Saturday, May 7, 2016

The 2017 Manson Blog Tour

The dates of the 2017 Tour won't be announced until January or February, but it normally takes place late April to early May. If anyone is interested in attending please email either myself or Deb. There's no charge, but you need to make your own travel, lodging and other arrangements.

The itinerary is never announced before the Tour because frankly we never decide what we will do and see until it gets very close. The links below will give you an idea of what it's like.

Past tour links:

MansonBlog Tour 2016 - Jane Doe #59
MansonBlog Tour 2016: The Gun Toss And Steven Weiss' House
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Independence, CA
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Death Valley, The Racetrack Playa and The Michigan Loader Site
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Nude Hippies And The Origin Of An Icon
MansonBlog Tour 2016: The End Of Summit Trail

Manson Tour 2015: Earth Day at Spahn Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part I
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part II
Manson Tour 2015: Olancha - Karl Stubbs' Neighbor and Hannum Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: Goler Wash
Manson Tour 2015: Gary Hinman's Bus -- Not
Manson Tour 2015: Benedict Canyon and the Surrounding Areas: Report on Strange Sounds, Gunshots, Indications of Violence, Related by Persons who were in Hearing Distance of the Polanski Residence on the Night of 8-8-69 and the Morning of 8-9-69

Manson Tour 2014: Stoner's Spahn Ranch Hike
Manson Tour 2014: The Museum of Death and The Sounds of Laurel Canyon
Manson Tour 2014: A Day With Aes-Nihil
Holy Cross

2013 Tour - Robert Hendrickson at The Silent Theatre
2013 Tour - Cielo Drive
2013 Tour - Easton Drive / Rudy Weber
2013 Tour - LaBianca
2013 Tour - El Coyote
2013 Tour - Lotsapoppa
2013 Tour - Westchester/Venice
2013 Tour - Hanging out with Michael on his Back Porch!
2013 Tour - Spahn/Chatsworth

2012 Tour Day 1 - Vegas & Pahrump
2012 Tour Day 2 - Devil's Hole, Father Crowley Point & Olancha
2012 Tour Day 3 - Trona, Ballarat & Barker Ranch
2012 Tour Day 4 - El Coyote
2012 Tour Day 5 - Lower Topanga, Spahn, Box Canyon


starship said...

I'm hoping 2018 will be the magic year for me...

Thanks for these posts. They're very enlightening.

Robert C said...

Excellent summary and compilation of links. Now I have to go through them and live vicariously again ;-)

Chris B said...

I will be attending the 2027 one as it co-incides with Manson's next parole hearing. If he isnt released I will have the tour to fall back one.

orwhut said...

If Charlie is around for his 2027 parole hearing I'll be amazed.

MHN said...

Is there a Manson Blog Tour scholarship I can apply for?

Zelda Formaldehyde said...

An event of unknown time and detail? Sure, why not? Where do I send my check? And will LVH be joining us?

stoner van houten said...

THIS TOUR IS SO MUCH FUN ....i have done it now,3 years in a row ...looking forward to 2017 ....