Saturday, September 28, 2013

WikiQuote: Charles Manson

WikiQuote has a Manson page. A few that either made me laugh or otherwise caught my attention:

You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.
 - Interview by Diane Sawyer (1994)

As long as there's hate in your heart, there'll be hate in the world. You can't fight for peace and you cannot capture freedom.
 - Interview track from Charles Manson Sings (2006)

Death is psychosomatic
 - NBC interview (1987)


Anonymous said...

Two of my favorites are related, as the Geography of CMM. I cannot recall where or when they were said, and they are only paraphrased to the best of my memory. 'Anywhere is anywhere you want it to be' and 'Somewhere is just a place where people who are nowhere go.'

DebS said...

One of my favs.

Reporter: What does one infamous convicted killer think of another? That's what we wondered, and that's why when I interviewed Charles Manson last week, I asked him what he thinks about Ted Bundy, the serial killer who recently died if Florida's electric chair. Here's that and a couple of other final words from Charles Manson.

Charles Manson: Bundy's a rumpkin, Bundy's a poop butt. Bundy's his mama's boy, Bundy's out there trying to prove something to his own manhood that's got nothing to do with me. I don't roll around with poop people like that. I stand with people that can stand with themselves.

Reporter: What do you think about what he said about pornography?

Charles Manson: pornography? I've been looking at it all my life and it hasn't affected me anything. Who do you think I am girl? If you could pick all words of the vocabulary that your mother told you...who do you think I am? This is only a couple of hours, could you imagine what it would be like, a couple of days with me? I did a hundred years a day.

beauders said...

A lot of Bundy's victims were anally raped, I wonder if that has something to do with Manson's statement.

revatron said...

Completely Unrelated****

Just listening to Dennis Hopper's Laserdisc commentary of Easy Rider and he mentions that the bikes built in the film were built by Satan's Slaves.
You can hear it here, about half way down the page. You can't fast forward but he mentions it within the first 20 minutes.
And here's another page with a little more info on the bike and the person who built it...

Unknown said...

Hopper was mentioned several times in Ed Sanders' book.

Farflung said...

Where’s Charlie?

For a guy who could barely keep a single vehicle operable for more than an hour or two, Manson sure managed to get around during his relatively brief stint of walking among us. He was busy pushing new VWs off of cliffs in Bishop, and equally busy stealing rattletrap versions in Chatsworth, which is what culminated in the Spahn raid. Logical he was not.

So I’m bemused, yet again, by an article which has Charlie and Family trying to lay their sleepy heads in Belmont, Nevada. He even left some signature graffiti in the courthouse.

Family Vacation

Now Rose (the protagonist) was only able to identify the group from a newspaper photo. I know my father labeled anything as “hippy” with long hair, a peace sign, or music which didn’t sound like Bing Crosby. Among the other odd viewpoints which were used by my father and most of his friends, was the statement that with hair “that long”, it was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman they were looking at (yes, they ended their sentences with a preposition also). Later in life, I asked my old man about this and why he and his ‘friends’ were so flummoxed by the gender of a person with long hair, a beard, large Adam’s apple, hairy arms and knuckles, six foot stride, booming footfalls, tall height, work boots, and who stood to pee. Was it really that hard to tell the genders apart; and how do any of you know your ex-girlfriends were actually girls, or human? Dayum dad. He never answered for some reason. Oh well.

Matt said...

To Farflung: You got me go'in again.

Back in 1970, when we filmed the Dune Buggy scenes in Death Valley with Paul Watkins and Brooks Poston, that Saturday night, we went to the local bar in Shoshone. It was a Cowboy bar with sawdust on the floor and some real shit-kicker music coming out of the jukebox. Leo, Craig and I carefully squeezed ourselves in at the old bar. Soon enough, I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard the words: Can I have this dance? Of course, I knew immediately that the local rodeo rebels, because of my longer hair, were up to playing with me. So I spun around and grabbed an armful of the male prankster and began to do-se-do WITH HIM all over the dance floor.

Sure enough, even Cowboys know how to laugh and the party resumed peacefully.

Years later, I began to notice that the men who complained about other men having long hair (especially cowboy types) were now growing their hair long. Sheriff Don Ward told me that the entire town of Shoshone was terrified of the Manson Gang, and the whole country was also becoming scared of Long Hairs.

Now I'm thinking, is it possible that the Manson Gang personna as "Bad Ass Long Hair Killers" actually motivated the "short hair" wannabe types to grow more hair? IF so, CM really did have an impack on society.

Robert Hendrickson

Farflung said...

I’ve told that story to colleagues who aren’t that much younger (10 years) and their reaction is utter disbelief. “How could that have ever been viewed as a put down?” they will typically ask. Many think that behavior was probably unique to my father and his social circle, rather than a widely spread practice. They may be correct, since I haven’t sampled the entire nation and by the late 70’s, people as ‘hard core’ as my daddy realized what a boomerang that insult was, and had evolved to denying they had ever uttered such a phrase. Riiiight.

A previous post about the sleds built for the movie ‘Easy Rider’ struck a memory of that very conversation being played out in a local cafĂ© (1:38 - 1:53):

I’ll have the kidneys.

“I think she’s cute.” !!??!! Clearly a case of art imitating life, while giving me the sort of dirty feeling a two hour shower, while curled in the fetal position, won’t rinse away.