Monday, December 6, 2021

Becoming Charlie Manson

Ghislaine Maxwell might fill America's head boogeyman position for the remainder of her life if she's found guilty of the charges against her. Week two of her trial begins today. No cameras are allowed inside the courtroom. 

Ghislaine was raised Anglican. I'm unsure of where she lands on the whole God thing these days but prayer might not be a bad idea for anyone who finds their name dropped alongside Charles Manson's in newspaper articles. Divine intervention could be your only hope. 

Charlie's gone, Ghislaine is awful, and we need a criminal we're unable to generate empathy for to taunt once her mind is fully broken. Grab your colored pencils and draw us a monster in a covid mask and please do not dawdle. I'll start the air popper. Extra salt and butter you know it. Btw is that Rusty Burrell from The People's Court?

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Not even Tricky Dicks can save you when you're inside the media machine.

While combing through famous courtroom sketches, I noticed they draw your face a certain way when you play for the opposing team. 

Google is the source for our illustrations today. That's a publicly shackled and muzzled Bobby Seale below Charlie. The final sketch is Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army members Judith Clark, Sekou Odinga, Kuwasi Balagoon, and David Gilbert.

Jeffrey looks so happy by the jet. He never read his Ecclesiastes and it shows. 

Ghislaine would be in some other blog post starring as Little Paul right now if the Clyde to her Bonnie hadn't been found bruised and lifeless inside his locked cell within a supposedly secure facility. But things worked out the way they did and now Ghislaine earns dual paychecks playing brainwashed Squeaky and maniac mastermind Charlie in the same movie. What a trip.

The artist didn't make Epstein look as evil and unhinged as the other defendants but Epstein also did not spend a comparable amount of time in court. I know he stormed out of a deposition when opposing lawyers repeatedly asked about the shape of his penis but I can't find any records of Epstein acting out in front of a judge. To some extent, everyone else we're discussing in this post did. 

Stunts like this didn't help Charlie.

Acting out in court is ALWAYS a poor decision no matter who you are and what you did or did not do. Go ask Lulu and Katie if you're unsure. When they don't respond, consider querying Charlie's haunted tv. 

Threats. "I see you. We see you and know where you are." 

Hands are tricky to draw. Ghislaine has some sort of Peanuts/Tim Burton/Courage the Cowardly Dog thing going on there I'm not sure. She didn't even make a circle for the head first. 

One of the illustrators Ghislaine sketched has forty years on the job. The Post didn't mention that because they needed to fill space. Ghislaine is at the precipice and it's a long way down. "Your honor, she enslaved the young and threatens the old from within the sanctity of our hallowed courtrooms." 

I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a little part of me that wonders if Ghislaine will receive a light sentence even though she's Squeaky and Charlie rolled into one. I saw Ghislaine's comments hundreds of times on reddit when I didn't know she was behind her username and even occasionally interacted via alt accounts due to her inflammatory views on certain subjects. Whenever I think back on those days, I'm kinda shook. Who else have I talked to? 

Keep in mind that is Ghislaine is rich and rich people always win unless the other rich people abandon them a la Madoff. But Bernie stole their money. Ghislaine merely provided the entertainment. 

If she was a piece of white trash from down here on the river there would be no questions regarding her fate. Ghislaine faces a maximum of eighty years and turns sixty in nineteen days. How much more time do you think she'll do? 

Ghislaine graduated from Oxford. 


Finally, Patty told me last week that longtime blog troll, Susan Atkins Gonorrhea, passed in early October after a brief illness. He was forty-nine years old. SAG's comments always started out okay before he predictably lost control and went off the rails. I always wondered why he had to take that route. 


Serious talk. Don't die a troll. It's no legacy.+ggw


Peter said...

He's trolling with the angels now.

Proteus said...

I suppose one shouldn't, but I tend to form opinions of people who post on these blogs based on the handles they use. Anyone who calls themself 'Susan Atkins Gonorrhea' fills me with immediate uncertainty, borne out in this case by the nature of some of his more extreme Posts. I suppose he had other handles too, although I note that below the box I am typing in appear the rather ineffectual words 'This blog does not allow anonymous comments'. So, no sock puppets here then? Not that I can talk, with a name like Proteus. Nevertheless, requiescat in pace SAG; you brightened many a post.

