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James Mason, Manson, and the Universal Order of Groovy-Nazi Love Killings

Some long-time Mansonistas may be familiar with the name James Mason. Previously covered by Mansonblog.com here and here, Schreck's first book The Manson File probably provides the best potted introduction to this bizarre figure:
...James N. Mason is perhaps the most outspoken advocate of Manson as a political avatar. In a 1987 video interview by documentary filmmaker Brian King, Mason hymned Manson "the result of fortuitous genetic circumstance" that comes "once in a lifetime, like Hitler". Manson persuaded Mason, who in 1981 led the National Socialist Liberation Front, to drop the "reactionary" perpetual-motion of left-right skirmishes, and to embrace the "truly revolutionary" notion of "Universal Order" as exemplified by Manson's design of a balance scale with Manson's backwards swastika superimposed on it.
In essence Mason is one of those weird fringe figures who were attracted to Manson and the scattered remnants of the Family after the Tate-LaBianca trials: an intellectual neo-Nazi who came to see Manson as some kind of political Messiah, championing the killings & Family lifestyle as a kind of 'political ideal'- something that wasn't exactly a new idea. And, as you can see below, I recently found a video of James Mason discussing this at some length- his relationship with Charlie, and the influence they both had on each other. But first...

...some context. At the time Mason first came into contact with Charlie the former was an associate of the National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF), a splinter-group from the American Nazi Party. The NSLF was trying to break with the Reactionary-Square image of the Nazi Party: its members had long(ish) hair; its leader openly smoked dope; it didn't reject rock 'n' roll as 'Jew/Negro' music; and it published its own weirdo-druggy-XXX underground comix, the kind of thing you'd get if R. Crumb's talent was halved and he started mixing Mein Kampf with his LSD. The NSLF intended to set itself up as a far-right alternative to the Weathermen/SDS, angling to attract 70's/80's political-longhair types put off by the Counterculture's leftist bent. But after the NSLF's leader was shot and killed (by another Nazi, of course) Mason led the Ohio branch of the NSLF off into another political split, renaming it 'Universal Order'. This new group of his was heavily inspired by his growing fascination with Charlie; the 'Universal Order' name and logo came directly from Charlie himself, and the group's ideas ended up an eclectic mix of:
  • 'Hitler-is-God' religious Nazism,
  • Manson is 'Hitler-God's prophet, and
  • The Family commune was "a racial-socialist utopia", the Family themselves a 'revolutionary vanguard', and their murders of "System-Pigs" and "Jewish Hollywood" big-shots an inspiring example of political DIRECT ACTION!

Anyhow, now for The Meat. While digging around on YouTube recently I stumbled across the following video. I believe it to be the 1987 interview mentioned by Schreck in the quote above. It's a 40-odd minute clip of Mason, a respectable bookish-looking chap, sitting in front of a velvet curtain in a Holiday Inn hotel room, being asked questions about himself, Nazism, Universal Order, and Charlie Manson. For the lazy, Mason begins specifically talking about Charlie and the family at the 03m50s mark, but almost the entirety of the footage revolves around Mason discussing Charlie to some degree or another.

