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"The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson" by Dylan Klebold 11-3-98

Dylan Klebold took Creative Writing class at Columbine High, a class he shared with Eric Harris. On April 20, 1999, Eric and Dylan skipped their 4th period Creative Writing class. Their teacher, Judith Kelly, noted in her report to police after the shootings (posted below) that Eric had never missed her class before that time.

One of his essays, The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson, drew a lot of media attention due to its subject matter. You can find copies of the pages below, excerpted from the Columbine Report. His teacher graded it and handed it back. But then he wrote another essay - just a few weeks before the shootings - that was rather disturbing to Ms Kelly. It was a fictional piece where in a lone gunman goes on a killing spree. The subject matter and foul language used unnerved his teacher so much that she refused to grade it before she could sit down and talk with him and his parents about it. During the conference, when the story was addressed, Dylan excused it as being "just a story".

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Robert Hendrickson said...

YES, this is from the infamous Dylan Klebold who with his buddy shot-up Columbine High School - which ignited the School / Student WARS.

So how come NO body like Diane Sawyer, Michael Moore or Vincent Bugliosi wants / wanted to talk about this Klebold / Manson association ?

Cause the GUN is still smoking !

Matt said...

Also see this PDFInfluences on the Ideology of Eric Harris by Peter Langman, Ph.D.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting that link, Matt. I truly doubt that Eric Harris ever read Hobbes or Nietzsche. He may have seen their names in articles he read on Hitler, or heard mention of their philosophies in a classroom once or twice, but I doubt he was much interested in studying their writings.

Harris was a sociopath and a major league hypocrite. He couldn't truly decry freedom of speech because he was so actively involved in putting his rage down on paper. I don't believe he took his own life to fulfill some belief that he had to die because it was meant to be. I think he shot himself because he knew his days as a free person was over and he did not want to be held accountable for his horrible actions. He hated people he saw as mentally defective, but he was the most mentally defective person on earth the day he took his rampage out on innocent people.

Matt said...

Groove, I totally agree. I don't think he could've pronounced Nietzsche...

Farflung said...


A magnificent moment of clarity.

Well done.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Hey, EVERYBODY don't YOU feel MORE safe & secure with the "authorities" withholding such information until YOU were all grown up and could handle it.

Last night I saw a doc on the "KILLING" of Medgar Evers and HIS wife said when the police finally came (HIS body lay bloodied in their front yard) she was so enraged at Whitey that she thought - if I only had a machine gun I would KILL em ALL.

SO when are ALL the "psycho" BLACK women (who would KILL our beloved WHITE police officers) going to come out of the woodwork ?

Do you think when the F.B.I. (within the 1st few days) saw Klebold's "writings" it even occurred to THEM to contact Bugliosi OR me?

I remember Bugliosi once said to Merrick. "Of course, YOU don't know ALL I know and I don't know ALL YOU know.

BUT now I think - YOU Manson bloggers KNOW more than Bugliosi and Merrick ever KNEW.

Unknown said...

I thought Moore did mention Charlie in Bowling for Columbine..,

Maybe not. He did interview Marilyn Manson though.

I had never heard MM speak before. I don't even know one song he sings. Too heavy for me. I always kind of assumed he was more or less a flake of one kind or another

But in my opinion MManson comes across as the most thoughtful and intelligent person that Moore speaks to in the entire documentary.

He alone - when asked what he would have done differently with those kids- says...

" I would have listened to them"

Someone should have

Suze said...

I agree, St. Someone should have listened. Sometimes that's all it takes to diffuse an angry teen. Someone to pay a little attention and compliment their positive attributes. Something they may not have gotten from their piers.

Robert Hendrickson said...

ST & Suze: Back in 75 when the MANSON film opened in Frisco, Stan Atkins interviewed me in front of a theater and asked what I hoped the film would accomplish. I said "Maybe parents will start to listen to their children."

I also remember Bruce Davis said in response to my comment - "Someone once told me the only necessary word is "help" - that "Boy, if someone has to say "help" nobody is listening.

So I think, nobody is listening because they are too busy talking.

AND let's be honest, until YOUR kid is killed, it's NOT your concern.

BTW: I thought the same about Mairlyn Manson until I read the same thing YESTERDAY.

Unknown said...

He seems to be a bright guy.

"Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places when you look at them right"

beauders said...

Instead of listening to Marilyn Manson's music read his lyrics, he is very bright and insightful.

beauders said...

I just read the article on Eric Harris and I get the feeling from Harris' quotes that he was writing for a future audience and was trying to as audacious as possible. In all actuality these boys were most likely depressed, especially the follower Dylan Klebold.

Robert Hendrickson said...