Dan S said...

I also enjoyed his Trolling. Rudy webbers hose was a funny handle.

The Charlie drawing leaping does not quite match Bugliosi's description

TabOrFresca said...

Dan S said:

The Charlie drawing leaping does not quite match Bugliosi's description.

7 artists, each with a different interpretation, covered the trial. The sketch shown was by Bill Robles, who was working for CBS news. So it’s likely that Walter Cronkite showed this sketch. Robles said, of his interpretation, “mine was what you saw”.

The book “Witness to Evil”, by George Bishop, has illustrations by Bill Lignante. His interpretation of Manson leaping can be seen on

I like the sketches my Robles and Lignante. I vaguely remember that either Grim or his counterpart “Fred Blogs” did not think highly of the likeness of the sketches.

Bugliosi did an amazing job as ADA for that trial. He was a major factor in creating the illusion that Manson was the boogeyman. The press helped and Manson joined the team and helped to create the apparition. Steve Railsback cemented it.

Did you ever notice that a synonym for boogieman is BUGbear?

TabOrFresca said...


When you started out this article and mentioned the name “Ghislaine Maxwell”, I had no clue as to who she was (I don’t read, listen, or watch the news). However the name the name “Jeffrey Epstein” rang a bell and I started to remember.

Now I’d like to say that Jeffrey Epstein was the Beatles manager and the Beatles talked to boogeyman Manson in the songs from the White Album - but I won’t be silly and say things like that - until later in my life.

Last year about this time I checked out a book from the library called “Guilt by Accusation: The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo” by Alan Dershowitz.

In the book Dershowitz makes a case that he is innocent of the accusations of sexual misconduct made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He also states that Giuffre never mentioned having sex with Dershowitz until after she met with her lawyers . Her main accusations were against Epstein and Maxwell for sex trafficking her (Giuffre) starting at the age of roughly 17.

Dan S said...

ToF, thanks for the link. The 2 pics are very similar with the Lignate one coming just before the bailiff tackles him. I see no pencil weapon in either.
I also found a typo at about page 900 in Reclaiming History (Bugliosi's JFK murder book); i can't come up with a funny way to say these 2 things ruins his credibility.

Another thing about bugliosi is even in the 2000s he never used a computer to write. He said he did the whole book long hand. He may not have even used the internet?!

G. Greene-Whyte said...

ToF - Your knowledge on the Manson universe is incredible and right up there with Grim and really mostly everyone here but me lol. I enjoy reading your comments every time. I haven't paid much attention to the Maxwell/Epstein cases. I was a huge conspiracy buff for decades but lost interest when conspiracy theories became American politics.

I was hiding from politics while listening to Art Bell. Not hoping they arrived on the scene. In my spare time, I enjoy cheap spy thrillers. That's probably nothing to base on argument on but Epstein and Maxwell seem to me like spies employing the tried and true honeypot method to cull information. Of course at the expense of innocent American girls. Or maybe that's just how they got their kicks. I dunno.

Another current weird woman I've been wondering about is the Mormon lady who killed her kids because Mormon space aliens to her to or whatever the specific malarkey is. But I haven't worked up the energy to check on her status so maybe I'm not wondering.

Peter said...

I like the one that zipped her husband into a suitcase and taunted him while he suffocated.

Dan S said...

She filmed it! (Of course)

Dan S said...

Amazing that charlie was the ultimate evil when there was so much worse out there. It's the fear of a pied piper perverting precious preteens

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Agree, Dan. Why look into the issues that create those situations when we can always just blame the dumb hillbilly?

grimtraveller said...

Peter said:

He's trolling with the angels now

If he is, then he must be in perpetual shock. He didn't believe in them and thought they were figments of the weak-minded !

