Thursday, November 19, 2015

Costume Portraits From The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew was the last in the series of Matt Helm films starring Dean Martin.  It was released in 1969, a few months before Sharon Tate was murdered. The costume designer for Sharon's wardrobe in this film was Moss Mabry.


Robert Hendrickson said...

Upon turning on the computer this morning, there was the photo of the "mastermind' of the recent Paris Massacre. Dirty, smelly, bearded ISIS revolutionary type. Then I went to and saw these perfect Sharon Tate photo examples of upscale Western Civilization, where most all of us wish to reach the TOP.

Then I scrolled down to the recent POST of the (Spahn Ranch) where the "mastermind" of the Tate / LaBianca Massacre hung-out. Dirty, smelly, bearded revolutionary type.

What a TRIP ! Where not much has seemed to have CHANGED in almost 50 years.

Patty is Dead said...

These costumes look very little girlish.

Mr. Humphrat said...

Yeah the top one is very little girlish. She seems a little
like a marionette, but her humanity still comes through a little.
Her poor dad was watching The Wrecking Crew while she and her
friends were being murdered-I felt terrible reading his
reflection on that.
Robert not much has changed in 50 years in some ways, but,
despite Vietnam and other violent happenings in the sixties
a Pandora's box of expression through the Media has opened
that makes the sixties look very quaint, as evidenced in these

MHN said...

Mr Humph - 'expression' - a nice euphemism for the torrent of vomit and shit we have taken to showering in as a culture.

Appearances can be deceptive Robert. The ringleader of this latest obscenity came from a stable family, went to a very prestigious school, and had every opportunity in life. Unlike CM.

Unfortunately he was a follower of a 6th Century tribal warlord masquerading as a prophet. And the fun to be had actually doing something 'meaningful' trumped any other opportunity in life, and always will.

It's amazing how many of the murdering vermin produced here in the UK have lived quite the opposite of the marginalised, poverty-blighted lives the talking heads / blabbering know-nothings in the media assume must be the root cause of violence. A significant proportion of Allah's little murderers have actually been heads of Muslim Associations at UK universities. Again, every opportunity to make something of their lives, but ultimately preferring the buzz of ending someone elses to please their repellent god.

ColScott said...


I just caught up and read all your postings for the last week and none of them answers my questions.


Your two films are excellent. They both could do well on DVD and Netflix. They have only ever been officially released on the world's shittiest VHS tape decades ago. WHY?
My belief is that you do not have clearances for the interviews or music. Is this the fact?

Patty is Dead said...

Inquiring minds want to know

Mr. Humphrat said...

I have them on DVD but I guess those aren't official releases, just individually copied and signed by Robert as opposed to having a production and distribution deal.

ColScott said...

DVDS that Robert whacks off on his hard drive are not commercial releases.

Robert Hendrickson said...

WOW Col: I thought you were joking about "clearances" !

I don't know, is $$$ from Netflex even worth talking about ?

As far as DVD sales, most ALL DVD distributors ONLY want a pic for their catalouge and they want all the other RIGHTs (IE: streaming) included.

AND right NOW, with all the Muslim shit coming down FAST - a little more patience may really pay off in the long run.

Did you ever think the "X" in the forehead might represent something to do with the Nation with Islam ? IE: Malcolm "X" or that Charlie may have actually met Jesse Lee Cooks - later to become one of the notorious Black Muslim ZEBA Killers? Did you know certain young actors / musicians were being black-mailed in connections with THEIR "evading" the military draft?
AND if the Manson / CIA Ulta Project turns out to be anything more than rumor, well, there may be a whole new back story to "the spook who sat by the door."

In other words, the MANSON Story is NOT going to fade away anytime soon. In fact, it's reaching the point where like "Aquairous" it can be made into anything - NOT unlike the Story of Jesus. AND now I can incorporate any "actor" right into the actual Spahn Ranch. God Bless Steve Jobs !

ColScott said...


1- You did not think I was joking
2- Netflix could be several hundred thousand. So yes.
3- Categorically untrue about DVD companies and besides why did you not do a deal in 2001?
4- Patience? Muslim? I don't follow you and doubt others do

Now every notices YOU DID NOT ANSWER the question you farted off on some Muslim rant.

Do you have clearances from the interviewees and the music?

Mr. Humphrat said...

On a different marketing line of inquiry, the last post about Spahn Ranch made me wonder if anyone had ever tried to buy the property there and recreate the old buildings and run tours. Don't know if the locals would let that pass, but it seems like it could have large dollar potential.

CarolMR said...

I've seen all of these photos except the first one. Hard to believe the first is from THE WRECKING CREW.

SusanB said...

Lovely photos. Seems they had a fascination with her leg that day!

DebS said...

