Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Interpol report on Bruce Davis/Joel Pugh

I have included the link in case it is to small to read here.  Image Shack is a really great place to view Manson documents.

Since we are on the subject of Image Shack what I find fucking hilarious is:

Other Manson sites get most some of their resources from Image Shack and then mark them as there own. To prove my point here is another Image Shack link to a Manson article.

I am sure you recognize the watermarked articles from other sites that post Image Shack pics. Go figure...


Patty is Dead said...

interesting that interpol thought he was there more than once, but couldnt prove it. Passport fraud maybe?

Patty is Dead said...

nowadays theyd just look at the airport security tapes.

Patty is Dead said...

Hearing Before The 92nd Congress Sept 15, 1972:

"Miss Knight: The agencies investigating the Brotherhood have furnished the Passport Office with a list of 155 persons who are members of the Brotherhood. In addition, 110 aliases have also been furnished...Most of the applications were filed between 1969 and 1972...In one such case, an individual had used the identity of his mentally retarded brother in law to obtain a passport."

Also Patty is interested to read over at CieloDrive that Bruce testified to having first tried LSD in 1965. Let Patty repeat that...nineteen SIXTY FIVE. He had drug arrests before he even met the Family in 1968. These people were all very early adopters: connected.

brownrice said...

Getting a fake passport was very easy back in the day. Read the death notices until you found someoe roughly your age that was dead, apply for their birth certificate (no proof of i.d. required). Once you've got the birth cerificate, open a bank account in that name, get a driver's license in that name... and then get a passport in the name... simple really. The BOL (and many others) made good use of this method... there was even a widely disseminated underground publication that explained how to do it.

Acid was still legal in '65 but it also saw the first wave of underground Californian acid... sounds idealic really :-)