Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2019 Manson Blog Tour

The timeframe of the 2019 Tour will be May 15 - 20 in LA with some possible side trips.

If anyone is interested in attending please email either myself or Deb. There's no charge, but you need to make your own travel, lodging and other arrangements.

The exact itinerary is never announced before the Tour but the links below will give you an idea of what it's like.

Past tour links:

MansonBlog Tour 2018: Paying Respects
MansonBlog Tour 2018: Cielo Drive Killer Walk
MansonBlog Tour 2018: Scott Michaels and his Dearly Departed Tours and Artifact Museum
MansonBlog Tour 2018: The Spiral Staircase Revisited (Again)
MansonBlog Tour 2018: The Back Ranch at Spahn
MansonBlog Tour 2018: Respects to Ron Hughes from Ghouls & Fools
MansonBlog Tour 2018: A Few Reflections on the MansonBlog Tour
MansonBlog Tour 2018: Heartbreak and Change of Heart about the Manson Girls
MansonBlog Tour 2018: What it's like driving with Dreath

Tour 2017: Slipping in the Mix with Steve Grogan
Tour 2017: The James Willet Murder Area
Tour 2017: Mendocino
Tour 2017: NorCal Facts About The Victims
Tour 2017: Haight-Ashbury
Tour 2017: Sacramento

MansonBlog Tour 2016: Jane Doe #59
MansonBlog Tour 2016: The Gun Toss And Steven Weiss' House
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Independence, CA
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Death Valley, The Racetrack Playa and The Michigan Loader Site
MansonBlog Tour 2016: Nude Hippies And The Origin Of An Icon
MansonBlog Tour 2016: The End Of Summit Trail

Manson Tour 2015: Earth Day at Spahn Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part I
Manson Tour 2015: A Discussion With George Stimson: Part II
Manson Tour 2015: Olancha - Karl Stubbs' Neighbor and Hannum Ranch
Manson Tour 2015: Goler Wash
Manson Tour 2015: Gary Hinman's Bus -- Not
Manson Tour 2015: Benedict Canyon and the Surrounding Areas: Report on Strange Sounds, Gunshots, Indications of Violence, Related by Persons who were in Hearing Distance of the Polanski Residence on the Night of 8-8-69 and the Morning of 8-9-69

Manson Tour 2014: Stoner's Spahn Ranch Hike
Manson Tour 2014: The Museum of Death and The Sounds of Laurel Canyon
Manson Tour 2014: A Day With Aes-Nihil
Holy Cross

2013 Tour: Robert Hendrickson at The Silent Theatre
2013 Tour: Cielo Drive
2013 Tour: Easton Drive / Rudy Weber
2013 Tour: LaBianca
2013 Tour: El Coyote
2013 Tour: Lotsapoppa
2013 Tour: Westchester/Venice
2013 Tour: Hanging out with Michael on his Back Porch!
2013 Tour: Spahn/Chatsworth

2012 Tour Day 1: Vegas & Pahrump
2012 Tour Day 2: Devil's Hole, Father Crowley Point & Olancha
2012 Tour Day 3: Trona, Ballarat & Barker Ranch
2012 Tour Day 4: El Coyote
2012 Tour Day 5: Lower Topanga, Spahn, Box Canyon


all8 said...
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Jaxsie said...

I'd like to join, but am unsure how to email you.

Matt said...

matt at mansonblog dot com

Ajerseydevil said...

How come only five days instead of a week this time

Unknown said...

Happeners are likely to include....

Can't wait to see you guys again and party in SoCal!!! 🍻

Patty is Dead said...

I need a famous ST hug

Unknown said...

Then you will get one lol

ColScott said...


Walk away from the gravestone and DO NOT touch the charcoal

Patty is Dead said...

Truth or Dare colonel I want to see you face to face and look into your eyes when you make your accusations. I will tell you what i know to be true. I will be in LA For the tour.

David said...

Are we still back there? Remember the “grave rubbings” were my idea last year.

That said, I’d really like to meet you this tour, Col.

Unknown said...

lol Col was a class act and real gentleman in person... I too hope to see him again as well as everyone else 😀

ColScott said...

St. You were the surprise of my one and only trip. A great bloke as they say. I enjoyed that trip very much.

Since losing the love of my life (Matt) I could not imagine a future tour. I will miss Patty's bloodshot eyes

David said...

Ok, Col.,

Can't do a tour event. How about lunch? I'll come down early if that works or stay late.

St. Circumstance said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks very much Col!

I hope we can all get together and just move on as friends. My fingers are crossed!!

David I am looking forward to meeting you as well!!

See you all very soon!!

Patty is Dead said...

Actually you came on two tours. There are pics of you and Liz; Liz and ST have never met. I know it's hard for you to keep details straight. You're welcome.

ColScott said...

PataCake Graver- I went on one tour. I introduced Hendrickson to everyone and Max Frost. I paid for a Van rental and a big dinner at El Coyote. I was open and supportive of everyone- it was a great trip. Then I pointed out several tours later that your (and others) fangirl behavior with killer Adam Gabriel and collection of murder "souvenirs" was unseemly and somehow Matt decided that the criticism was directed at him alone and has not reconciled with me yet despite my desire and attempts to do so. So as the great Kurt Vonnegut would say, "Take a flying fuck at a rolling donut..."

ColScott said...


I expect to be on a Yacht in the Exhumas through May 25th, drinking Mai Tais and photographing swimming pigs. I also understand there is a famous plantation murder site on one on the Islands and Stoner is hoping I will get him some Slave Murder Souvenirs. (Arrested Development Narrator: "I won't.")

I am sorry I will miss you but I am certain the group will take you to all the fabulous places

Terrapin said...

At this time every year i wish that at this time next year i'll have the funds to travel from the sunny shores of Australia to the sunny shores of California for this tour. But every year it rolls around i seem to be in a worse financial position than the last. Once again i'll live vicariously through you all so make sure youse have a great time :)

Unknown said...

Sounds amazing Col. Have a safe trip and maybe next time...

Unknown said...

Also Col...

You went on two tours. The rented tour can you met Liz. You met us at El Coyote a second time because Liz was not on the tour I went to ...

Also - I picked up the tab lol. Getting to finally meet you was a thrill. They would have had to shoot me to get that check out of my hand lol but Max was there too maybe you are blurring them 😀

In any case it was a great night and a lot of fun to meet you

Unknown said...

The tour you rented the van for I meant. I was not on that tour...

ColScott said...


I may have joined you at El Coyote a second time then, but I did not partake of tour events that time methinks

Unknown said...

No you just came for dinner 😀

ColScott said...

Hence, I did not partake of two tours.

All this is moot since Matt now a hater

Zelda Formaldehyde said...

Still considering joining .... work schedule is a bear at the best of times. By the way, Zelda isn't some maudlin, murder freak-woman with a bad name, but actually a conservative, Canadian fellow. Hanging with Matt The Hater doesn't scare me.

Chris Hannel said...

You guys should do a Susan Atkins Tour. Starting from Her home in San Gabriel, then Her home in San Jose, to Carlton Elementary School, to Leigh High School, to Her home in Los Banos, to Los Banos High School, to the place where She worked as a telemarketer, to the place where She worked as a waitress, to the place where She was a topless dancer, then to the Black House, the place She was living when She met Manson, to 636 Cole St., to 14400 Sunset Blvd, to the place where they lived in Mendocino, Spahn Ranch, and finally Barker Ranch. A tour to honor Susie.