Why should watching an eccentric political fanatic talk about his adoration of Charles Manson be of any interest to the Manson Fans at mansonblog.com? Mostly because of the odd minutiae Mason reveals about his relationship with Charlie, Squeaky, and Sandy, all of whom are mentioned multiple times in the video. For instance:
  • Mason had already become attracted by the Family before he officially contacted him. When he first heard about the Tate-LaBianca killings on the news as a teenager, his immediate reaction: "Good!" Mason saw nothing wrong in killing bourgeois 'Jew-Hollywood' types.
  • He initially contacted Squeaky and Sandy via letter while they were still in prison in West Virgina, having become aware via a newspaper article they were to be soon released. After he gained their trust (Squeaky first, then Sandy) he was able to establish correspondence with Manson.
  • Manson is described as "very forthright" and "not worried about sparing anyone's feelings" (big surprise, huh!?). 
  • Communication was largely via letters, as Charlie was only allowed "about 3 minutes at a time" during telephone conversations during which he was always accompanied by a guard.
  • Mason had "a heck of a time" not only reading Charlie's letters, but comprehending them- although when he did they were full of "many profound ideas". Squeaky had to physically transcribe the letters into a readable form of "modern English" [he doesn't explain whether this was done before or after she & Sandy were released from prison]. Squeaky & Sandy told Mason that, "you have to read Charlie's letters at least three times to understand them, before they sink in."
  • At several points he remarks that he dislikes use of the term 'The Family' but uses it out of convenience. "Manson would deny he's a leader and deny there's a Family." The girls are also mentioned as being likely to 'strenuously object' to use of this term.
  • Mason seems to have swallowed as 'deep' the many Charlie lines we've heard before, i.e. "Christians seem to live in order to die. Whereas Manson would have it, 'Live one day at a time. There's no past, no future, only now.'"
  • Mason believes the Tate-LaBianca murders were "intended to free Bobby Beausoleil." Charlie has "never lied about this", and Helter Skelter is "Bugliosi's invention." Mason believes Charlie was pressured into the murders (and attracted so much police heat generally) through some of the 'flaky people' who hung around him (Tex's name is mentioned). Essentially the old 'Charlie did nuffin' wrong' line. 
  • He believes if Tate-LaBianca hadn't occurred, Charlie would have grown a massive political following and generated a significant degree of musical success. Hrmm...
Manson gave the people around him what they needed most. This is what they accuse Hitler of doing... Manson did the same thing. These people that comprised his Family were for the most part upper-middle-class, well-educated runaways - mostly female - that had run away from home because of an intense dissatisfaction with the system, values, way they were brought up. They were missing something vital and critical to human happiness and Manson simply supplied that... Manson had that genetic combination [like Hitler] that couldn't be denied in spite of his environment and he was able to supply those individual needs. When you can do that for a person or group of people you've won their loyalty, right straight to death if need be. And:
I run Universal Order and I run it in Manson's spirit, which at the same time is Hitler's spirit, which at the same time - if you're a Christian - is Jesus of Nazareth's spirit- it's that same spirit. Manson would call it the spirit of truth, and as he always says: "Truth is one. There's only one truth." It can be National Socialism, it can be Christianity, you can put different names on it for different periods but it's still the same thing. His name for it is Universal Order.
Oo-ee-oo, huh? Mason's truth was clearly National Socialism, regardless of Charlie's input or not. For a concrete example of some of Charlie's inspiration on Mason, compare the changes he made to the logo Mason was using for his group- as Mason explains in the video, Charlie thought the NSLF logo was stupid (Mason didn't have an army behind him, so why advertise himself with a gun? wisdom!) so her personally re-designed the new logo himself:

NSLF Logo - Pre-Manson

Universal Order - Post-Manson

Interestingly, this incorporates the backwards-swastika we've seen other Family members used before, the one (supposedly) inspired by Native Americans... as well as the scales of justice, symbolising (of course) Universal Order. I'll leave the last word on this for Charlie:

All must have a one world government, money, army, all in order to bring order in fast and reset all to ATWA for life itself and all life support systems set in order, balance, and God's will. - Charles M. Manson

Might almost call that a ... Universal Order?


Robert Hendrickson said...

The "Muslim" terrorists just bombed the Brussels airport and Obama is off preparing the way for "Big" American corporations to invade Cuba. Sounds like business as usual.

So isn't it time to accept Mansonism for what it really is: Intellectual Entertainment.

Unknown said...

Charlie would have been bigger than the beatles and Elvis combined if Terry "my mommy is Doris Day" Melcher would have given him a recording contract.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Now hear this ! Robert Hendrickson, the Cryptic Caper, has taken over the MansonBlog.

He had ALL the "Super Delegates" in HIS back pocket all along. SO don't even bother commenting or "voting" to get HIM expelled. The ONLY question remaining is: Which way is HE going to take US.

He's in negotiations with TRUMP and Hillary right now. May the BEST money WIN.

HellzBellz said...

@Mr Hendrickson, I Dont think ,Mansonism, can stop Muslim Suicide Bombers, or their believes ,extremists ideas in anny way. Do you ? Or am I misunderstanding your comment ??

Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...

August Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Waverly Street

Come and play
Everything's A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That's where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Waverly Street

beauders said...

