Friday, April 17, 2015

Reporter Finds Clothing

We have always been told in newspapers, books, TV programs, movies etc. that the creepy crawlers donned all black clothing to do their deeds.  Fact is, black jeans were not all that prevalent back in those days.  This clip clearly shows that the killers were wearing blue jeans and not new dark blue ones either.  The jeans in this are faded and well worn.

Thanks again to Chatsworth Charlie!


Doc Sierra said...

Deb, once again you amaze me with your investigative skills.....

Mr. Humphrat said...

I would've thought they would wear gloves to pick up the clothes. Were those in fact the right clothes?

MHN said...

Amazing footage Deb S, thank you. Mr Humphrat, viewing that footage you do have to wonder what a Cochran-Bailey-Dershowitz dream-team would do to the forensic and blood evidence in the Manson case these days...

I love the barely-concealed embarrassment and irritation of the detective.

Mr. Humphrat said...

Yeah I noticed that too Michael. "How were you notified about this? Uh, I think it was channel 7 or something...that's you right?"

Robert Hendrickson said...

Michael says HE thinks I'm too much into Satanic Conspiracies.

Well - He maybe right - IF the Devil makes people STUPID !

Laurence Merrick AND Ronnie Howard BOTH murdered in the late 1970s AND Ronnie told Merrick the TRUTH - even about HER and HER hooker partner LYING !

NOW - in COP "think" who had MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY, and what's THIRD one ?

So here's one for YOU Deb - FIND Merrick's WIFE - if you can. There's NEWS video of Joan and Bugliosi together at Merrick's funeral. said...

In case anyone is wondering, the guy Al is interviewing is Sgt. Robert Calkins

MHN said...

Maybe had the investigation been more professional the trial might have been less of a circus.

But then again, the circus was perhaps the point of the exercise.

Bread and circuses, panem et circenses, to keep the populace sedated and happy and entertained.

And yet I can't quite see Charlie as Maximus and the Bug as Commodus...

MHN said...


Michael says HE thinks I'm too much into Satanic Conspiracies.

With respect, I did not. I asked whether it is possible that you view civilization as a satanic conspiracy. I did not imply that this viewpoint would be wrong, or that you hold too obsessively to it. Not at all.

Because in fact, if you did view most human interaction as a form of satanic theatre, I would agree with you.

I would think quite the opposite of what you assumed: that most people are too little aware of the evil farce in which they are useful props.

The fact that I am always intrigued to try to tease out your thoughts on things should not be taken as any form of attack, sir.

CrisPOA said...

It's interesting that these police officers in the sixties look so much like amateurs... It's so different the way they look and act now.
It seems there was an upsurge in the behavior of police through the years. Maybe some of the older ones could clarify that.

Not here in South America though, here they look like the americans in the sixties. Haha...
Except for the Elite Squad in Rio de Janeiro.

CrisPOA said...
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CrisPOA said...

Amazing we can see in the video the dark velour blouse that Tex wore, wich we only and interestingly saw the picture at The exact place where the pieces "landed".

Robert Hendrickson said...

Michael, I almost burst out laughing at your "satanic conspiracy" remark. I'm actually trying to figure out how to incoprorate IT into my epitaph.

I can just hear the Devil and God sharing some wine.

God: You know I'm going to win in the end.

Devil: Yeah and in the mean-time I get to clean-up YOUR mess. How fair is that ?

God: Hell, I didn't know THEY would be smart enough to CREATE a scapegoat.

Devil: That's it - I'm changing my name to PIG.

God: And I,ll make "bacon" illegal.

mrgroove said...

Another fine moment in LAPD history.

Anonymous said...

I first read Helter Skelter in I believe 1976...? It was when it was first released regardless. ( I wasn't that old but I stole it from my Dad after he was done reading it) I have read it another 4-5 times in the years since then. I know a lot of people don't like the book but I still consider it one of the best true crime stories ever written. I'm not going to get into what I think about Vincent B. and how he made the jury believe the Helter Skelter motive, etc. I'll leave that to those of you with more knowledge and better opinions about the subject. The last time I read HS though- which was not that long ago what stuck out to me was how unprofessional Vincent B. made the LAPD out to be in their handling of this case. He came across as pretty harsh and I thought maybe that is where some of the backlash and dislike of him comes from. But, the more I read these days I have to say that they deserved a lot of that criticism. From the handling of the crime scene, to the finding of the gun, and the clothes the killers wore, etc. It really does seem like they totally dropped the ball not once, but several times during the handling of this case. I might have expected this from a small town police force dealing with a multiple murder but I would have expected the LAPD to e be more experienced and professional, especially handling such a high profile crime. JMO anyway.

MHN said...

Devil: That's it - I'm changing my name to PIG.

God: And I,ll make "bacon" illegal.

Beautiful! Do you ever write for theater, Robert? I can see this scene playing out on the stage, (or in the Los Angeles Hall of Justice perhaps.....)

jempud said...

Hi, Chris - where in South America are you? I'm in Patagonia!

I'd forgotten just how 'primitive' forensics were in those days - there seem to have been no scene of crime procedures at all. Frightening, if you work in crime detection today.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Michael: I thought that's what WE are all doing here: Writing for Theater.

Interesting piece of triva: Notice NO latex gloes on cop's hands.

One of my boys started the practice back in the late 70's. He started working on cars and didn't want to get grease on his hands. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw him wearing them.

It was kinda like the cops wearing white shirts to collect bloody clothes and also "dumpster dive."

Until someone BREAKS tradition - a "practice" continues forever.

NOW we have cops reaching for THEIR tazers, BUT drawing their guns instead and KILLING suspects.

THUS, until SOMEONE breaks the mold, such a tradition will continue.

I also think COPS and OUTLAWS learn how to be their respective characters from the movies. That would explain the primative police procedures you see in the sixties. The cops were tring to emulate "Dragnet's Joe Friday," but NOT everyone can be a good actor.

orwhut said...

Now, I've got to watch Dragnet and see if Joe Friday puts his finger prints all over a murder weapon. I hope he doesn't give one of his lectures.

CrisPOA said...

Hey jempud,that's what i thoght -
"there seem to have been no scene of crime procedures at all". Primitive compared to what we have today.

I'm in Brazil, in the south border with Argentina and Uruguay.