SAINT, I think WE let MM's looks and public image influence our perception of HIM, before listening to HIM.

AND I think adults and parents do exactly that same mistake regarding children and especially teenagers.

I think YOU could do a great expose on this Klebold / Manson connection. BUT there is so much more - even a video both KILLERS did just before the final act. Something to think about?

BTW - Michael Moore was ONLY trying to USE this horrible event to support HIS GUN Control fetish and the Manson KILLINGS, with knives, would have disparaged HIS entire movie purpose.

bucpaul2812 said...

St Circumstance said...

"I thought Moore did mention Charlie in Bowling for Columbine..,

Maybe not. He did interview Marilyn Manson though.

I had never heard MM speak before. I don't even know one song he sings. Too heavy for me. I always kind of assumed he was more or less a flake of one kind or another

But in my opinion MManson comes across as the most thoughtful and intelligent person that Moore speaks to in the entire documentary.

He alone - when asked what he would have done differently with those kids- says...

" I would have listened to them"

Someone should have"

Last night the only interview Dylan Klebold's mother gave to British television aired, Interestingly, when the journalist asked if, with hindsight, would she have done anything differently regarding Dylan, she replied that she would have tried to listen more.

bucpaul2812 said...

Here's the link:

Unknown said...

It's an interesting thing, because it shows even my own prejudice.

MManson grew up about 6 miles from where I live now. When I first moved here from NJ about 20 years ago I worked in a Restaraunt with a girl who dated one of the guys in the band. Although I never saw MManson there, two other guys in the band would come in regularly. The waitress that one of them was dating always had to pay their tab. They had colored hair and wore old dirty clothes. Never a dime between them. I had just moved here and didn't get it at all. I played 45 seconds of one song and decided they were talentless scumbags.

A little judgemental huh?

So nobody felt more stupid or surprised to learn MManson is insightful, thoughtful and intelligent - at least about current events and world history I heard him speak to.

As for the music lol. I tried again and I still am not there yet. I can't understand the words to give you an opinion lol


Robert Hendrickson said...

I guess the lesson here is: IF the elder "establishment" does NOT listen, then eventually a documentary filmmaker will.

BTW - I find it SO fascinating how years later Eric & Klebold brought "Natural Born Killers" into THEIR Manson Family Story. NOW, this has got to be incorporated into the "Last Manson Movie."

AND thanks "Mr. B" - seems like Helter Skelter (the book) will keep the most incredible story ever told ALIVE forever.

Unknown said...

Thanks bucpaul!

Penny lane said...

Robert..gun control fetish ? Really ? Voice of reason IMO.

Matt said...

beauders said...

In all actuality these boys were most likely depressed, especially the follower Dylan Klebold.

beauders, I couldn't agree more. Nothing is worse for a person suffering from depression than no one to listen to them. They are forced to stay in their own heads and the consequences can be devastating.

Robert Hendrickson said...

PENNY LANE: Not sure what IMO is, but Clem articulates the GUN / PENIS thing in MANSON 1973.

Of course, the JUDGE thought HE was functioning barely above the animal level.

ST. - Bruce also said: "They're reactive behind being BETRAYED."

Of course, the greatest betrayal ANY parent ever committed was to program their son for "peace" and then shove the Vietnam WAR right up HIS ass.

ColScott said...


Are you fucking losing your remaining chips? The Manson/Klebold connection? The only connection is that a mentally sick young man idolized BUG's fantasy version of Charles Manson. There is no other connection so why would they talk about it?

Robert Hendrickson said...

EXACTLY "COL" and The "BUG's" version is getting MORE people KILLED.

Like Bernie Madoff CM walked into prison (the last time) a "hero."

This isn't rocket science. How could YOU see the importance of "Natural Born Killers" and "APT Pupil" and NOW not SEE "relevance" right in front of YOU.

Some folks become SO well educated in one specific direction, they develop an extreme case of tunnel-vision, to the extent they can SEE nothing beyond THEIR focused scope.

That's why God created mirrors, so we could SEE what others SEE.

ColScott said...

So tell me what I am supposed to see besides the abject state of mental health in this country....

The boy wonder said...

Why THE big SCARY LETTERS then little tiny quiet ones? Been FOLLOWING this Blog FOR AGes aND don't GeT IT?

The boy wonder said...
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The boy wonder said...

Also WTF as a luddite am I doing wrong that everything posts twice or is there an echo?

Patty is Dead said...

Boy wonder ur probably hitting your back button right?

Ajerseydevil said...

I could of swore we covered this once already ?

Ajerseydevil said...

I could of swore we covered this once already ?

Patty is Dead said...

Lol that's unintentionally funny William xo

Penny lane said...

And fuckloads of guns...whats the deal with the US and guns?? must be a scary place to live..