I was hearing a lot about Mason is the late 90's and it wasn't at all good. I don't know why but this case has a lot of pedophiles in it and attracted to it. Mason was in prison at the time because he was caught having a relationship with a fifteen year old girl. Also at the time he was trying to sell a copy of the Tate/LaBianca trial transcript which I was interested until I found out it was Stephen Kay's personal copy that he have loaned to Manson because Manson was bitching in his parole hearings about not having a copy. Kay was royally pissed and knew some Nazi in Ohio had it. You just can't this stuff off. Anyway how many pedophiles involved in all this are there lets see, Manson himself, Clem, White Rabbit, Polanski, Nelson, and Mason. Did I miss any? Oh ya, Atkins.

Manson Mythos said...
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Penny lane said...

Wow...MFA....gobsmacked by your comments...are u blind in one eye ?

Jenn said...

Sam wrote: "Charlie would have been bigger than the beatles and Elvis combined if Terry "my mommy is Doris Day" Melcher would have given him a recording contract"

Perhaps your statement is not intended to be taken seriously, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

Logan said...

really interesting post, thanks for putting up a link to that weirdo nazi mag. Charlie's tired comments about being a mirror really do seem to ring true...I think Mr Hendrickson hit the nail on the head with the "intellectual entertainment" comment.
But it got me thinking...all of this tremendous human pain and suffering related to TLB and related phenomena...all of these weird connections...what does it mean to us? What does it mean to anyone?

Guida Diehl said...

I'd forgotten about that dark tangent in Mason's life, beauders. Do you have any links to further info on this, or remember where you first heard it? I'm aware of other far-right politicians being stung for pedophilia in the past (Kevin Strom comes to mind) and it's often waved away by people in the nationalist scene as a falsified political smear- the way cops were accused of planting dope on radicals in the '60s. Then again, in some cases (like Bill Riccio - see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLhgytSb8ds ) those defences don't really wash. Just have to watch that documentary for 5 seconds to realise that scumbag was a kiddy-fiddler.

And MFA:
Thanks for your input- I hadn't made the Abraxas connection, but it's a neat one. Mason was seeking to ditch the left-right dynamic and believed he'd found that in National Socialism; Manson was also a mixture of opposites in a whole slew of obvious ways. This is something that fascinates me, the syncretism between extremes... the Weathermen and Nazis both embracing Manson; or people like Jacques Doriot or Mussolini or Alexander Raven Thomson finding their path to fascism through Marxism. Not really relevant to this blog though so I'll shut up. Will say this, though:

" I'd rather associate with nationals at this point than these Marxist idiots like the ones showing up at Trump rallys.... It's interesting to point out that in the 60s', it was the right who were bringing on and perpetuating a race war for the benefit of whites. Now, it's the leftist globalists who are trying to force open boarders and use their billions to fund leftist groups to cause chaos for the benefit of everyone except whites."

I agree with that sentiment entirely. :)

Guida Diehl said...

Thanks Logan. (Thanks to everyone for reading btw, realise it was a long read on a subject not a lot of people might not have the stomach or interest for).

Who knows what it means? Manson just has EVERYTHING though, so I understand why people get sucked into looking into this 'case' in-depth:
-Hollywood glamour
-The '60s counterculture
-Nubile young women
-Brainwashed Texans
-MUSIC - the Beatles
-Mystery... the devil is in the details, and the details are lost and the devil's too slippery to catch.

So I guess at the end of the day the meaning is - entertainment. A few people lost their lives in a grisly way; a few more lost theirs more metaphorically, having sold their soul to a man who LITERALLY called himself 'The Devil', and they consequently ended up in jail. And we dig through the mess, holding up the odd grisly piece we find here and there and obsessing over it because it interests us (and might interest others!). It fills our time, makes us feel fulfilled. It's morbid as fuck but that is what it boils down to.

Would people still remember Sharon Tate quite so vividly if she hadn't been killed?
Would anyone know even know who Manson was if the they hadn't stopped those people?
What would we be arguing about on the internet THEN? Probably Ted Bundy, right?

Unknown said...

MFA, I have a few questions for you. You state, "Now, it's the leftist globalists who are trying to force open boarders and use their billions to fund leftist groups to cause chaos for the benefit of everyone except whites."

Do you mean "borders", as in country borders?

