Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Original ATWA Site

The original ATWA website has been made available to Manson Blog readers by the original authors. Manson Blog does not necessarily endorse, agree or disagree with the contents contained within the site. We are merely presenting it as an historical document, which until now has been unavailable since 2001.


Anonymous said...

This is a real coup for you guys!! An absolute treat! As you say, people may not agree with everything in it, nevertheless I for one am going to read my way through the lot. It is important, I think, that this resource is available again for reference purposes and as a historical document in this area of research.

I would like to say 'hi' and thank you to both of the site owners for their generosity of spirit in making this available, and wish them both well.

Anonymous said...

Already, I am finding so much stuff that is really useful. I have been wondering for a while about false allegations which were made about Charlie in the Corcoran PHU regarding an assassination plot against the President. What I had found in the LA Times was that a defected Aryan Brotherhood member, Michael Thompson, who is known to prison staff as 'an extreme liar' was behind these allegations. I hadn't seen any coverage on the Manson sites about this. But, now I have found the detail I wanted on the old blog:- "July 20 - August 13, 1994: Manson is confined to Ad Seg while the California Department of Corrections (CDC) and the United States Secret Service investigate another alleged assassination plot against the President of the United States. Manson is confined for several weeks. The charges against him prove to have been fabricated by another inmate who wants to benefit by blowing the whistle on the imaginary "plot." No wrongdoing on Manson's part is ever established."

If you go to this section of the site 'Update On Manson's Current Status', it gives the full list of periods of time and reasons that Charlie has been put in the hole, and it is pathetic. He has been set up several times, and keeping an elderly person in solitary for protracted periods of time is not the hallmark of a civilised society.

I will carry on reading!

Patty is Dead said...

How is this one different than what's on the way back machine? Just curious.

Matt said...

Patty the wayback machine is far from perfect. It typically loses images and entire pages. Plus, it's really slow. Here, you are guaranteed all of the files and it loads quickly.

Patty is Dead said...

Thanks Matt!

ALIKEN said...

It's funny that you mention how, "CDC is placing CM in the hole for BS reasons," cause just last week Charlie sent me over a hundred signed pages full of past 602 write up's & infractions against him (from over the years) & reading into them, I can see a pattern of behavior on the part of cdc where they find/create "just cause" looking for any reason they can find to place cm in solitary cause it gives them free reign over his property. This property is supposed to be documented & sent out but 90% of it goes missing. Yet ANOTHER violation of cm's RIGHTS but once again nothing is being done to prevent it. When one reads these reports, it's painfully obvious these guards are abusing their authority AND ABUSING CM... in one report, cm is called from his cell to retrieve his mail, cm notices in the corner of his eye a lone guard was entering his cell so cm hurried over to ask him what he was doing, the guard told cm to back away while he searched cm's cell & when cm asked why, the guard began slamming 80 year old cm's face against the wall, throwing him to the concrete floor & placing him in restraints. This instance caused the rupturing of blood vessels in both eyes & severe bruising of cm's face. Cm's face was swollen beyond recognition & their excuse for doing this was because, "cm clinched his fists, took a defensive stance & blocked a guard from entering his cell? "FUCKING BULLSHIT!" I have photos of his wounds & i can't even look at them without crying inside...... CDC looks at cm the same as the media.... one big ol' giant cash cow!

Anonymous said...


Yes, I remember when Charlie had black eyes and the story he was telling people was that he had fallen out of his bunk. Maybe that was the case, but I would hate to think that there was more to it.

The instance you relate is truly disgraceful. These guys are brutalising an old man of 80. The corrections officers are not there to pass judgment on people. I seem to recall Star mentioning in an interview that there is a problem with some of the guards. It would great if someone would make an official complaint to CDC when these instances happen, or perhaps CM thinks it could make things worse for him. These CDC guards sound like LA cops. Before we know it, Charlie will be having his very own Rodney King moment. They will be trying to grab his belongings now, in the hope of making a big profit when CM passes on.

I remember when it was CM's birthday last year, people who come on here had tried to put money onto his account, and they were being told there was no such prisoner. It really is shameful because when you have someone in a prison environment, you have the upper hand on them anyway, so why be so antagonistic to them?

Anonymous said...


