapoppa, rambles a bit about having to try to fix Bobby's messes and goes on a diatribe about underage runaways.  They are going to cause his downfall, don't cha know!


Farflung said...

This cold case from South Dakota is far enough in time (1971) to be somewhat relevant, and far enough away physically to avoid the emotive triggers associated with the Family’s antics. Although I suppose there’s little to have stopped an author from conjuring some sort of connection and inferring these girls being victims of Manson as well. The same way a shotgun suicide in Bishop, CA can enter the Manson pantheon with little or no validation.

I know it’s easy to armchair quarterback with 20/20 hindsight, so that’s exactly why I’m doing it. I may have some details wrong, but I think this is well into the 90th percentile for historical accuracy.

A couple teenaged (17) girls vanished back in 1971, in rural South Dakota (As opposed to metropolitan South Dakota) on their way to a party, and have never been seen again. Here’s some more history from the files of the mysteriously unexplained:

“On the evening of the 29th (May) the two high school juniors visited Miller's grandmother in the hospital (in Vermillion, SD). After that, they stopped and talked to some boys at a church near the Spink exit and asked them for directions. Miller and Jackson (the two girls) started following the car full of boys to the party at a gravel pit about 15 miles south of Beresford, but when the boys looked back in their rear-view mirror, Miller and Jackson had vanished. To this day, there has been no sign of them or their car. The car is described as a 1960 beige Studebaker Lark, SD license 19-3994.”

Anytime there are teenaged descriptions in a story, another piece of me dies since they are restricted by some DNA sequence from any concise form of diction (except for YOUR teenager of course). So here are some Cliff notes:

The girls were visiting granny in Vermillion, SD which is 12.7 miles from the church near the Spink exit here:

42.851208,-96.785688 (Google maps)

Farflung said...

Reading some directions can make a country drive seem more complex than a moon shot, and this is one of those situations. You see the party was at a gravel pit which is 15 miles south of Beresford. Wanna know what’s 15 miles south of Beresford? The parking lot of the church where all the kids were meeting. Yep, this is how most directions are delivered by most teenagers, even as far back as ’71. Some news reports combined with some Kentucky windage have me placing the location of the party in the pit at:


The distance from the last time the girls were seen to the presumed location of the party is less than four miles, and required two turns and one bridge crossing, with the passing of four ponds across some utterly tabletop flat topography. But the case became more mysterious with snitches accusing a local rapist, already serving several hundred years in prison, with the murder of the two girls in 2004.

I just knew there would have to be a rapist involved and fortunately the sister of the accused was going to testify as well (Whew, I was afraid the batshit crazy wouldn’t happen). Now that she’s a mature adult, who appreciates the ethos of Plato’s Republic, she was ready to testify how she saw the girls slumped in the car in the backyard of the family farm. Then her brother moved them to a wheelbarrow before using a backhoe to bury the Studebaker. The police obtained a search warrant and adroitly searched that farm for evidence. But the case was eventually dismissed because the prosecutor (yes the DA) discovered the snitch had fabricated the whole story. No mention was made about the suspect’s sister and her ‘participation’. So it’s back to the killing fields of logic, where the occult, snuff film producers, and kiddie porn rings gather and become remoras constantly attached to any mystery. That is, until Cletus wondered down to the creek to do some bluegill fishing this week, and noticed an undercarriage and four wheels sticking out of the water here:


So far the police have matched the license plate to the above story and found human remains inside the vehicle which are in a lab for identification. Sadly it appears that the most precise actions and analysis would have not saved any lives in this case. I’m assuming the girls accidently drove into the creek and drowned as a result of their less than four mile, but more than forty year mystery trip. Again, I know this is all 20/20 hindsight, but for crying out loud, what exactly was the protocol of elimination used during the search for these two girls? A bamboo pole or some sort of drag line could have identified something like a Studebaker Lark in a twenty foot wide creek without too much skill or expense. I’ve already tried to convince myself that I must be missing some detail which turned this into such a complex problem, where it appears to be so painfully simple.

DebS said...

This does offer somewhat of a relevancy to the supposed other Manson victims in the context that sometimes people go missing and there is a plausible explanation other than foul play.

In all likelihood these two girls met their end by a simple mistake and managed to plunge their car into the creek, unable to exit the vehicle.

This finding of the Studebaker comes on the heels of last week's discovery of two cars found in a reservoir in Oklahoma where there was a total of six victims found, three in each car. Same general timeframe. The people had been missing for a little more than 40 years.

What are the odds that eight people who have been missing for more than 40 years suddenly are found within a week of each other?

Must have something to do with climates change.

Farflung said...

The article about the Oklahoma skeletons precisely represent the yin and yang of modern logic.

Take a death, where a physician has identified it immediately as a shotgun suicide, where the gun shop which sold the gun and ammo is identified, and place it near a Manson associated arrest. By near, I mean within a radius of a hundred miles seems to be acceptable. Then use the word ‘suspicious’, add some bikers, and throw in some narcotics because pushing Fuller Brush isn’t very sexy. Now you have all the elements to create a long standing myth where the Family somehow influenced the purchase of a new shotgun, then used that gun registered to the victim, to kill him in a nearby motel room, and make it ‘look’ like a suicide, authentic enough to deceive the coroner.

Flash to Oklahoma where……

A trio of teenagers, were driving a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, around Foss Lake, in 1970, and vanish. THEN a trio of skeletons, consistent with being from teenagers, is discovered in Foss Lake, in a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, BUT let’s not jump to conclusion here, because DNA matching for identification could take years. I’m actually going to go out on a limb regarding the Oklahoma skeletons, and just throw out the probability of this being a different set of bones in that Camaro at: infinity to one.

Sometimes it’s technology for technologies’ sake as with California’s latest crime involving Hannah Anderson. Amber Alerts were issued across the state, where several million anxious citizens with iPhones managed to NOT photograph a purple car, knowing the license plate number. Nope, she was rescued by cowboys on horseback, packing heat. However, in the same time period, eight people managed to enter the top levels of Angry Birds, and several thousand videos of twerking in public restrooms were produced. So life is good.

Patty is Dead said...

2013: the year of the twerk. Ugh.

AustinAnn74 said...

So, Manson asked for permission to f*ck a young girl from Squeaky? Oh please!

fiona1933 said...

I sort of wonder if that Red thing may be true. Of all the girls, Manson loved Squeaky. He cared or didnt care about the others, poor wretched Susan least of all (he should have got rid of her, should have seen she'd get trouble coming down) but Squeaky, I think he actually respected as a person for her intellect, which is not lacking, if you've read "Squeaky" you'll know that. Sandra Good is smart too, but she's also a deranged fanatic. Well-spoken though and always so lady-like. It's so bizarre to see this debutante type giving it: Whatever you need to do, you do it speech.
No, Squeaky was so smart and cool and book-learned, Manson probably felt intimidated by her and flattered by her love. Its not really so awesome to be loved by a damaged and unloved girl like Susan, or by children like Dianne and Ruth, or to receive the more superficial love from Stephanie, Barbara et al, and Leslie loved Bobby more, didn't she, Ella took off…but to gain steadfast serious love from a talented learned truly devoted female like Lynn would be something for an illiterate convict.