And in your comment "...Marxist idiots like the ones showing up at Trump rallys", are you referring to the Trump supporters or the protesters that show up at his rallies?

As much as I hate politics showing up in blogs I enjoy reading, I just want to put in my two cents.

My ancestors arrived in this country to escape persecution and to seek better lives for themselves and their families. Some of them came here as early as 1650 and one, my great-grandfather, around 1885. My GGF was an "illegal", a stow-away from the Bavarian kingdom. Fortunately, he was allowed to become a citizen and his descendants are all U.S. citizens today. My family are Caucasians, therefore, the so-called open border was a benefit for some whites.

I'd also like to point out the thousands of Africans that were brought to the U.S. legally prior to the Civil War who were sold into slavery. Those "open" borders were hardly a benefit for those non-whites.

The thought of a Trump presidency makes me ill. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Manson Mythos said...

I mean country boarders, yes. As for "Marxist idiots", I of course mean the protesters. If you wish to call them that. They're more like the misinformed, animalistic storm troopers of the global elite like Soros who wants to push his "open society" ideology on the west with the intent to utterly destroy it. They will bring about a race war much faster than Trump, because they're knee-jerk reactionary imbeciles who are motivated by media manipulation and falsehoods.

Past analogies are just tired straw man arguments that people use to avoid the issue. Our immigrant ancestors cannot be compared to nor have an relevance to the "migrant crisis" that is happening in Europe. Women and children are being raped in epidemic proportion. They're being beaten robbed in the streets and most of those oh so sweet refugees happen to be military age men. Trump is a breath of free air in a world where globalists have turned "leaders" into cuckhold, self loathing wimps such as the UK who wanted to ban him from entering, but have Muslims on mega phone threatening that Sharia Law is coming to London soon.

I don't take kindly to my ancestors who came here and contributed to America by busting their back, working till they couldn't walk anymore and died with little to nothing to show for it to scumbag migrants who are gang raping pre-teens in Sweden and Germany. People don't know how bad it is over there, because the liberal/zionist media is not showing it. They'll only make an international news story when some brave Europeans decide to fight back.

America is crippled enough. A Trump presidency will will mean keeping them OUT. Clinton wants to bring them in while taking guns off the people.

Anonymous said...

@Vermouth Brilliantine - This is the only murder case that interests me and it's for many of the reasons that you listed. The other cases that get mass media coverage - ie. serial killers and mothers who murder their babies, etc. - are just grim and depressing. I don't know why anyone would want to know more about those stories.

As you so eloquently stated - there's much more to the Manson case than just murder, which makes it all the more fascinating.

I should also add that if you took Charlie out of the equation, and it was the Tex Watson murder case, there would be a huge drop off in people interested, due to the fact that Tex typifies the dull persona of most serial killers, which maybe isn't surprising since he's the actual killer in this case.

The GB Shaw quote - I always assumed that he was referring to Hitler. I had no idea that he was actually talking about Jack the Ripper. :-0 WTF?

Anonymous said...

I think Trump is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything.

Aware said...

A crazy ideology to assume you have the only true answer. Especially in politics, if you think any candidate has any interest in solving your daily problems, you are extremely naive. Trump included. He's not a real outsider, and seeks the job only for a self serving purpose

Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...

Trump has raised his standards and upped his game - so now up yours.

Matt said...

Trump and Cruz are arguing dick size and who's wife is uglier. They are handing Hillary the election. If the convention is contested the parties that night will be better than Super Bowl parties. Big fun.

Fiddy 8 said...

I hope Trump doesn't call Putin's wife ugly too.

Manson Mythos said...

I saw a loose Manson connection in the insanity lately. Bill Ayers at the Soros-funded Chicago protest of Trump. Wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. Black Lives Matter, who are said to be another government funded bunch of stooges.

Fiddy 8 said...

One of the Brinks guards who survived being gunshot by the Weather Underground's '81 Brinks robbery (2 cops and another Brinks guard were shot to death), would continue working for Brinks for another 20 years, only to die on the job while make a delivery to the WTC on the morning of 9-11.

(Note the Weathermen are different from the Weather Underground which came later)

CieloDrive.com said...

Dennis, don't you live on Long Island? Why are you so concerned with our borders?

Anonymous said...

He's not concerned with borders, he's concerned with "boarders".