Penny lane said...

Robert....last nut popped perhaps.?...what does Clem and dick have to with a couple of fucked up gun totting morons flummoxed ...enlighten me please...

Chris B said...

I notice in the essay Atkins is omitted in the Family introductions. I take it because her background is not that of a homecoming queen. So, yeah, it's a regurgitation of the popular myth of good kids gone bad.

The usual teenage fascination in pages of detail about the murders gruesomeness.I guess because it is the ultimate taboo and a big 'fuck you' to grown-ups everywhere.

Mark E Smith of The Fall once wrote "serial killers are a bore". He wasnt far wrong. In fiction they are some of the most witty, creative and intelligent characters you will meet. However, in real life they are most often about power and sex. I suspect even Zodiac had an erection when killing, so its not just about having to take the lid off of your pen.

Here's where Manson is different, he was scratching a different itch.

I was always intrigued that Jeffrey Dahmer used to watch and re-watched the bit in Return of the Jedi where the Emperor is using that electricty from his fingers to zap Skywalker.

It's Bugliosi's portrayal of the power of Manson to have others do is bidding that is attractive to a lonesome misunderstood teen.

Lastly, it's not just about listening. Best advice I received is people aren't going to come to you; you have to get in amongst it. Dressing like Neo from The Matrix and being an expert on murders aint gonna win you much company. Team sports, musical instruments, book club, chess club, part time work, you gotta get amongst people to have a grasp of the rules of the game. As Lou Reed once wrote: life's not fair but it can be good.

Matt said...

christopher butche said...

Mark E Smith of The Fall once wrote "serial killers are a bore". He wasnt far wrong.

I feel the same way.
Ted Bundy - boring
The Hillside Strangler(s) - boring
John Wayne Gacy - boring
Ed Gein - ok, he was so sick that he's interesting for 15 minutes

The setting, the peripheral characters, the possible motives and all the countless tentacles of the Manson case are enough to keep people like me fascinated for decades.

Robert Hendrickson said...

The Col says: "Tell ME what I am supposed to SEE besides the ABJECT state of mental health in this country."

My God amigo, isn't the ABJECT state of mental health in the US enough for any one man to take, without going totally nuts? Just narrow it down to GUNS and Dicks (RE: Penny Lane's issue)as Clem explains it and we've got another "What the FUCK Chuck?

Wait a minute. I've got an idea. Why not build "institutions" where we can provide FREE lodging for ALL the mentally disadvantaged. Then both the Democrats and the Republicans can have an 'equal' opportunity with regards to FAIR housing. We can call it the Community of Commonism

What I SEE besides a lot of "different" folks wandering around in a SEA of organized chaos is a MOVIE, waiting to be made.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Justice Scalia got HIS kick-start in the "Political Justice" area with Nixon and then Ford.

So was HE involved with the FORD / FROMME legal issues? AND for Penny: WHY did such a brilliant Jurist NEED to play with GUNS?

Ajerseydevil said...
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Ajerseydevil said...
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The boy wonder said...

Cheers ta,it's probably that and the fact I'm working of a phone :-o.

candy and nuts said...

The video game Doom probably had more of an influence on eric and dylan the Charlie ever did, imo

Robert Hendrickson said...

YES William, I would NOT miss it. The Black Panthers obviously influenced Charles Manson as did the Black Muslims.

Because the F.B.I. and local law enforcement were at least terrified of Black men carrying GUNs, it could ONLY end badly. BUT most significant, Hoover was afraid that a new "messiah" would emerge and a real B & W race war could ignite. This also tells me, Charles Manson and "Helter Skelter must have also struck FEAR in the "establishment."

This past month, I have been watching everything available on the past "Black Movement" and it became obvious the Mega-Helter Skelter is yet to come.
For WHITE man to THINK he can torture a people OPENLY in a great NATION forever is just plain insanity.

The pigeons will be coming home to roost.

BTW: The Panthers called the cops "PIGS." AND I suspect Hoover and the F.B.I. had a hand in helping Bugliousi deck the halls with H.S. - in such a way as to discourage ANY future rebellions.

Ajerseydevil said...

Thanks Robert I guess I was waiting for them to mention Manson seems they glossed right over all that we went from 1969 to 1972

John Seger said...

Seriously, do you have to make reference to Vietnam in almost every post?
It's like you NEVER left the 60's-70's. I don't get your points any longer.
Sounds like the adults in the Charlie Brown specials.

Eddy said...

John Segar that was funnier than hell. LMAO!

Robert Hendrickson said...

JOHN SEGAR: I could write a book on why, BUT because YOU have actually realized a "connection" between ME and one of America's most destructive wars (destroyed the relationship between America's YOUTH and it's ELDERS) and the Manson Family, through MY repetitiveness, maybe the mission is finally accomplished. LOL or its time for another WAR.