You say you have photos of Charlie's wounds. How did CM manage to get those out? The only photos taken in Corcoran are ones taken by the staff. I would have thought if the images were sent out in the mail, that the staff would have stopped them. I know that CM has complained in the past about his mail being tampered with and delayed.

I was just wondering.

Guida Diehl said...

Wow, this brings back memories. I seem to remember stumbling on this exact website as well as another similarly barebones-looking pro-Manson page (the latter I have more memories of)... I was only 14 in 2001, so I must have been that age or even younger when first seeing these- an age of impressionable youth! No wonder I turned out the way I did..

I remember the second site had an audio excerpt of Charlie's 'Clang bang clang went the big iron door' song on it; in those days clicking on it meant a several-minute wait before you got to hear about a 30 second sample of music. And don't get me started on how long a page took to load attractive unclothed ladies, yeesh.

Two main things that I remember noticing about these early Mansonite/ATWA websites when I first saw them (& remember, I was still very young & knew virtually nothing about Manson AT ALL at the time, had read no books or seen no documentaries, he was purely urban legend material):

1. They were PRO-MANSON. I couldn't believe there were actually people out there who loved someone I'd been told was a notorious 'mass killer'. It made me both aware of how odd humans are (we will venerate even the most depraved of people, look how many love-letters bloody Ted Bundy got), but also of the fact that life is not black-and-white, not everything is as it seems- or as we're told. It created a tiny seed of doubt- maybe Manson WAS a good idea, maybe the majority was actually wrong & these sites were the ones telling the truth? I guess these pages (and MAD Magazine) were one of those little catalysts which started me looking at the establishment cynically & questioning everything.

2. Manson actually was a musician (it amazed me then that a 'murderer' could also be a real person, with real hobbies/interests!) and... also a good one! I'm less impressed by his musicianship now, it's good but not potential-professional good- but he definitely had talent of a kind and I remember as a teen/tween encountering this WEIRD feeling of enjoying 'art' made by The Second Most Evil Man Ever. Very similar to the conflicted feelings I got a few years later when reading a book by The First Most Evil Man Ever (aka Herr Hitler) and finding I actually agreed with his criticisms of representative democracy & electoral politics.

I guess we all know there's one apt word that really accurately sum up those two odd moments & feelings I encountered: OOO-EEE-OOO! The human language really is richer thanks to Sander's addition of that word (phrase? exclamation? catchphrase? weltanschaung?) to the English lexicon.

Robert Hendrickson said...

It's called NAZIBATION ! The callous miss-treatment of others "under the color authority."

BUT if you can understand that PRISON guards dwell on the lowest rung of the human ladder - existing "barely above the animal level" YOU can also choose to understand that THEY don't even have the "mental" ability to choose between between "right and wrong."

They can be "trained" to go "fetch" and do other "tricks." Kind'a like a a sheep-dog learns how to "herd" other animals, but it's questionable whether they can even UNDERSTAND why they are here on this earth.

Maybe CM would be better off trying to communicate with THEM on a more animalistc level.

Guida Diehl said...

NAZIBATION, lol! The perfect word for describing my tendency to prattle on about fucking Nazis for 10,000 words on Manson blogs.

And as for Robert's observations about prison guards... gee, that describes an awful lot of cops I've met out there too. Either they're like that, or they're the kind that're always "in a state of total paranoia, and total paranoia is total awareness", dig? (No offence to those few genuinely nice & cool cops out they're I've met btw, you're THE MAN in every sense of the word)

Robert Hendrickson said...

Vermouth: Your story of how you became attracted to the Manson Mystique is most interesting to me. That is what STILL attracts me to the subject. Otherwise, the subject would be a "dead" issue like LBJ, JFK & the Vietnam War. Even Hitler is pretty much buried now - BUT an 80 year old + man survives the HOLE for a year? You see, it's ALL about the "last man standing." And HE obviously has the secret to long life - against ALL odds. Most folks die, simply because THEY get tired of living, but HE seems to enjoy life nore each day. So what are WE missing here ?

HellzBellz said...

Interesting Site.... loads off stuff to wade through. Cant help thinking,, Why did ATWA (Sandra Good&George Stimpson) stop in 2001 ?? Or is the New/Now ATWA site a kinda Follow-Up...?? It is runned by others then S.G.&G.S. just wondering, to me here in Europe that kinda things werent available here, to the Public I mean..