Perhaps he runs a Bed and Breakfast and they're eating too much food or stealing towels.

Manson Mythos said...

Or perhaps the third world is spilling into the west as part of a masterplan to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

We crossed the Rubicon when we let the Kardashian's ancestors in, IMHO.

orwhut said...

Manson Family Archives said... Or perhaps the third world is spilling into the west as part of a masterplan to destroy it.

Outsiders SPILLING into the west can likely be absorbed fairly easily. It's when they POUR in that serious problems begin.

Robert Hendrickson said...

AM I the only one who SEEs a huge similarity with D. TRUMPs campaign to WIN the White House and C. Manson's campaign to WIN at trial. Like both are/were "In Your Face" entertainment. The pricks against the Pussies - It's a "tail" gate party for sure.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Now this POST is getting interesting ! AND here is a FACT: the migration of Muslims into Europe has been building for 2 decades. Upon ending a month's stay in Paris back then, I realized the "problem." There were even incidents reported in the papers. The Jewish manager of our apartment even informed us that a new wave of anti-Semitism was spreading across France and HE was leaving.

Europe is already overtaken with Muslims as America has already been RE-claimed by South Americans. IT is ONLY a matter of time. AND Sandra Good explained it BEST, almost 50 years ago - "Islam is Rising."

That the U.S. government (F.B.I. & C.I.A.) are oblivious to "reality" is certainly a testament to the "establishment's" employment practices.

NOW, you only NEED to look NO further than Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as the frontrunners to become the next "leader" of the once "Free-world."

At least I HAD some marbles to "recently" lose. I can't even imagine what it would be like to wonder through life AFTER having ALL your marbles replaced by stupid mental "programs" in school.

Whether YOU realize it or NOT, you are interested in this Manson Case and related subjects, BECAUSE you want YOUR marbles back !

Unknown said...

In case you are interested, you can hear the story of one refuge attempting to enter the United States, via a "lottery" hosted by the United States government. I heard this story on NPR during a long drive to my mother's home and it is a great story:


JC said...

Man, that is a great parody of a foaming-at-the-mouth crypto-nazi nutjob.
Well done, sir!

Logan said...

OMG Still Grooving, I am a huge fan of This American Life...I'm a deliver driver so my car i'm constantly bathed in the indoctrination of NPR lol. I'd never heard that episode before, thanks for sharing.
MR Hendrickson: As Manson said in his Schreck interview: "I'm Richard Milhous Nixon! But I'm him down under the ground, man!"
I think you could put a similar argument towards Trump...or really any bombastic, flashy "leader" or rabble-rouser. All this Trump/Manson discussion gets me thinking about how similar "cult" leaders are to politicians. I think it comes down to charisma and who is flashy enough to win the metaphorical dick-measuring contest so they can play on the "us against them" mentality which is such an integral part of being human. (This current election, reflecting the state of short attention spans and obsession with social media in this country, has been more of an ACTUAL dick measuring contest among the Republicans, IMO)

I think System of a Down said it best, "Stupid people do stupid things / Smart people outsmart each other"

Logan said...

*so in my car

beauders said...

My first interactions with Mason were through Kregg Sanders, a guy in 90's who put out a catalog selling criminal autographs and other memorabilia. Mason was trying to sell a copy of the Tate/LaBianca murder trial transcripts. I was interested but decided not to buy it when I learned that Mason got it from Manson who got it from Stephen Kay, it was Kay's personal copy. Kay loaned it to Manson because Manson was always bitching about not having one in his parole hearings. Kay was pissed referring to some Nazi in Ohio having it. Kregg also sent me a copy of a cassette of Mason berating his fifteen year old former girlfriend for having a Mexican boyfriend. Typical crude and rude stuff about the guy must have a big dick for her to want to be with him, etc. I was not impressed, Mason does have a book out for those interested.

Guida Diehl said...

Thanks beauders! A cassette of neo-Nazi James Mason berating his 15-year-old girlfriend over the size of Mexican penis... you cannot make this shit up. LOL. Gold.

How big is Hispanidick, anyway? We all know the rumours about the size of Africock; maybe that's why Manson wanted his race war, penis envy? Surprised some shithead psychologist hasn't written a book with this angle already.