AND I truly thank you for your profound comment - I think you're RIGHT, it's time for ME to sit back and simply enjoy BEYONCE's tribute to the "Black Panther Party" and the "RISE of Islam," as a new and improved "Helter Skelter" finds it's place in American history.

NOW - who had the hardest DICK in the Manson Family ? The test will be open book with pics.

starviego said...

Though there is no direct connection between the Manson killings and the Columbine HS massacre, there are a number of intriguing parallels:

--Both were committed by a close knit group headed by a charismatic leader

--Noth groups were heavy into the satanism aspect

--The wearing of all black outfits. The trenchcoats of the trenchcoat mafia was similar to the black capes the family at one time sported.

--In both incidents the motive remains murky.

starviego said...

Here is the evidence, taken from police reports, that attested to the satanic nature of trenchcoat mafia group at Columbine

The Devil and the Trenchcoat Mafia

1) TCMer Eric Dutro walking around the school cafeteria telling people that "Satan loves you"(Kelly Beer, 6106) in the spring of '98.

2) Courtney van Dell, aka 'devil girl,' wore barettes in her hair to make it look like she had horns. Said to be a 'wikken'(sic) or a devil worshipper(Kristi Mohrbacher(1010), Jessica Lucero(1508 ), Leigh Ann Clark(2723)).

3) The students seeking shelter with Clement Park worker Steve Ogle(1056) told him the perpetrators were TCM and were "satanists".

4) Jecoa Catt(1364) told IO that the TCM were satanic.

5) Jason Jones(1474) observed the TCM playing 'magic' cards in the cafeteria, which were about the devil and about power.

6) Lacey Shotts(1651) said she believed the TCM students were 'devil worshippers.'

7) Jen Smull saw Robert Perry at a halloween party dressed as a worlock(1827).

8 ) Student Perlman(4054) said Joe Stair used to come to woodshop class with a book he called 'the devil's bible'.

9) Prior to 4th hour on 4-20, Nicole Ray(4144) saw a male TCMer in the science hall, with his hair fashioned ino devil's horns.

10) TCM associate Nathan Dykeman's bedroom wall was supposedly covered with devil posters(4630).

11) Nathan Dykeman says Harris called him 'devil man'.(10710)

12) Daniel Burg(5838 ) told the IO that "...the TCM--they're like satanists."

13) TCM leader Chris Morris told Mark Hengel(5899) "I don't believe in God. I follow Satan's Commandmants."

14) Sara Lutes(6821) says the TCM were satanic, and that they wore satanic symbols on their shirts, underneath their trenchcoats.

15) Chris Hooker, 18, said they were "satanic individuals."
"We'd see them every day. They've threatened to kill people ... but nobody thought that was serious," Hooker said.

16) Library Intern Mary Ziccardi(13647) spent one week at CHS in November of '98. Says Eric Harris "looked like the devil" and may have worn black lipstick.

17) Teacher Mr. Long(EP24-17) said he kicked TCM associate Joe Stair out the computer class for accessing satanic sights. This happened last year.(1998)

18 ) TCM associate Eric Ault(10645) told the IOs that "they were into satanic worship."

19) Jennfer Harmon(8835): " of their friends-'Becka'-was waiting for the devil to take over the soul."

20) Brooks Brown( "They're(TCM) all big on anti-God Satanism. They are really just 'pure hate'."

21) What kind of music did the TCM like? 'Devil' music according to Brandi Wiseman(4751).

22) Trista Fogerty(1420): TCM were satanic, when she first got to CHS friends told her to avoid the group.

23) Nicole Markham(8794): "Harris was into...heavy satanic music."

24) Nicole Lawson, sophomore(3526): (TCM associates)"Stephanie(Kinny) and Kelly(Schwab) would draw "fnords" on the black board. Fnords are little symbols that were servants of the devil. They would draw a whole bunch of them. They did it when no one was looking." ['fnord' is thought to stand for 'for no other reason, discord']

25) TCM associate Chuckie Phillips(10866) internet code(Puterfnord@...) name was meant to represent a servant of the devil.

26) Dustin Harrison(6577): "Dustin said (Redacted) 'scared me to death' because Dustin had heard that (Redacted) was a member of the "Hells Angels" satanic group and said that this satanic group is into human sacrifices. Dustin said that (Redacted) was very verbal about his desire to kill people.

beauders said...

Starviego where did you find the police reports? I am interested in 'recent' Satanic activity. By the way Wiccans are not Satanic, they are witches, they worship nature.

starviego said...

Look under 'JCSO Columbine Documents' at this link: