Saturday, December 28, 2013

Helter Skelter, Charles Manson sign upsets some residents

KITSAP COUNTY — A Poulsbo area bar that uses the image of Charles Manson as part of a business sign is drawing ire from area residents who say posting the face of the infamous cult leader known for his brutal slayings is offensive and equates to “hate speech.”

According to the North Kitsap Herald Reporter, the Helter Skelter Lounge in the 19000 block of Viking Avenue has come under fire recently for its sign that shows the words “Helter Skelter” next to a large drawing of Charles Manson’s face. As many has 40 people have complained about the sign online, with most saying it shined a negative light on Viking Avenue and the small Kitsap community.

“Helter Skelter alone is fine,” area resident Amber McIntosh told the Herald. “With Manson’s image on it, it’s his (version of) ‘Helter Skelter.’ I think it’s racist and in bad taste.”

The owner of the lounge, Joe Boyle, said he was expecting some complaints when he put the sign up. Boyle is a music lover, and typically associates Helter Skelter with the Beatles’ song, he said.

Still, he decided to pair the name with a picture of Manson’s face because of the bizarre connection Manson had to the song. Manson allegedly believed the Beatles’ lyrics were secretly coded to encourage a race battle. He said he decided to put the face together with the words to tell the whole story, knowing the face would garner his bar some attention.

“I knew I would hear something when I put the sign up,” Boyle told the Herald.

Boyle told the Herald he has received calls of support about the sign, and an online discussion between sign detractors and proponents continues.

Charles Manson, who is recently married, is currently in prison.

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Robert Hendrickson said...

The Helter Skelter SIGN is crazy - IT'S BEEN UP FOR two years and nobody cared, until a local chick complained. Apparently, it took her 2 years to sober-up and when she finally did she realized the wild pic on a public sign was actually CHARLIE MANSON !!! NOW it's called an example of FREE "Hate Speech." Anyone up on the "reality "DUCK show" controversy. One of the "stars" was temporaily fired for spuing some "gay" HATE speech.

Makes me remember when Clem started singing "Helter Skelter" while filming MANSON. We didn't know what to do - I mean, Holy Shit - this was Charlie's song - RIGHT !!! So we made him sit in a corner for three days - without any smokes. Then HE wrote HIS own song - so what the fuck are you gonna do - HATE all the "free hating speech" speakers?,html

Robert Hendrickson said...

Sun King said...

Should be charged a franchise fee? ;-)

I think the owner is missing out on some opportunities such as booking Brooks or Clem's bands. Heck advertise a family jams night!

Sun King said...

Should be charged a franchise fee? ;-)

I think the owner is missing out on some opportunities such as booking Brooks or Clem's bands. Heck advertise a family jams night!

Max Frost said...

Sure wish that mysterious, clever fellow chatsworthcharlie would POST HERE!

Suze said...

Looks like this guy got lots of free advertising. Genius. Pure genius.

orwhut said...

Did Charlie really get married recently and why wasn't I invited?

candy and nuts said...

Robert I watch Duck Dynasty all the time some things I dont agree on what they do and something I do agree on I remember one episode where they were hitting golf balls and Phil and Si were shooting them in mid air- Willie said to Jase-Jase you look like they let Charles Manson out and he went hunting" kinda funny huh considering CHarles ATWA-I dont think DUcks speech was hate he was saying what he felt the Bible says to him no different then anyone elses interpretation of the Bible even Charlies

Matt said...

I never heard of Duck Dynasty until that guy got suspended from the show. I would imagine I'm not a rare case. This probably has spiked the ratings.