"I should also add that if you took Charlie out of the equation, and it was the Tex Watson murder case, there would be a huge drop off in people interested, due to the fact that Tex typifies the dull persona of most serial killers, which maybe isn't surprising since he's the actual killer in this case."

This is a really good point. If Charlie was removed from the situation entirely, somehow was not dragged into the murder trials at all, then Tex probably WOULD be regarded as just another 'normal' (as opposed to super-freaky, like Manson) serial killer. A low-rent version of Ted Bundy, a blundering dunderhead who killed some glamorous and not-so-glamorous people over shady drug deals, end of story. The real drawcard in this case for so many people is the CHARISMA of Manson- which still pulses through it, giving it life, drawing new people in, even drawing new CONVERTS in to the cause of ATWA. Manson's persona as a drug-crazed fanatical hippy-racist pseudo-Hitler with warlock powers permeates everything.

Interesting though that the more you read into it, the more that charisma is punctured- the more Manson is revealed as just this scummy con-man with a messed-up life who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right look and the right powers of persuasion. A thug with a Jesus complex, really. Hell, he's not even ACTUALLY a serial-killer (as I said above)- just the grim commander of serial killers (is that worse?). Illusion upon illusion upon illusion. A lot of this illusion was created by the press and Bugliosi, too- the image we have of him was largely created by the media. They made him out to be Hippy Hitler when he was really just Hippy Hillbilly. Trying to unravel these illusions to figure out The Truth is what motivates a lot of us here.

Guida Diehl said...

Oh, and by the by- what I described above DOES apply to Trump, too, since he seems to be a popular subject of discussion here. There is the media image of Trump...

...and then there is the real Donald Trump.

One is a psychotic racist Nazi idiot who has a third-grade intellect (but, inexplicably, also manages to successfully run a multi-billion-dollar business empire) and from his golden throne commands his hordes of 'white trash' goons to attack and destroy minorities, Muslims, Muslim minorities, women, Muslim minority women, and anyone who values decency, tolerance, and Mom's Apple Pie.

Then there is the man who is a staunch protectionist, deeply opposed to outsourcing and downsizing; a critic of the free-trade orthodoxy embodied in NAFTA and the TPP; a defender of health-care for those who cannot afford it; a defender of Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose, even if it goes against his own moral code; a man who leans relatively liberal on LGBT rights and drug legalisation; a man who warned the world months ago that there was another potential terrorist act brewing in Brussels, and who was laughed at for it; a man who bases his opposition to illegal immigration ENTIRELY on the way it hurts his huge base of supporters - blue-collar and lower-middle class Americans (who are a bit sick of being written off as 'white trash' by everyone, btw); and a man who has a surprisingly diverse support base, something which is deliberately ignored by the press.

So, you have two images of Donald Trump. One was created by the media, one is real. I keep hearing the press saying "Trump is riling up bigots and racists" but, despite having watched all his rallies and most of his town halls/interviews so far, I've never seen him do this once. There's a public image of Trump used by certain people in powerful positions to inspire fear (sound familiar?); then there is the real Donald Trump, a loud-mouthed, politically incorrect businessman who holds certain policy positions - which people are free to agree or disagree with - that are actually relatively moderate, ESPECIALLY for a Republican.

Here's a little taste of what I'm talking about, and it's delicious:

These are good too. Sometimes the truth manages to push through the artificial narrative and when it does it's YUGE, it's BEWDIFUL:



Jenn said...

What Trump and Manson have in common is misogyny.

orwhut said...

Old people like Trump and Manson feel better after a nice misoge.

Guida Diehl said...

True, the man is a vicious pig:


I don't know. I doubt the man would be grooming his daughter Ivanka to take over his multibillion-dollar business empire if he categorically hated women simply for existing. Trump is an equal-opportunity insulter and a font of endless entertainment (plus much-needed policy ideas on trade & economic reform); he is a HIGH ENERGY gift that keeps on giving in my opinion, and the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in a long, long time.


Robert Hendrickson said...

VERMOUTH: You hit it RIGHT - with TRUMP Like Manson there is the "media's" image and then there is the REAL Trump and the REAL Manson. Also, with BOTH, there is the "I don't give a damn what the media says, because I am WAAAY above that." AND they BOTH are, because THEY "understand" the difference between a "media image" and the REAL deal.