CarolMR, I found the photos for sale at Abe books for between $295 and $310 a piece. The description for each of them said they were from The Wrecking Crew. Since I have never seen the movie, I wouldn't know if all of the outfits were in it. I suppose it's possible that costumes were made for scenes that didn't make it into the finished movie.

MRobertsIsNotMansonsSon said...


MRobertsIsNotMansonsSon said...

And on the Valley of the Dolls 2nd DVD - please do a little research- (embarassing)

Robert Hendrickson said...

You know I love you Col, but come-on - ask George S. to tell you what Sandy and the girls signed.

AND Mr. Hump "READ" the back of the DVD insert under "NOTICE"

Oh, Col: I didn't make a DVD deal in 2001 because that's just after a gang of NJ Speggitti Slingers pirated MANSON. They distributed it to to even Walmart. Other legitimate DVD distributors said: What the Fuck, you want us to pay for a movie already out there? Of course, I could just sit on my crying ass or sue the fuck out of everyone. I even had a personal mob connection talk to one of the gumbas. AND I even nade contact with the director of the FBI and I offered to invade the warehouse where the DVDs were stored, BUT the little FBI boobies were too busy, at the time, sucking each others dicks.

AND the Muslim connection to the Manson Gang has a lot more credibility than some dump "drug burn" gone bad motive. IF it had anything to do with "DRUGS" the TATE house had to be full of the most wacked out moon rocks the world has ever known.

Drug dealers WITHOUT guns ? That's like a John Wayne movie without horseshit.

Chris B said...

Anyone on here know during which months of 1970 The Killing of Sharon Tate and Five to Die were published?

The Killing of Sharon Tate has an author note dated April 1970, so I guess that puts it to around then.

Five to Die reprint website makes a claim for Stovitz claiming it as the blueprint for the prosecution.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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DebS said...

MRobertsIsNotMansonsSon said...

Yikes! Let's not shout over a few dresses. The point is that Sharon was beautiful, she had a promising future and her loss is tragic, we should not lose sight of that.

Go scold the seller at Abe Books who is trying to make money off of the pictures, we, here at the blog, are not.

Anonymous said...

I think Orion Pictures might own "Manson" now. Or maybe MGM. Or maybe some New Jersey gumbas. Or maybe Robert. Or maybe the Black Muslims. I dunno.

MHN said...

I know this is a bit on-topic, an I apologize for that, but I want to say something blasphemous here.

I have a large folder on my laptop of Sharon Tate pictures - nothing not already easily available online - because she was very beautiful, and was tragically connected to this case. But....

Whereas she almost always looks heartstoppingly beautiful when photographed just being Sharon Tate going about her business, when she was professionally modelling for professional photographers I think she was often a lousy model. Stiff, self-conscious, awkward, and too often just plain gormless-looking, an early exponent of the slack-jawed mouth-breather look so prevalent today. She had this unfortunate knack of making her face look blocky and angular when she was being a real model, almost masculine in some shots, which is unthinkable when you see other shots of her that capture the delicacy of her face and its femininity.

Sorry to say that. Didn't know where else to get it off my chest. No disrespect intended - if anything I mean that she had a natural beauty that most mere fashion photographers didn't know how to capture. They reduced and diminished her. The promising actress whose eerie beauty and presence give me goosebumps in Fearless Vampire Killers or Eye of the Devil is never there in those photo sessions.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please bring to Robert Hendrickson's attention that the following was posted on the Charles Manson (Official) Facebook site on 18 October 2015. It is listed as sharing A.T.W.A. Revolution's video, yet it looks to me like the footage belongs (in terms of intellectual property) to Mr H.

The excerpt consists of Manson's Real Voice From Exclusive 'Inside The Manson Gang' and Overdubbed Voice From 'Manson' 1973'.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Yea ZIGGY: If you're NOT a Law and Order type guy, bootlegging can be a real Bitch. So YOU and the COL now ???????????Yea ZIGGY: If you're NOT a Law and Order type guy, bootlegging can be a real Bitch. So YOU and the COL now ???????????

ColScott said...
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ColScott said...


1- I am asking you what the girls signed. And I am asking you if you still have these documents
2- And I am asking for the FIFTH time if you have the music clearances for the film

Robert, we can all see that you are not answering


I now think you might be on to something.

Manson was released in 1973. I need to look at the end of the original film on VHS. Even registering it in 1981 which is a bit weird, would not protect copyright if it was not on the original film. If he has to renew in the 28th year and did so in 2000 that is too soon but the renewal would be automatic anyway.

I can only say when someone refuses to answer the same questions and instead throws Islamophobia my way he has something to hide.

If they did not put a notice on it it is PD in USA. It would automatically renew itself after 28 years for an addition 67 years under the revised copyright laws.

MHN said...

Col, it's almost as though Robert doesn't realize he is obligated to answer your constant questions about the copyright status of his work.

Unknown said...

Her looks were overrated.