Proteus said:

I suppose he had other handles too

He primarily became SAG, because in his first incarnation as Dave1971, he just couldn't control himself in civility and spewed out so much bile, that he got offed. But he was like that kid that gets thrown out of everyone's house because of his obnoxia, but desperately wants to be part of those circles, yet once the people relent and they get there, yet again, can't control themselves and get flung out again.
I generally found him easy to spot, because his arguments and turns of phrase never varied. Most of his handles were 'meh' but Rudy Weber's Hose was the classic for a Manson related site. Thus far for me, it's never been bettered, although Riff Raff Ruckus pushed it close.

requiescat in pace SAG; you brightened many a post

Although I suppose technically he was a troll, I never really thought of him that way. I thought he nearly always brought meaty points to the table and was a funny guy in his insulting way and I never felt what he said should be deleted. It makes good discussions look unbalanced and making little sense at times. I had no problem with him being deleted, when he got out of control. I would never personally advocate for it, but paradoxically, it sometimes served him right.
I considered him a worthy adversary. He asked loads of searching questions and, like St, was adept at keeping a conversation going on multiple fronts. I thought most of his arguments were weak, but were great to engage in. He was like that sporting or political opponent that plays dirty, but whom you have to take on in order to display your wares and emerge bruised, but smiling, knowing you were, in the end, the superior athlete. 🏃🏿‍♀️ 🏌🏿 ⛹🏿

TabOrFresca said:

I vaguely remember that either Grim or his counterpart “Fred Blogs” did not think highly of the likeness of the sketches

I didn't and I still don't, especially the ones in "Witness to evil", which is actually a very, very good book, along with "Trial by your peers", the best of the pre~Skelter tomes {with "5 to die" running a good race}.
The best illustrations by far, for me, come from a recent book, Herman Tubick's "Inside the Manson jury ~ From deliberation to death sentence." Of course, the artist, Anna Lachmann, had the seriously unfair advantage of good stills to work from. The others were drawing in the moment and from that viewpoint, it would be churlish of me to criticize them. But it's hard not to think, "that doesn't even look like such and such..." so I don't bother and go with my raw thoughts and hang the context ! 🎳

grimtraveller said...

TabOrFresca said:

When you started out this article and mentioned the name “Ghislaine Maxwell”, I had no clue as to who she was

I'd never heard of her, either, when all this Epstein stuff began. But when it emerged that she was the daughter of Robert Maxwell, I got interested. I remember him well, from the 80s, from a football point of view, as well as politics, business, newspaper ownership and the nefarious details that came out about him after a highly dodgy death at sea.

Bugliosi did an amazing job as ADA for that trial. He was a major factor in creating the illusion that Manson was the boogeyman

In a way, that's true. But really, all he did was to articulate in one place, solidly, and with evidence to back it up {even if one did not agree with his interpretation of the evidence}, what was already out there in the public domain, but which was too disparate for the average punter to go hunting for.
If anyone really created, or let's say, solidified, the image of Manson, it was those young ladies and the odd guys that spent each day camped outside the court, preaching Charlie love and complaining about America. I wonder how many thousands of people across the USA looked at them and thought, with a slight chill, "They're not drastically different from my own children..."

Dan S said:

Amazing that charlie was the ultimate evil when there was so much worse out there

Ultimate evil, yeah, I agree that that's just shit and sensationalism. I wouldn't even use that phrase of Hitler, Pol Pot, Amin or Bin Laden, not now.
However, if one gets away from the sensationalist aspect of it, and just takes it for what's behind the concept, then it's perhaps not quite so daft. I tend to personalize things like that and ask myself questions like this; What would be worse for me as a Black man, facing racism in greater or milder form each day of my life or having one of my children run away from home, totally abandon everything their family is about, commit a horrific set of murders, laugh about it during their trial and still be giving me, as their Dad, the middle finger, in thrall to some guy that was older, smarter and way more streetwise, having spent most of his life in jail and having helped shape their young, questing, forming minds with psychedelic substances and in the midst of all that turmoil of formation, led them down a road that they possibly wouldn't have gone down and was prepared to abandon them to death when they all got caught ?
You could substitute 'Black man' and 'racism' with whatever your particular situation happens to be {Woman/sexism etc...} and who knows which side you might come down on ? Either way, it bears thinking about.