On top of that THEY are exposing the 'fraud' in media images - to ALL who WANT to SEE it. TRUMP is actually exposing the fact that ALL the other Republican "hopefuls" are really just applying for a JOB. AND HE is exposing the FACT that it is NOT the "voters" who decide who will be the candidates, BUT the "delegates" who are merely servants with knee-pads for the "money-people" who really have RUN America ever since its inception.

Charles Manson, at trial, exposed the 'fraud' in the U.S. Justice system, BUT you would have to comprehend the "law" in order to SEE that. (saving that story for my final book)

Right now you have Hillary Clinton saying that it would be "racist" and NOT who America is for the cops to police the "Muslim" communities. BUT isn't that exactly what is being done ALL over America to BLACK ghettos and BROWN barrios. IF you really pay attention from an objective position, TRUMP is merely seducing Clinton into revealing HER "true" attitude toward America's citizens. Just wait until it's TRUMP and CLINTON in a two MAN race. WE will all re-visit the WACO Massacre for sure !

JIM HAYES said...

this is a great piece of writing, i thought it very interesting. i would like to point out that when the so-called crazy american left is mentioned the weathermen come up, is it because they were so ineffective (people that complain about Manson's writing style-yeah? you ever try and read some weathermen communiques? and their poetry is worse) (ahem) has there ever been any conections between Manson and the Baader Meinhoff? I'm just curious. There's a book called "the other alliance" about the Black Panthers influencing the German scene in 71 or so via Angela davis-so perhaps the Panther influence (literally) kept the RAF from ever making a comment about the alledged "helter skelter" guy. Regardless i enjoy reading the comments and i enjoy reading the blog.

Manson Mythos said...

Mason donated his entire collection to a library in Kansas.

Just like some people think Charles Manson mutilated a pregnant woman, people are convinced Trump is a racist. Trump has never said a single racist thing against blacks. He's invited two of his biggest supporters on stage, two black women and encourged them to capitolize on it, which I'm sure they could. He's not even in office and he's helping blacks get rich! Sanders had two black women on his stage too, only after they bullied and strong armed their way on while he stood off to the side like a dominated cuck.

Two BLM leaders were on FOX quoting Trump as saying Let's Make AMerica White Again. He never said that. This is the intellect we're dealing with.

Manson Mythos said...

If anyone has original Universal Order pamphlets, I'm looking to buy.

grimtraveller said...

Robert Hendrickson said...

Europe is already overtaken with Muslims as America has already been RE-claimed by South Americans. IT is ONLY a matter of time. AND Sandra Good explained it BEST, almost 50 years ago - "Islam is Rising."

Except that Sandra Good was not talking about "Islam." She wasn't talking about Islam the religion, she wasn't talking about global Islam, she wasn't talking about Muslims per se righting some Western wrong. Sandra's focus was extremely narrow; she was focused on the USA and she was focused on Black Muslims, the Nation of Islam, which back then was to Islam the way evangelical Christians would see Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons. Even Malcolm X when he was shunted aside by the Nation and went to Mecca embraced real Islam and saw it as distinct from "the Black Muslims."
But Sandra Good didn't, at least not when she was speaking to you and Laurence Merrick. For her "Islam is rising" meant pretty much the same thing as the Family's understanding of "Helter Skelter" which was that Black people would rise to the top. For her "Islam" meant "Black" and "Christian" meant "White" interchangeably with "American" and her thing was that "Islam" {Blacks} would put "the Christian thought" {the ways of White America} to the sword and hence, was rising. Which is partly why when people try to rubbish "Helter Skelter" they are onto a loser as far as I'm concerned. The Family simply could not get away from it's tenets. Helter Skelter's fingerprints are all over the Family's speech and rhetoric for anyone that actually wants to see that.
Being Black, perhaps I have an unfair advantage insofar as I've lived with this interchangeability of terms from day one {England was really little different} and therefore, when I see Sandra quoted as having said "Islam is rising" I caught her import straight away. It took me jumping through hoops to buy your book before it was confirmed and I don't regret it for a moment.

Robert Hendrickson said...

BTW GRIM: There are folks in YOUR neck of the woods who would pay you double for what you paid for "Death to Pigs."

