Sunday, June 16, 2019

MansonBlog Tour 2019: Dearly Departed Tours

Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours deserves a big shout out from MansonBlog. He is the owner/operator of the "black bus" that carried us about for a day through Laurel Canyon, The Whiskey a Go Go and Horn Ave.

This day was planned since last year's tour. The idea was to have a day of knowledge exchange. We got an education on many of the LA landmarks and Scott got more TLB arrows in his quiver. We even had a writer affiliated with 60 Minutes Australia along for the ride.

Scott Michaels is a gentleman and his tours and museum dedicated to LA macabre are a must for anyone reading this blog. If you get to LA, get on board one of his Hollywood Celebrity Tours and don't be shy about admitting you read MansonBlog.


all8 said...

I've done his Dearly Departed tour before. Unfortunately, Scott was not our guide. Hope to do the Helter Skelter tour one of these times when I'm back in SoCal.

starship said...

Scott is The Man indeed. A gracious host for sure!