AND isn't it a shame Sandra Good does NOT come forward and elaborate on what SHE actually meant by "Islam is Rising." On the other hand, IF she meant exactly what YOU say SHE meant, "Houston, we got a problem." Cause that prediction has come to complete fruition - unless Mr. Obama is NOT BLACK and / or HE is NOT the President of the United States.

It also means, Sandra Good and Charles Manson, were the most advanced clairvoyants of OUR time.

Of course, to say a mass murderer like Charles Manson was also "special" is against Common Law.

SOOO, do YOU have any idea how many "special" folks just keep THEIR mouths shut and go about their business ? I'm sure YOU know where the number a Hundred and Forty-four thousand comes from, BUT isn't that just a $$ amount most people wish they could buy a home for. In the 1960's you could buy one of the "greatest" Beverly Hills mansions for Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.

The point being YOUR theory of Sandra's "Islam is Rising" is only as valid as Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter"- simply because it's always about what the masses WANT to believe. AND we ALL need a "racist pig" on the world stage in order to feel better about ourselves.

grimtraveller said...

Robert Hendrickson said...

BTW GRIM: There are folks in YOUR neck of the woods who would pay you double for what you paid for "Death to Pigs."

I don't doubt it. I'm one of these people that keeps books once I buy them because it's very rare that I'll just look at it once and never again. Quite the opposite. I daresay I'll be one of those old geezers that still actually has a library.
So they won't be buying it from me !

AND isn't it a shame Sandra Good does NOT come forward and elaborate on what SHE actually meant by "Islam is Rising."

I guess so. But unless we're agreed that someone saying "look at that blue car over there" can actually mean "I don't eat chocolate anymore, as my teeth give me trouble" then it's very clear what she's saying. When she says something like "the church and the state have always been the same. The church and the state never separated. What the Pope says, Nixon, Pope, Nixon, Judge, it's all the same. We live in a Christian thought. We don't, the rest of the world lives in a dying Christian thought...." {Pg 463} as a Christian and as a person that is Black, seeing how she lumps Pope, govt {Pres} and court together as indivisible, it's easy to pick up where she's coming from and the inaccurate way she brings things together. When Merrick tells her "Islam is a belief of the Muslims, not the Black Muslim, but that Muslims, the Arabs we call 'em" and she replies "Well, we're talking about the Black Muslims" then it's pretty clear to me that.....she's {and by extension the Family are} talking about Black Muslims. A moment later she says "Allah's justice is a lot different from the Christian justice" and she goes on to say "Yeah, so those who worship Allah are a whole different group than...in other words, they see justice as doing back what's been done to them and they're black."
I think her meaning is clear.

On the other hand, IF she meant exactly what YOU say SHE meant, "Houston, we got a problem."
It also means, Sandra Good and Charles Manson, were the most advanced clairvoyants of OUR time

Not really. You'll have a woman President one day. In the UK we'll one day have a Black/Asian Prime minister. We've already gone the lady route. When the various women groups here fought for the vote, some of them could see the logical conclusion of a Mrs Thatcher. President Obama is in many ways the logical conclusion of Martin Luther King's famous speech {among many other important things that civil rights supporters said back in the day}. Clairvoyancy ? Reading the times, I'd say. I told people about what would happen to the Moroccan community in Ladbroke Grove as far back as 1989. It happened. I'm no clairvoyant.

Of course, to say a mass murderer like Charles Manson was also "special" is against Common Law

I think Charles Manson had a certain amount of foresight as did many people that found themselves on the wrong side of the fence.
Sometimes one might actually glean more from those seedier areas where the "respectable" and "right thinking" refuse to look.

The point being YOUR theory of Sandra's "Islam is Rising" is only as valid as Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter"- simply because it's always about what the masses WANT to believe

Perhaps. My theory may not be valid at all but for the moment, it is what I think, not because it's what I want to believe, but because I weigh up what's put before me and the life I've lived. Col Scott used to say on his site, words to the effect that it's a fallacy that everyone is entitled to their opinion. They are however, entitled to their informed opinion.
There's a lot of truth in that, methinks.

Penny lane said...

I dont think Sandy is or ever was a full packet of Tim Tams..I just hear ramblings of a nutjob..not insightful pearls of wisdom...